Scarring + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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My epicanthoplasty surgery, visible scarring? (photo)

Hi everyone, the purpose of my post is to share my epi/double eyelid experience. As you can see from the first photo,I had a chunk of extra skin. And... READ MORE

Epicanthoplasty Scars?

Hi, i am 18 years old is going for double eyelid surgery in 2 months time. I am planning to also undergo epicanthoplasty. However, i am rather... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Revision - More Scars?

I had incisional double eyelid surgery in May. After seeing my doctor recently, he offered a free revision procedure because the thinks that the lids... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery Scars? (photo)

Hi, I had an eyelid surgery 8 weeks ago, my scars are red and bumpy I know it takes time to heal but the problem is "there is no improvement in scars"... READ MORE

Asian double eyelid 3weeks post surgery tight scarring? (photo)

I had incisional double eyelid surgery done 3weeks ago and removed the stitches 7days after. My right eye is still swollen at the front and back of... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Co2 Laser 3 Months Ago and Scarring is Still Visible? (photo)

I've had my double eyelid surgery 3 months ago and the scars are still visible with no improvement .. anyway I decided to get a fraxel laser treatment... READ MORE

Raised Scar Post Epicanthoplasty. Is It Right to Apply Stratamed and Tobradex 5min After? (photo)

I did both ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty. 2 weeks ago Having hypertrophic scars at the inner corner now. Had the delayed suture removal cause... READ MORE

Firm Scars + Slightly Firm Bruises Under Eye After Asian Blepharoplasty, Epicanthoplasty, and Ptosis? (photo)

I'm about 3 weeks post-op (July 9th). I noticed in my right eye especially the incision line has hard, bumpy scar tissue (it's a bit hard to see in... READ MORE

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed without scarring?

I originally had natural double eyelids but I had ptosis and as symmetry.   I had an epicanthoplasty,  double lid surgery and ptosis repair... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Blepharoplasty Scarring and Swelling Problems After 3 Months. (Photos)

The procedure was incisional and I had fat removed with muscle correction on my right eye. The area under the incision/crease is still very swollen.... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to the Same Doctor for Revision? Will my Scars Subside Eventually?

I had my non-incisional double eyelid surgery and fat removed 10 weeks ago. The outcome is bad. My left eye crease is different with my right eye. It... READ MORE

Bumps and scar 3 weeks post double eyelids surgery. Is this normal? (photo)

Bumps and scar 3 weeks post double eyelids surgery I had double eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago and notice and I have dark scar and bumps on incision lines... READ MORE

Eyelid Scar Help? (photo)

What can I do with these eyelids :( 1st surgery - this bad already 2nd surgery revision- no difference im scared to go 3rd one as there are no more... READ MORE

Incision Extends Beyond Crease Line - Worried About Scarring?

I just underwent Asian eyelid surgery with Dr. in Los Angeles. He extended the incision on my right eye much further than the left side and it's not... READ MORE

Double eyelid scar and epicanthoplasty failed. What's my best option? (Photo)

I did the double eyelid surgery, and epicanthoplasty at my inner and outer corner on 2012. I am suffering from the appearance of scar on my eyelids,... READ MORE

Will the scar turn to keloid? (photo)

I am 12 days after a brow lifting surgery. The incision is at my brow line. The surgeon used the suture technique that he tied 3 knots at the... READ MORE

I'm Asian and have 1 monolid. Is scarring formed by the incision during Asian Eyelid surgery very noticeable?

I am a 23 years old Asian, and I want to get a double eyelid surgery done. I have a mono lid on one eye, and a double lid on the other. 1. Is the... READ MORE

Eyelids Repairs Question? (photo)

I had upper eyelids surgery about 15 years ago. I've never been happy with the results. I was left with a lot of hollowness, scarring in the inner... READ MORE

Can a Scar on the Eybrow Change the Shape of the Eye Below It?

I have a scar on my eyebrow, that goes vertical. its located about the center of my left eyebrow, needed 6 stitches but only received 4 since i got to... READ MORE

Is it possible to make eyelids smaller and increase distance between brow and crease? (photo)

As well as make the crease scar less prominent ? I had double eyelid revision surgery 3 weeks ago . The scar is very prominent and distance between... READ MORE

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