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25 Years Old, Mummy to 3 Beautiful Kids and Ready to Get my Body Back

This website has helped me sooo much with getting all the advise i needed, answering all my questions and most all making me feel more confident in my decision making along this Rollercoaster ride. So i thought i would write my story so far to help anyone else who is thinking about doing the... READ MORE

wishing for hourglass shape

I'm hoping yily can snatch my waist. I gained a lot of weight from having 2 kids and can't seem to lose it. I've always been boxy shape so since I can't lose this weight I'm hoping yily can give me a nice silhouette and big butt with some hips. Im hoping this will also help with my low self... READ MORE

32 YO/115-118 lbs/5'0"/3 BF Kids/500cc/BL BA TT and Lipo

I'm a deflated A/small B and have chosen 450cc HP Silicone smooth round implants, under the muscle. Incision will be in the armpit. I'm gathering a much info as possible about RECOVERY for this procedure so any tips would be appreciated. My youngest will be 20 months at the time of surgery and... READ MORE

41 y/o, 2 kids via c-section, TT with MR & lipo of flanks & breast lift without implants

I have been thinking about a mommy makeover for many years. I've never had a completely flat stomach (even when I weighed 118 lbs) but after kids I really need a tuck. I love my doctor - she made me feel very comfortable. She suggested lipo of my flanks & I decided rather than doing a breast... READ MORE

40 Year-old, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift +Implants, Lipo-Upper Torso, BBL

I am now over three weeks post op. I will share everything that I can from my experience os that you can be prepared for yours. My stats: Age- 40, Height 5'7, Weight 170 Surgery: Tummy Tuck, Lipo-Upper torso, back, flanks, Breast Lift/implants, BBL Implants- 450cc, High Profile, under the... READ MORE

43 Yr Old with One Daughter

I had surgery before in Florida and I didn't get the results I wanted. In the US the doctor I used had limitations on how much fat could be removed daily. So I wasn't sculpted to the extent I wanted. Dr Mallol gave me the contouring I wanted. Definitely a confidence booster. My body looks... READ MORE

37yrs Old, 2 Kids, Tummy Tuck/breast Lift With Implants - Kingsport, TN

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 kids in need of a mommy makeover. For several years I had thought about having a tummy tuck and breast lift so I could wear cute clothes and 2 pc bathing suits without feeling so self conscious especially about my mid section. I breastfed both of my kids that left... READ MORE

TT, fat transfer to breast and face, 2-10lb babies

I was 105lb before having my first child. I am now 115 lb which would be ok if I were proportional. Right now I look like I'm 5 months pregnant but my arms but my extremities are fairly thin. I am very petite and my daughter was 10 lbs and I carried most of my weight in my mid region. I will... READ MORE

33 Yo Mom of 3; Crossfitter; Runner Needs MM - Treasure Coast, FL

Since before I had kids, I knew once I was done, I was going to want a mommy makeover. 3 kids (6, 4, and 2), 3 c sections, and a lot of years of nursing, and now I am ready for my mommy makeover. I gained so much weight with each pregnancy because just as much as I love to workout, I love to eat... READ MORE

31 year old, Petite, 3 C-sections, Ready for Mommy Makeover!

Hello ladies! I've been on this site off and on again since at least 2012. I have three children, all born via c-section, and by the time I had my second I was already talking with nurses about how to fix my stretches out tummy. I've always been small - I'm 5'1" and 108 lbs, and after every... READ MORE

28 Yrs

I've been doing some research on getting a tummy tuck and I've made up my mind that I wanna have it done...now choosing the best dr is biggest decision. I've been debating between dr medina and dr almonte in the DR but I'm scared about going way over there...I've never been on a plane, I worry... READ MORE

35 Años 2 Hijos

Me motive hacerlo porque no estaba feliz con lo que miraba en el espejo y realmente después de mi cirugía mi vida cambió para bien soy más feliz y más segura de mi misma yo estaba muy deprimida y eso me hizo subir mucho de peso y pues también deje de cuidarme y la verdad eso surgió a que tomar... READ MORE

My option Dr. Miguel Mota my body under construction

Eh tomado la mejor decisión del mundo de volver a nacer y ponerme bella.. seguiré contando mi travesía seguimos hablando... y informándolos de todos los acontecimientos de esta travesía que es nuevo comienzo.....todo sea para bien para ser feliz y disfrutando mi nuevo comienzo y les dejaré saber... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Children, 2 C-Sections, Gotta Get my Sexy Back!

Hello Everyone! I am 5'8 220lbs and in serious need of a Mommy Makeover! I've always been active and around the weight of 180lbs , but this past 2 years my weight has fluctuated, and with serious 1,200 calorie intake and gym 4 times a week, I've only been able to get down to 205lbs! It's so... READ MORE

38, 3 Kids, 190lb Ready for a Makeover!

Hello ladies! I finally got my husband to agree with me on letting me get a mommy makeover! I have been wanting to get this done for about 10yrs now. He says he loves me the way I am, but I keep trying to tell him, it's not about what he thinks, it's about what I think and feel about myself. My... READ MORE

35yr Old, Mommy Makeover/ Breast Revision/ Lift/ Dr.Vath - Denver, CO

I came to Dr. Vath for a tummy tuck and breast revision. I was about 23 when I had my first augmentation, after having 2 children. I had lost a lot of weight and breast tissue along with it and the previous doctor's answer was to go large and I've always liked the look of large breast, and at... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 1 Kid But the Gym Can't Take Away my Belly Fat

I were overweight my whole life until 3 years ago that I found my passion, Weightlifting makes me feel complete and happy, I lost 50 pounds, I was in 176 pounds I'm 5'5" I end up with 126 pounds and size 3(before 11) now I'm 146 pounds and same size 3 but I'm determined to have a flat Stomach,... READ MORE

Columbia Here I Come

I am so happy to have this website to check reviews and journeys from all the brave people to go before me. So I will pay it forward with my story. I live in Florida so I was going to hit the Miami area for a surgeon. The area should be known as hit or miss. So I ventured north to Orlando and... READ MORE

28 ,3 Kids 5 and Under Needed a Breast Augmentation & Vaginoplasty

I met with Marco Pelosi III today and was very impressed with his awesome staff and his personable demeanor. I felt so comfortable discussing all my options with him which was wonderful because I'm usually so shy discussing these kinds of things. He answered all my questions and even explained... READ MORE

28 years old full mommy makeover.

I have wanted a tummy tuck since I had my oldest son at 20. I've been self conscious and hidden my belly even from my husband. Although I was able to hide it well in flattering clothes and swimsuits. I had my youngest son 5 months ago and although I find it easy to lose the baby weight (50 lbs... READ MORE

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