Upper Eyelid Co2 Laser 3 Months Ago and Scarring is Still Visible? (photo)

I've had my double eyelid surgery 3 months ago and the scars are still visible with no improvement .. anyway I decided to get a fraxel laser treatment after 6 months not only because of the scars but also because i have some wrinkles in my left upper eyelid and i have a thin fold along the eyelash line which make my eyes look uneven .. will fraxel laser solve this problem? or I need another surgery to solve it! I've asked my Dr. and he told me it could be solved by laser but i want to be sure

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Just leave it alone

Ms. Salem, I perform upper eyelid surgery on Asian, Persian, Indian, and many other patients from the Mediterranean almost on a daily basis and what I can tell you is that if you can cover with a little makeup and be patient I would. Doing some laser work or injected with steroids or putting topical medications on ads to the underlying information that is there.fortunately I don't have to deal with scars in my incisions much but and your skin type just leave it alone. After about six months if you still have an incision that is undesirable then you might want to consider revising it or laser therapy. Give it time.


Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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