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How can I make my butt smaller after having had a brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I am 9 months post op and recently i have felt that my butt is too big for me. I no longer feel proportional because as i have lost weight, my butt... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift- How Much Would my Size Go Down in One Year? (photo)

I had Brazilian Butt Lift in January 2012. I am getting worried if it is going to go smaller. How much butt size should I expect to go down after one... READ MORE

Vitamin C shots to grow buttocks?

I have had bbl last march and have lost a lot of volume due to losing 25 lbs on my already small frame, i contacted a body contour spa stating they... READ MORE

My grafted fat reabsorbed, should I try a second time and expect better results?

I had a lipo with bbl 9 months ago, only 400cc each buttock. My overall shape is a little better but I have some dents in the worked area and most of... READ MORE

BBL 9 months ago. Unhappy with results, too big and does not blend naturally with my thighs. What can I do to fix this? (Photo)

BBL done in March 2016. A lot of the fat dropped lower and lower now I feel like it looks way too big for my body and saggy in a way. I hate the side... READ MORE

My butt is full on top and flat at the bottom. Can this be enhanced to give my butt volume? Not pleased at all (Photo)

I had a BBL done about 9 months and don't like the results my butt is full on the top and flat at the bottom when ask the doctor who did the surgery... READ MORE

I have hypersensitivity in my hips after my Bbl, is there any medication for this?

Thank you in advance for responding to my question. I had a Brazilian butt lift procedure 8/14 and After 3 months I'm still experiencing... READ MORE

I am 9 months post op from a Lipo and bbl. By looking at my pictures below, can you tell me how can this be fixed? (photos)

I don't know what went wrong, but my stomach is sagging. It pretty much made a hood for my belly button which kind of hurts internally. There was Lipo... READ MORE

Advice needed for a BBL? (Photo)

I had a bbl performed 9 months ago. Since then my face looks bigger and chubbier. I gain weight in my arms. My skin has darkened since this surgery.... READ MORE

BBL did not stay at all. Any suggestions?

I had a BBL about 9 months ago and within 6 weeks it was all gone... i went back to work in 5 dys but i sat on a boopie cushion....I am considering i... READ MORE

I had liposuction with bbl done 9 months ago. (photo)

My surgeon suggested no massage to be done that my garment would do it but I'm unhappy with my results i can't even showy stomach because I'm... READ MORE

What is wrong with my butt?

I am 9.5 months post op BBL. I have a very large hard mass in my left check and a smaller mass in the right. What could this be? It seems like all of... READ MORE

Can you advise me how to treat my seroma? (Photo)

I had fat loss after a bbl I had done 9months ago in my right cheek. After my surgeon drained it fluid started building up the empty space. He drained... READ MORE

Swishy feeling under skin 9 months post BBL on very top of butt cheek, not in area that was directly lipo'd. What is it? (Photo)

For months now, I have felt like fluid swishing around, if I gently slide my hand across it in a motion to push it to one side it feels like there is... READ MORE

9 months post BBL & one cheek feels discomfort on & off. I have an enlarged lymph node in sacral area. Is it an infection?

I have no harden areas, redness, fever but I have a sensation of warmth internally but not when touching the skin. I've taken NSAIDs and applied warm... READ MORE

What is the best way to average fat necrosis?

I had a bbl 9 months ago and has a couple lumps but figured they would go away. Well now it seems the lump formed into a round ball and makes the... READ MORE

I got my BBL back in July 2016 and I feel my results have went down tremendously. How do I stop it? (Photo)

What can I do to actually receive the look I wanted. How can I make my booty pop more what exercises and food do I consume READ MORE

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