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25 1 adorable son, huge Stomach, 34L huge breast. Just Need my Body Back! schedule for breast reduction and lipo (Not TT)

Off to turkey to clinic center for a mini tummy with with muscle tightening and liposuction on waist and flank. Feeling hella nervous. Wanted this for such a long time and now that I have had my son I feel more confident to have the procedure done. Ido have concerns on death on the other hand.... READ MORE

Two months post surgery

I'm really happy with my results! Dr.Burns did a wonderful job and now I do not have a big pouch whenever I'm wearing dresses or tight clothes. Everything went super smooth and I was not nervous about any of the process. READ MORE

Mom of 3 Makeover Surgery 1 of 2: Mini TT with Full Abdominal, Full Back, Chin/neck and Flanks Liposuction Procedure.

After having our 3rd child and breastfeeding for more than 2 years, I sure did gain a lot of weight from eating too much, no exercise, and less activities. Then one day, I decided to do a little dieting and exercise to get back into a healthy shape because I'm tired of buying bigger clothes... READ MORE

30 Years Old. 4 Year Old Son

So i decided to get surgery with dr carlos recio in cali colombia.... i got done muscle repair ...ab etching...mini tummy tuck and liposculture with fat transfer and butt and hip!!!! Im 16 days post op now and i have seroma! He didnt put a drain in my mini tummy tuck. The massages i got was... READ MORE

28 Years Old 1 Kid That Was a Big Baby

Before getting pregnant i was about 125-130lb, I had gained about 60 pounds at the end of my pregnancy. Since having my baby i did loose pretty much all the weight but i was always so self conscious about my tummy, always weared shirts/dresses that was loose around that bottom area of my belly.... READ MORE


Good morning Ladies. I finally made it to the flat side. Dr P is very sweet, nice & straight forward. I was completely comfortable talking to him. My procedure was yesterday. Haven't opened my binder just yet, but I will in a few minutes. Today's pain is totally different than yesterday,... READ MORE

MTT & Lipo on Flanks

8 days PO and yesterday was my first day without meds. I considered half OxyContin to let me sleep better though because my back hurt from the Lipo. It's funny to me my back bothers me more than the TT itself. Surgery in Strax rejuvenation in fll. Everything went well. After about day 3 I... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck - No Abdominal Sewing - 48 years old

After 14 years of keeping 100lbs off, I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, I discussed with my husband what he thought. All he wanted was for me to like what I saw and how I felt about myself. I started researching the procedure. I spoke to my Primary Doctor who referred me to Dr.... READ MORE

32 w/ 2 children. Ready to put Humpty Dumpty together again! Coral Springs, FL

I am a 32-year-old mother of two who recently had a tubal ligation so I'm done with having kids! Now I'm ready to get my body back! I have previously had a breast augmentation done but have always had problems with excess skin and fat on my lower abdomen. I work out religiously 3-4 times a week... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck and Arm Lipo

I am on my way to getting my stomach back! When I went for my consult they said that I was not a candidate for a full tummy tuck. I am nervous about just a mini tuck with lipo of the flanks and Mons pubis. I am super nervous about this procedure and I hope my results are good. I just want to be... READ MORE

44 Yr Old, 4 C-sections and Had a Mini Tummy Tuck

I love exercising...mostly running. After the blessing of four pregnancies (and getting quite big in each of them)...there was a pouch under my belly (saggy skin)...no matter how much exercise or healthy eating habits wouldn't fix it. Did my research, went to 3 different surgeons in San Antonio.... READ MORE

38 Yr Old with 3 Kids Wanted Full Ended Up with a Mini TT

Well at first I went to my first consultation for a mommy makeover but then @ 2 consultation ( 6 mths later & losing 10 lbs) my PS said I could have a mini instead because I didn't have much fat above belly button & he said also if I went with full my scar would be really high cause my... READ MORE

39 Yr Mini Tuck with Float. Lipo to Flanks,abs and Inner Thighs.lipofilling to Cheeks.

I finally did it. I've been wanting this for a long time. I'm 6 days post op and feeling good. I work in fitness and having a little extra skin after 2 pregnancies that really bothered me when I would bend over doing exercise. No matter how much I trained or dieted the skin remained to same. I... READ MORE

Age 54. 5' Tall 135 Lbs Mini Tt with Full Muscle Repair with Umbilical Float and Bbl

So far I love Mary my Coordinater she is very informative friendly and professional. All my appointments have been great. Dr sukkar is so nice down to earth and really listened to me about what I want. Everyone has made me feel very comfortable. I'm very excited but nervous. I'm have a mini tt... READ MORE

Awesome Results Mini Tummy Tuck

Dr. Wilberto was recommended by a friend who did her tummy tuck and she was over joyed with her results. After years of contemplating and being very nervous, I finally made a consultation appointment. From the moment I walked in the office the women were extremely friendly and comforting. I... READ MORE

Mini TT w/full MR and Lipo

This is a long-winded way of saying that I highly recommend Dr. Pyle. I consulted with him about a breast lift and tummy tuck, but ultimately I decided to just do the tummy tuck. His procedures were priced reasonably and were in line with the other quotes that I got. His nurse, Molly, is... READ MORE

47 Y/o Mother of Two Tired of Belly and Stretch Marks

After years of wanting a flat tummy and working out almost every day I wanted to do something about the bulging belly and stretch marks. I had my spleen removed over 20 years ago but nothing can be done about that scar. I'm an avid runner and really didn't want to be inactive for six weeks but... READ MORE

Waiting for This for 30 Years - smooth tuck w/ lipo

Hysterectomy in my 20's ....I've had a pouch since then . Funny, bought a dress in my late 20's never wore it because of the porch and still holding on to it ! I chose Dr. schulman to do a smooth tuck with lipo to my back . I feel really confident that he is the only one I can trust to do this... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck

My second procedure the first was just lipo my results were nice came back for mini tummy tuck should have gotten a full.. had to come back after a at for scar revision. Still not happy now going to Colombia to fix it all . My scar has a lump In the middle. My butt is naturally big but I do want... READ MORE

56 Year Old, Mini Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lipo

I'm 56, had one child by c-section and have yo-yo'd with 35 lbs, up & down since high school. I'm 5'6" & weigh 155. From 2011-2013, I stayed under 130, with vigorous, daily exercise. I'm ready to have a mini tummy tuck, with lipo to my back, waist, upper & lower abdomen, & inner... READ MORE

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