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How soon can I sit on Brazilian Butt Lift?

I just had Brazilian butt lift and i set on my butt withing my 5th day... is that going to make my butt flat? READ MORE

How to Help my Fat Survive After a BBL?

I had a BBL Surgery 4 days ago, what are things that I should and shouldnt do to make sure that most of my fat survive? READ MORE

Could Having Sex Effect the Results of Your BBL?

First off, I appologize if I offend anyone by my question, but I would like a mature response from a medical professional. With that said, I am 8 days... READ MORE

Is Your Butt Supposed to Be Kinda Hard After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ive read on several forums that it will soften, and then around the 3 month mark there will be some sort of "fluffing". I am 7 days post op. READ MORE

Will my Butt Shrink After Fat Transfer?

I am 6 days post op from buttocks fat transfer, lipo of abdomen, flanks, inner, and outer thighs. I'm happy with everything, except my butt looks... READ MORE

BBL 6 Days Ago, my Labia is Swollen and I Have Vaginal Bleeding ,but It's Not Period Time, Normal?

I took my own drain out tonight because it was time , and I had sx out of town !! My garment is tight on my legs and my pussy lips bulge threw the pee... READ MORE

No Bowel Movement One Week Post-op Brazilian Butt Lift

I am writing as I am exactly one week today out from my Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Fat Transfer. I have not had a bowel movement, although I have had... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried about a Lump in my Upper Left Butt Cheek 5 Days Post-Op BBL?

I am now 5 days post op after my bbl. My right butt cheek looks normal, but my upper left cheek has a lump which makes my left butt cheek look... READ MORE

How long does the pain last after a Brazilian butt lift?

I am now 7-days post-op of a Brazilian butt lift. I am still in the greatest amount of pain. Mainly tightness, soreness, and a couple hard lumps on... READ MORE

What to Do for Hard Tight Feeling in Butt and Legs After BBL>

My Butt feels tight and hard while walking 5days post bbl.What do I do for pain? I drink lots of water and walk around my home every few hours nothing... READ MORE

Am I Gonna Need to Have a Second Round? Fat Injections Seem To Have Absorbed. (photo)

I had a TT with a BBL, during the consult the doctor said he would inject the fat into the top of my butt because I had some butt but it was mostly at... READ MORE

After my Brazilian Butt lift Can You Know if You Have Fat Necrosis Straight Away?

I had my Butt-lift surgery 5 days ago and woke to find that I had a hard palm sized lump at the top of both my buttocks. As a result of this they make... READ MORE

Worried my garment is causing an unwanted shelf? (photo)

I am 5 days post op and noticed that I an getting an unwanted shelf. Should I wear a butt out garment instead of a butt in? My garment is not too... READ MORE

I'm 62 years old female. 7 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift (1000 cc's in each cheek). What percentage might I lose? (photos)

I read somewhere on line that post-menopausal women lose about 50% of grafted fat. Has this been your experience? I don't think my before pics will... READ MORE

1 Week Post-Op BBL and Not Much Swelling, Should I be Worried?

I don't even notice much swelling. Should I be worried? I am one week post opt of a bbl. I was so excited for the procedure that I must have... READ MORE

BBL 6 Days Ago And Fell On Right Butt Cheek; Did I Kill the Fat Cells?

I had a bbl 6 days ago and last night I fell and landed on my right butt cheek, did I kill the fat cells? READ MORE

When is It Safe to Sit for Long Periods of Time After Having a Fat Graft to the Buttocks?

I had a fat transfer to the buttocks, tomorrow will be 5 days ago. I am wondering when it will be safe for me to go back to work and sit in front of a... READ MORE

How Much More Will my Butt Shrink After Brazilian Buttlift?

Im 1 week post op and my but seems to be shrinking, when is it safe to say that my butt will stop strinking? 1month 3months? Also the dr was only able... READ MORE

I Just Had BBL 1 Week Ago. Can I Drive This Week?

Surgery was done Friday. am i able to drive this week? what exercise am i able to do? i have a girls trip planned out next wkend 3 hours away driving,... READ MORE

7 Days Post Op After BBL, is It Too Early to Drive???

I am 7 days post op after bbl, and I've managed to stay off my butt the whole 7 days with the exception of bathroom visits. I've been cleared... READ MORE

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