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Can I Have a Bbl Revision After I Had Fat Necrosis in One Butt Cheek? (photo)

Hi I had a brazilian butt lift 6 mths ago and not satisfied with the results I don't like my sides and my butt cheeks unequal . I also had fat... READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Get Rid of Dimples and Lumps on the Booty? (photo)

I had a BBL & TT and lipo 6 months ago,I am VERY disappointed with the BBL.My butt is uneven, lumpy and I DID NOT have dimples before.I was going... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks. Almost 6 months post BBL. Help! (Photos)

It'll be six months post my bbl next month and I still feel as though one cheek is bigger than the other. Even my right hip comes out more than the... READ MORE

HCG After BBL?

I had my BBL 6 months ago. My butt looks awesome, but I really wish my lipo results would have came out better. I am considering the HCG diet. What... READ MORE

6 month post op Brazilian Butt Lift, certain areas of my butt and lower back is a bit sore. Is this normal?

Hi im reaching my 6 month mark for post op BBL. But certain areas of my butt and lower back where I was lipo'd is still a bit sore. Has a bruised... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting?

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting? READ MORE

6 months post op on Brazilian Butt Lift, why am I getting boils on my butt?

I had a BBL on 7/19/13, about 6 month later a got a big boil on my butt about the size of a golf ball. I went to the Dr. who did the BBl and he told... READ MORE

BBL- experienced doctors say that after 4-6 weeks of a bbl procedure whatever is left will stay. THAT DIDN'T happened to me.

I had bbl done with one of the best doctors and was 100% satisfied with my results. After 6 months I lost about 5 pounds in one week and all the fat... READ MORE

6 months after BBL. My butt is still shrinking

I had BBL on Jan with 250 cc injection to each butt cheek ( I'm 5'9 and skinny 130). 3 months post op i was sure that I still have 75% of fat injected... READ MORE

I have no fat left for a Brazilian Butt Lift revision to fix my contour irregularity. What is the next option? (photos)

I had a bbl 6 months ago. However, too much fat stayed at the top. The top has more projection and its doing a weird dip in the middle. I have no fat... READ MORE

Dents & dimples on bottom of my butt post-op. Will subcision fix this? Will I need fat transfer? Don't have enough fat (Photo)

6 months post bbl. I have dents and dimples. I never had this pre bbl. Will subcision help or will i need a revision with fat transfer. I dont think i... READ MORE

Is it really worth having a second BBL?

Thanks for the answers to my questions about a second bbl ... So is is really worth it ? How often do they make a big difference? Please help also I... READ MORE

Pain 6 months after bbl?

I had a BBL surgery 6 months ago and its becoming mnore and more painful to sit. I figured that the pain would subside after the first few months but... READ MORE

Pain After 6 Months. Normal?

I had a liposuction with fat transferred into my hips and butt on april now 6 months after surgery i am getting discomfort on one of the insitions... READ MORE

I had a bbl performed 6 months ago. Could I go for round 2? Do I have enough fat, and will my scars go away? (Photo)

I had bbl done 6 months ago and i lost over 60% of the fat. I am considering round 2 will this be permanent? Will I leave with scaring again? Or do... READ MORE

Large area of fat necrosis 6 months after BBL surgery. Is there anything I can do to soften it, other than massages?

I had BBL done 6 months ago and I have a large area of hardness in my right cheek and a semi large area in my left. My surgeon said it more than... READ MORE

How long is the recovery period of butt reduction surgery?

I had a BBL 6 months ago and I am completely unhappy with my results. My butt is way too big for my size. I am considering having some of the injected... READ MORE

Follow up: BBL fail... butt has large pockets of droopy fat. What is going on? (photos)

Adding a couple of before pictures. As you can see, my butt is a lot worse AFTER the BBL. I've NEVER seen a butt worse, no matter how many pics I've... READ MORE

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