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43 Years Old Mommy Makeover

Had my third consult today and finally decided on a Dr that I feel confident with. I picked a date and put my deposit down! After two kids back to back later in life and a flat chest to begin with, the big belly just for the look good on me. I have had two umbilical hernia repairs and I'm super... READ MORE

30yo, 2 Kids, 5'1, 124lbs -TT, BL W/ Implants & small BBL

So far I have only had my consult with Dr. R, but everything is going great so far. I'll be posting in detail as things move along :) Hoping this helps anyone still doing research, & those that are experienced can give me advice as well :) I'm 30 yo, 5'1, 124lbs, 2 kids & am getting a... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mom of 3 who is no longer hiding behind her clothes! - Scottsdale, AZ

I have waited almost 22 years for this moment!!! I had my first baby when I was only 15 years old and the pregnancy absolutely destroyed my stomach. I would like to say that " I can't wait to get my body back" but the truth is.... I've never actually had it. But that's all going to change!! I'm... READ MORE

Almost 40 Year Old Mom of 3 Ready to Get my Sexy Back.

Ok I wasn't sure how early was too early to start a review but I figured what the hay... go for it!! I'm ready to do this for me and since I'm done having babies I think it's time. I recently had my daughter in February and I'm looking to have a TT/MR, BL/BA, BBL, Lipo to full back, flanks,... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I'm a Mother of 2, Getting ready to get a TT, bbl, lipo to waist and lw back and thighs. I currently weigh 157 and trying to lose these extra 7lbs before surgery. Does any one know what recovery house is better Beauty Care or Club Med? I'm debating between the two? Also does anyone know the... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 6 Pregnancies, 100lb Weight Loss. Want my Body to Reflect How I Feel.

I had a consult for this procedure 10 years ago in Sarnia Ontario with a doctor who has since moved. I decided to finish all my pregnancies first and now that I am completely done, I am impatient and want it done yesterday. I attempted to book several consultations. The first doctor I really... READ MORE

32 Y/o Mommy of 3 Got TT+ BL + BBL

I have wanted a bigger booty for as long as I can remember. Then I became a mom and had to add a few more wishes to my list to reach my body goals. I got huge with all 3 pregnancies, gaining more than 60 pounds with each! I've always had big boobs.. and they are still big, and I like them but I... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mom of Two Via C-section

After my daughters I was fine with my body.(except my abdomen) Then gained a little weight and my stomach kinda got a little bigger. I am in my ideal weight so decided to change my saline implants 375cc/400cc for silicone HP 600cc. 1-5days after surgery I looked flat although uneven parts. 8... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mommy Makeover

I will be having full tt with muscle repair, lipo to flanks and upper epigastic, breast lift with 375cc implants placed on May 5. I am super excited, but oh sooo nervous! I have never really been put to sleep before, except for when I was 17 and had wisdom teeth removed and that's not exactly... READ MORE

2 kids, and 75 Pounds of Weightloss Later

Valentine's day is the big day. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck hip to hip, along with breast augmentaion and lift. I will keep you posted on how it goes. Any info before hand from fellow mommies would be appreciated! I am do nervous about the first few days and hope I have enough help. I'm... READ MORE

Divorced and Ready to Start the Next Chapter in my Life!!! - Dominican Republic

So I already had a TT and BA here in the states that cost me about $17,000. As you can gather, I am very much still unhappy with the results. Last April a friend of mine went to DR to get a TT and BA with Dra. Robles and she came back happy as all hell. So of course, that set everything in... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

After having two children, and gaining and losing almost 70lbs each time, I was a saggy, flabby mess. I also had a large diastasis recti that required muscle repair with my tummy tuck. My breasts prior to kids were a perfect C. After breastfeeding two kids, I was left with two empty sacks of... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Burn Scar from Fire and Tummy Tuck - 51 Years Old

I'm 51 years old, athletic, nearly A cup size with 2 adult children. My procedure is today (8/21) but the site would not let me select today so I chose tomorrow's date. My goal is to have larger breasts and repair my ab muscles separated during pregnancy years ago. There is also some crepey... READ MORE

38, Full Mommy Makeover. vaser lipo, full tummy tuck, uplift with removal of old implants

Well had the op tummy tuck, Vaser lipo to my belly and flanks, implant removal and uplift. Got the procedure done on the 18th. So 2 PO now. So far it's been pretty harsh, going toilet, getting up and down, can walk a few steps.. but made it home today safe and sound. The hospital and surgeon... READ MORE

Mother of 4, Finally Doing Something for Me - Miami, FL

Been stalking this site for months and I'm glad that i found it. Reading the reviews rely helped me with my decision. Was back and forth beteen Cocjran and Ortega, but decided to go with Ortega. Im Having a BL, TT with MR, and lipo to back and flanks with Dr Ortega 7/5. I'm so excited. He goes... READ MORE

31 Year Old Mommy of Two Needing a Mommy Makeover

I have been in contact with Dr Molina thru whatsapp. He has been very quick to reply given that he is a surgeon and I'm sure he is very busy. I plan to get a TT, Lipo, BBL, and implants with a saline implant. Me and a friend would like to go together. I had to ask about whether or not I should... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mother. Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Breast Reduction/Lift. Mommy Makeover ;) - Surrey, BC

Document my experiences of my mommy makeover?? Don't mind if I do!! I have been a lurker on this site for a couple of months now and I must say... Thank you! Thank you all for all of your honest and yet inspirational experiences you have shared. I cannot wait to join the flat side! I have a 7... READ MORE

33 Year old, 5'8" tall, Mother of 3, Full TT, BA 495cc Sientra Silicone HP under muscle, with partial lift. Vancouver, WA

I am a mom of 3, ages 8, 4 & 3. In my former years I danced professionally and was a lifestyle and fitness model for major athletic brands. Now that I am done having children, I would like to restore my figure to it's "glory days". I am hoping that it will renew my self-confidence and... READ MORE

5 Kids Later...finally a Mommy Makeover

I'm a 5 ft 3.5 in tall, 125 lbs, 39 year old momma to five kids. Prior to having babies, my belly was a nice hour glass shape (like I think most of us had), and it's been hard adjusting to what it's like now. After spending a few years trying to convince myself to love myself how I am, I... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old 5 Kids Breastfed 5plus Years Total= Mommy Makeover

I have lost 75 pounds and am now 220 pounds I am comfortable at a size 14 but I hate my tummy dangle. I have researched tummy tucks for 2 1/2 years and settled on Dr. Rhett High in Raleigh North Carolina. I will be getting a breast lift and full tummy tuck. I'm very nervous but his staff has... READ MORE

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