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BBL 6 Days Ago, my Labia is Swollen and I Have Vaginal Bleeding ,but It's Not Period Time, Normal?

I took my own drain out tonight because it was time , and I had sx out of town !! My garment is tight on my legs and my pussy lips bulge threw the pee... READ MORE

Bleeding post op- bleeding and leaking in abdomen. Is this a risk for infection? Is this normal? Anyone else have this happen?

Just had bbl surgery today. I have on a garment with absorbing pads underneath.As soon as I got home I noticed I was soaked & leaking blood.I called... READ MORE

Is it okay to be on birth control while having Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I've been on birth control since I was 16 and I'm currently 25 years old , I'm having BBL surgery on August 15th. Is it okay to continue taking my... READ MORE

Vaginal bleeding after BBL. Is this normal?

I had a BBL with aggressive lipo 6 days ago and I was still draining from my tube incision up until yesterday and today I have lower abdominal... READ MORE

Had tickle lipo and fat transfer BBL after surgery vaginal area was swollen and hurting more so left side WHOLE AREA hanging out

Had tickle lipo and fat transfer bbl after surgery vaginal area was swollen and hurting more so left side WHOLE AREA hanging out of garment was told... READ MORE

When will my headache, slight fever, and fast heartbeat go back to normal?

I got Lipo360 and a bbl. I went to the ER on the 2nd night and was told my hemoglobin was at 7 . Now, I have anemia & feel with a headache all the... READ MORE

What makes a person bleed out during or after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What makes a person bleed out during or after a bbl. Please be honest, for this may help save someone's life, including my own? What makes them catch... READ MORE

Surgery March 31st and bleeding through faja. Any suggestions?

I had surgery today and want to know how to take care of myself with all this blood dripping. Do I wash up? Do I change the padding inside the faja?... READ MORE

3 weeks after BBL now. What could have been the reason for a hematoma at a week and 1/2 and could it have caused irregularities?

The bump where one of the injection on the top side of my butt opened up and started bleeding on its own. A lot brownish blood, saw my PS who drained... READ MORE

Tight garment compression and bleeding from the stitches

Post-operation 11 days here. Got a black garment compression from my doctor two days ago. Just have been wearing it for exactly 12 hours divided in... READ MORE

Lipo 360 and BBL. Private Clinic Vs. Hospital for bleeding disorder patient?

Hi, I am looking to get a Lipo 360 and BBL as soon as possible, and I have a favorite surgeon in mind; however, he operates in his private clinic and... READ MORE

How does your body feel after you have had the BBL? What can I expect?

I've talked to a couple of doctors, and none of them have described what I've seen on here.. As far as bleeding after surgery or being severely... READ MORE

Can you be on your monthly cycle and still have a BBL procedure done?

My cycle begins at the 1st of each month lately. My procedure is scheduled for May/ 2nd /2017 . Will my ministration bother me.... Because I bleed... READ MORE

BBL and bleeding from the butt crack area.

I had a BBL with lipo about 6 weeks ago and I feel great the only thing that Been bothering me is some day my butt crack bleeds, I went for my 4 week... READ MORE

Do I have a hematoma? Is this normal or do I need to see a surgeon near me or go to my regular doctor?

Had surgery in Miami 8 days ago and now home I bathed and noticed bleeding from my right side. I was quite a bit of dark red i cleaned and patched it... READ MORE

Should I stop Esmya 5mg (Ella one) before my SX for TT and BBL?

I am taking esmya 5mg knowing in the USA as Ella one 30mg higher dose for morning after pill ...but I am on 5 mg to control heavy bleeding and shrink... READ MORE

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