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Can I Have a Bbl Revision After I Had Fat Necrosis in One Butt Cheek? (photo)

Hi I had a brazilian butt lift 6 mths ago and not satisfied with the results I don't like my sides and my butt cheeks unequal . I also had fat... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks. Almost 6 months post BBL. Help! (Photos)

It'll be six months post my bbl next month and I still feel as though one cheek is bigger than the other. Even my right hip comes out more than the... READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Get Rid of Dimples and Lumps on the Booty? (photo)

I had a BBL & TT and lipo 6 months ago,I am VERY disappointed with the BBL.My butt is uneven, lumpy and I DID NOT have dimples before.I was going... READ MORE

HCG After BBL?

I had my BBL 6 months ago. My butt looks awesome, but I really wish my lipo results would have came out better. I am considering the HCG diet. What... READ MORE

6 month post op Brazilian Butt Lift, certain areas of my butt and lower back is a bit sore. Is this normal?

Hi im reaching my 6 month mark for post op BBL. But certain areas of my butt and lower back where I was lipo'd is still a bit sore. Has a bruised... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting?

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting? READ MORE

BBL- experienced doctors say that after 4-6 weeks of a bbl procedure whatever is left will stay. THAT DIDN'T happened to me.

I had bbl done with one of the best doctors and was 100% satisfied with my results. After 6 months I lost about 5 pounds in one week and all the fat... READ MORE

6 months post op on Brazilian Butt Lift, why am I getting boils on my butt?

I had a BBL on 7/19/13, about 6 month later a got a big boil on my butt about the size of a golf ball. I went to the Dr. who did the BBl and he told... READ MORE

6 months after BBL. My butt is still shrinking

I had BBL on Jan with 250 cc injection to each butt cheek ( I'm 5'9 and skinny 130). 3 months post op i was sure that I still have 75% of fat injected... READ MORE

I have no fat left for a Brazilian Butt Lift revision to fix my contour irregularity. What is the next option? (photos)

I had a bbl 6 months ago. However, too much fat stayed at the top. The top has more projection and its doing a weird dip in the middle. I have no fat... READ MORE

Dents & dimples on bottom of my butt post-op. Will subcision fix this? Will I need fat transfer? Don't have enough fat (Photo)

6 months post bbl. I have dents and dimples. I never had this pre bbl. Will subcision help or will i need a revision with fat transfer. I dont think i... READ MORE

Is it really worth having a second BBL?

Thanks for the answers to my questions about a second bbl ... So is is really worth it ? How often do they make a big difference? Please help also I... READ MORE

Pain 6 months after bbl?

I had a BBL surgery 6 months ago and its becoming mnore and more painful to sit. I figured that the pain would subside after the first few months but... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period of butt reduction surgery?

I had a BBL 6 months ago and I am completely unhappy with my results. My butt is way too big for my size. I am considering having some of the injected... READ MORE

Pain After 6 Months. Normal?

I had a liposuction with fat transferred into my hips and butt on april now 6 months after surgery i am getting discomfort on one of the insitions... READ MORE

Large area of fat necrosis 6 months after BBL surgery. Is there anything I can do to soften it, other than massages?

I had BBL done 6 months ago and I have a large area of hardness in my right cheek and a semi large area in my left. My surgeon said it more than... READ MORE

I had a bbl performed 6 months ago. Could I go for round 2? Do I have enough fat, and will my scars go away?

I had bbl done 6 months ago and i lost over 60% of the fat. I am considering round 2 will this be permanent? Will I leave with scaring again? Or do... READ MORE

Follow up: BBL fail... butt has large pockets of droopy fat. What is going on? (photos)

Adding a couple of before pictures. As you can see, my butt is a lot worse AFTER the BBL. I've NEVER seen a butt worse, no matter how many pics I've... READ MORE

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