Asymmetry + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Would Brazilian Butt Lift Help Fix my Hips? (photo)

I am a 20 year old female and I’m considering a Brazilian butt lift, but I’m not sure if it will fix my concerns. My buttocks are fine, perky and... READ MORE

Can the Brazilian Butt Lift Help Fix Two Asymmetrical Dents on Butt Cheek?

I have one asymmetrical dent on each side of my butt cheeks that I got from injections that was given to me when I as really young. I would like, more... READ MORE

Can the Brazillian Butt Lift Fill and Smooth out Dimples

Hi, i have a sizeable butt but it has dents and one butt cheek is smaller than the other. can a brazillian butt lift be able to correct both problems? READ MORE

Post-op BBL - One Side of my Butt Cheek is a Little Bigger then the Other?

I just got the brazilian butt lift about a week ago , i know my body is in the process of healing but one side of my butt cheek is bigger then the... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for transfer to my hips? (Photo)

I need to have my butt implants re-done because I have formed muscular contracture in the right check and now there is severe asymmetry. I also want... READ MORE

7 Months Post-Op BBL, Left Cheek is Larger and Right Cheek has a Hard Lump, What Should I Do?

7months ago I had a bbl done and my left cheek is bigger than my right and there is a hard lump inside. What can I do? I'm unhappy and I paid $8300. READ MORE

Asymmetry of Buttocks & Cellulite - Best Treatment? (photo)

I am 47 years old and had a Brazilian butt lift 4 years ago. Nearly all of the fat remained and now I feel too bottom heavy so I would like to remove... READ MORE

One of my Butt-cheeks is Longer Than the Other. Can Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift Even Them Out?

One of my Butt-cheeks is Longer Than the Other. Can Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift Even Them Out? READ MORE

BBL Advice? (photo)

Im 5'4, 122 , 26w 36 h. I am getting a BBL to correct a depression in my right hip (causes assymetry) and to give overall backside a more attractive... READ MORE

Do I need surgery or can I fix BBL results with exercise?

After getting Brazilian butt lift done 3 years ago, 3 weeks after, I noticed that 1 of my gluteus became smaller & the other took an awkward shape &... READ MORE

3 wks post Brazilian Butt Lift most of my swelling is gone but left butt cheek is noticeable bigger. Is there anything I can do?

I had lipo and a bbl done 3 wks ago and most of my swelling has gone done but I see that my left butt is noticeably bigger than the right. Is there... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer/bbl?

Got butt implants 3 yrs ago. Had a complication...1 implant became very mobile, revision was attempted. Surgeon tried to tighten the pocket and anchor... READ MORE

Would a brazilian buttlift fix my assymetrical buttocks caused by scoliosis?

Assymetrical buttocks. Can a bbl fix the assymetry? I have scoliosis which has caused significant buttocks assymetry. My right is two inches of lower... READ MORE

Can I have butt reduced after BBL; just the top half for a more natural look; without shelf and fix Asymmetry? (photos)

Follow up question: my left side butt projects more than the right; but my right side hip projects more than left. can I have lipo to reduce the... READ MORE

BBL For Asymmetry and What Are the Costs? (Photo)

I posted a question earlier regarding a bbl to fix assymetry. I posted pics. Do you think a bbl can fill out the assymetry? And what is the cost?... READ MORE

How to correct area where fat was lost after bbl & implants?

I had implants & bbl. One side is smaller now & resembles where I started. The other side is perfect to me. Much fuller and rounder. How can this be... READ MORE

What does your body fat percentage need to be to have good results with BBL? (Photo)

I am an athletic person and have recently competed in a figure competition show- I have trained my lower body specifically for over a year and still... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift and small breast lift revision at the same time?

I had a breast lift that left me a bit asymmetrical; one breast is fuller at the lower pole than the other though nipples look the same. I might need... READ MORE

Should a PS advise and discuss asymmetries before fat transfer, as they know it will become even more prominent after?

Is there an ethical code that should be followed, or is it up to personal ethics of the surgeon. My personal experience as been to have it pointed... READ MORE

Lacking symmetry immediately after surgery. Is this normal?

If one is lacking symmetry immediately after BBL surgery, how likely will this correct itself during the healing process? Can the garment make you... READ MORE

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