Botox for Migraines

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Botox is FDA-approved for treating migraine headaches. Chronic migraines are those that regularly occur more than 14 days per month. Botox will not cure migraines, but may offer relief from pain.

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My migraines started at age 13. I have suffered many years of severe headaches and migraines. The headaches were a daily things for me. It became very wearing on me. It was difficult to concentrate or focus on anything. I have seen many doctors for this with no avail. I was put on many... READ MORE

NO MORE HEADACHES! Also, my forehead looks smoother and tighter. I'm only 22 so I didn't really have any wrinkles yet, but I squint/furrow my brow constantly and it was giving me me tension headaches. It also was surely going to give me wrinkles prematurely. My older sister actually suggested... READ MORE

I went to many surgeons in the area. I am only 32 and had some mild creasing between my forehead, and recurring headaches due to frowning (I am near sighted, and squinting/frowning while driving would leave me with terrible tension headaches). The surgeons I visited were pushy about the amount... READ MORE

I have been receiving Limelight Laser treatments for uneven pigment and redness including veins on my nose and chin. The results are great! I still have wrinkles getting worse by the month it seems, so I will be getting a mild first treatment of Botox in my forehead, crows feet, and possibly... READ MORE

After 40 years of dealing with migraines thru different methods, and was finally worn out from drugs masking effects and putting me in a continual fog, went to see Dr. Khorsandi on cost of Botox, he introduced us to migraine decompression surgery. His experience had shown that there is no reason... READ MORE

I tried botox as a last result for chronic migraines. The day after the botox treatment I had a migraine for 2 days all day long, along with a stiff neck. The stiff neck continued for three days with no relief except for taking a muscle relaxant at night but then I would wake up still with a... READ MORE

I start Botox injections tomorrow morning. I am 49 years old, and have had migraines since I was 20 years old. I feel as if I've tried everything possible to alleviate these monsters. I get them 3 - 4 days per week. It is rare that a migraine lasts for just a few hours or even half a day. ... READ MORE

I had a great experience, lots of shots, wasn't very painful, but I disliked the sound of the needles puncturing the skin, but otherwise it went very quickly and I was fine after and went about my day normally. I am so happy, I am doing great, i've had a few Migraines but they were not as bad... READ MORE

I've suffered with chronic migraines for the past 35 years, and I've taken all of the following medicines: Divalproex ER 250MG, Oxycodone 5MG, Abilify, Topamax, Cafergot, Prozac, Depakote, Atenolol, Sumatriptan, Migranal Spray, and so many others that I can't even remember the names of them... READ MORE

This was the second time I received the botox TX for migraines. The first time was in 2009 when it wasn't approved yet. It was a better experience and seemed to help somewhat. I got a few less migraines and the majority of the botox was in my face and traps along my back. I decided to try... READ MORE

I was given approx 100 units of Botox for treatment of chronic migraines. I was not warned in advance about any potential long term side effects. Within 24 hours I had the worst headache of my life. I thought I was literally going to die. The headache decreased a small amount daily but in crept... READ MORE

I had two sessions of Botox into the massater muscles four months apart. I have noticed a reduction in pain and am hopeful about getting continued relief . Traditional dental treatments didn't work for me and I hope Botox becomes part of the standard treatment covered by insurance. I didn't have... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor! He takes the time with his patients. Love the results!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone! He actually does the procedures himself so it's not a nurse. I've never had a problem and there is no pain involved. He knows his stuff and is very nice to all the patients.... READ MORE

I have had migraines for 4 years, I get them 10 days a month, I have tried to make adjustments in my daily routine, for example the food that I eat, the water that I drink, an appropriate sleeping regime, weigth loss, however they will not go away, I tried botox 2 weeks ago, so far I ... READ MORE

A normal day surfing around internet about the treatment which people do to make themselves count in youth category, Botox Treatment, Mr.Birendra Trivedi of Island Neuro Care is an amazing neurologist quite passionate and always concerned about the patient not just in hospital but outside clinic... READ MORE

I starting coming to Dr. Weinzweig about a year ago. I had hit a dead end with migraine treatments after try multiple different drugs. He started me on the block treatment and then put me on the Botox plan. I went from going about 10 days a month without a migraine to about 4-6 days every 3... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Weinzwig for carpal tunnel which he took care of . I have never been happier. When I read he did treatment for migraines I thought why not and I have not regreted it. I have had 2 treatments and I am almost headache free. Dr. Weinzwig is miracle worker and recommend his... READ MORE

(If nothing else, please read the last paragraph) I had to write my own review because I feel like only positive feedback gets shared on the Botox issue. In my opinion, for the thousands or millions of migraine sufferers who DON'T have any success with Botox, they simply move on instead of... READ MORE

I have been a long time sufferer of chronic migraines. After much research and being tired of the constant medications, I decided to meet with Dr. Layke and hear how this could be treated. My consultation was absolutely informative, welcoming, and put my mind at ease (literally). I highly... READ MORE

I cannot say enough about how much Dr W has helped me. I have suffered from migraines my entire life and seen almost every option in Chicago. There is no one else like Dr Jeff. His SPG Blocks and Botox have helped my migraines in ways that no other dr or medication has ever been able to do. ... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Botox for Migraines ranges from $40-$5,400 with an average cost of $800. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 89 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more