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The mommy makeover (also known as a mummy makeover in the UK) is a combination of procedures designed to restore various parts of the body, particularly after pregnancy. It commonly includes a tummy tuck (to remove loose skin in the abdomen) and breast augmentation or a breast lift (to address breasts that have deflated or sagged). Liposuction may also be performed to help with body contouring.

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23, 2 Kids in Need of a Mommy Makeover - Pomona, CA

I had two consultation scheduled one with Dr. dr tarnick smalli and one with Dr. Michael Omidi. Dr Smalli literally spent less then 5 minutes with me. He came in told me everything I needed to get done and left. It seemed like I was just another paycheck to him not a patient. After that I was... READ MORE

34 Year Old, 5 Kids, Mommy Makeover, breast lift, augmentation with 450cc hp silicone, tummy tuck, lipo - Miami, FL

I am less than a week away from my mommy makeover with Dr. Loessin. I am getting a breast lift with implant (not sure on the size I want yet) plus tummy tuck and lipo of flanks. I am traveling from Chicago to Miami and starting to freak out a bit. I am planning on staying at a recovery home... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Columbus, OH

So I just had my consultation on 1/24/16 and my doctor said I might not need a lift but I think I do. But I really don't want the scar. I'm just wondering what other doctors think. She definitely recommended under the muscle. I am scheduled for May 1st. I am just wondering what would be my best... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover by Yily March 2017 - Dominican Republic

Heeeeyyyyyyy ladies!! :-) After being a RealSelf stalker (lol) and reading at least a gazillion reviews for about a year now, its FINALLY MY TURN!!! Wooohoooo!!! ;-) A little about myself, I'm a 28 year old mommy to 3 beautiful boys (ages 6, 4, & 21 months). 2 c-sections and my body... READ MORE

I Couldn't Be Happier! - Austin, TX

I couldn't be happier with the results of my Mommy Makeover! I feel even more beautiful and confident than I did prior to undergoing this surgery. Dr. Maggi and his staff have taken excellent care of me- from the initial consultation and throughout the entire post operative process. If you are... READ MORE

TummyTuck with hernia/diastasis (Muscle Repair) and Lipo - Mexico

The date is not set in stone yet but will update in a few days about it, I am just excited I found my doctor! What set him apart from the others was that he really took the time to check and to explain how and why he would repair my abdominal wall, he also seems to go for a more natural look... READ MORE

33 yr/o, crossfitter, paleo, weight lifting, yoga, mm date set. save my journey!

I've finally decided to do it. TT, BA, LIFT. I've only had a consultation but set my date and am getting all my ducks in a row. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME PEOPLE. HA. MY INFO: 33 years old 2 kids (4y/18m) c-sections with both and HUGE pregnancy due to excess amniotic fluid with both. Major ab... READ MORE

Im a 34 year old twin Mom and I don't feel comfortable in my own skin

My twins are a year old now and Im ready to get started on this journey back to feeling like me again. I have always been in shape and always had a body that people envied. I am 5'4 and pre babies weighed about 120. I weigh 135 now. Im ok with the extra weight Im just not ok with my stomach.... READ MORE

Best Experience

I am a 48 year old female wanting to be rejuvenated. I am 5'5" 145 lbs, work out 5 days a week and just can't seem to get rid of the belly I acquired over the years. I researched different procedures and decided to get the mommy makeover. I received lypo, tummy tuck, breast lift with... READ MORE

29 Year Old with 3 Kids Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift/implants

I had my tummy tuck along with a breast lift/implant on aug 31st. I had it done because I had so much excess skin hanging down and no matter how much weight I lost it just continued to get worse. I literally spent all day long thinking about how I wished my tummy was flat and that my stomach... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy Makeover. I will be getting a tummy tuck- lipo to the hips and flanks and a breast reduction. I am nervous and scared all at the same time. I have always had big breasts and never liked them. My tummy after two children back to back and a big... READ MORE

Looking Forward to my Dream Body - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi ladies and gents I've aspired to have plastic surgery since 2010, it's been 7 whole years! When I was finally capable of getting my mommy makeover done with DR. PIZZOGLIO in 2010 I discovered that I was pregnant and held off on doing it at a later date. This never happened obviously and here... READ MORE

1 month away

Did a lot of research and found Dr. Scott Loesinn in Miami. I'm having a Mommy Makeover on February 21,2017 and I can't wait. A little nervous and excited at the same time. So far no problems with CG Cosmetics. I like my coordinator and I read reviews about Dr.Loessin and no complaints. READ MORE

27year Old, 3 Kids, and a Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Fountain Valley, CA

I am 5'5 and currently weigh 160lbs. After having my children at a very young age my body is nowhere near what it used to be. Today I have confirmed and scheduled my mommy makeover with Dr. Kalantarian, I can not wait for July 30th. I personally know 3 women that have gone to him before and I... READ MORE

33 Year old, 5'8" tall, Mother of 3, Full TT, BA 495cc Sientra Silicone HP under muscle, with partial lift. Vancouver, WA

I am a mom of 3, ages 8, 4 & 3. In my former years I danced professionally and was a lifestyle and fitness model for major athletic brands. Now that I am done having children, I would like to restore my figure to it's "glory days". I am hoping that it will renew my self-confidence and... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Best Decision Ever - Coral Gables, FL

I had the best experiance ever with both C G Cosmetic clinic FL and Dr. Scott Loessin Surgeon. I'm 44 years mom, had difficulties to see sugeon within my region as they want only to see women with perfect weight and shape before they sees them. I had to fly all the way from Edmonton, AB Canada... READ MORE

BL/BA, BBL, Lipo/TT - Dominican Republic - DR. JOSE LEON

History: I have 4 children and am in serious need of a Mommy Makeover. My natural shape is waist medium, wide hips and a good amount of butt. My problem is the fact that I have lost weight. Now my breast or lack there of are saggy as hell, my ass has a new shape..with loose skin and my stomach... READ MORE

Ready to Kill It!!!!!

BBL-BL-ABDOMINALPLASTY-AND LIPO!!! I am going for the KITCHEN SINK!!! I am a 43 y/o wife and mom. I have struggled with my weight and lack of self love (because of it) for many years. In July 2002, I had RouenY (spelling) gastric bypass surgery. Over the years I'd lost (and kept off)75+lbs. ... READ MORE

Help Me Pick a Doctor !! - Miami, FL

So been doing my search for days now and I get more over welmed. I first thought of staying in the states but the prices are crazy. After few searches I though of Miami but didn't like any of their work.Colombia is were I want to go but who is the right surgeon? I will prefer to go to Bogota... READ MORE

Mother, Wife, and Everything Nice. Huntsville, AL

Went for my consultation a few weeks ago and have confirmed my surgery date of December 30. I would do it sooner but work is very busy at the moment so it will be performed during Christmas break. I'm very excited. I can't believe it's taken me a few years to go through with it. The cost was one... READ MORE

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