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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE

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Needing a smaller waist - 23 Y/o , no kids

I've been overweight my entire life. My highest recorded weight being 249 but I'm sure I got above that. The end of 2012 I was able to drop 30 pounds by taking some weird Chinese pill that made me feel like a**; and another 40 by summer 2013 with an okay diet and a lot of exercise. That was the... READ MORE

Almost 45, Fit, Mom of 3, Getting Waist Snatched

I'm finally getting lipo of my stomach and flanks. I have been wanting this for years but as I get older I'm working harder at the gym and my waistline and 4 pack abs are disappearing more and more each year. I don't want to be 50 with a pooch, so this is also preventative. I don't have... READ MORE

uneven lipo now in need of correction

I went to see Dr. Saldana because I was unhappy with my lower belly fat. A friend who had a bad experience in the states had Saldana do corrective surgery on her lipo. Overall a lot of fat was removed from my stomach, upper thighs, lower back. The procedure was painless and I had no issues with... READ MORE

World Class Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dillon is brilliant! When I met him to discuss my options to improve my tummy I knew I was choosing the best surgeon. He is competent, understanding, caring and gave me a wonderful new appearance to my tummy performing water lipo of the abdomen and flanks. His staff is amazing also. Just... READ MORE

My exprerience was okay..results are good

The DR was awesome my surgery was 05/22/2017 @7:20am on a Monday exactly a month ago. When I got there I was quickly admitted. I made remaining payment and then I saw Dr.Campos he was very nice and polite another DR was there with him that came from Argentina. Dr.Campos saw me and told me I... READ MORE

Liposuction I'm Excited I Did It - Pearland, TX

Dr. Kratschmer and his staff are the best. I was up the entire procedure and I love it. I've read reviews prior and was a little scared because of so many stories. I say that I did not experience none of what I read. This Dr. Is very good with great bedside manners. We talked the entire time and... READ MORE

46, Decent Shape, 1 Child, Not Overweight ,stubborn Pooch an D Waist. Had Lower Abs, a Little Upper and Flanks Done. Redland, CA

Went under local not General. Not bad at all- general would be waist of money. Had 400 cc's removed, 9 incisions so small you can hardly see them. Leaked for one day- not too bad. Didn't need more then tylenol as of day 1 and 2( today). Feels like a knarly ab workout- stiff and occasionally ... READ MORE

Amazing Experience and Results - Bay Area, CA

Like most men or people who are happy with a service I never write a review. I take this one more serious because these reviews are how I found Dr. Beck. I think plastic surgery reviews are sometimes hard to translate especially the negative ones and I can say ignore them because they must be... READ MORE

Liposuction on Lipedema Ankles & Calves - San Antonio, TX

I have not worn shorts or dresses in almost 15 years. I have stage 1 Lipedema in my lower extremities. In 2014 I had 2 separate liposuction procedures done at a "Lipedema Specialty" clinic. Even after a year of healing my results were not what I wanted them to be. After plenty of research on... READ MORE

25 Yr Old, 5'2", No Kids, Liposuction of Abdomen and Flanks

I was always a "big" girl and what I mean by big is that I wasn't the same size as most girls my age but I wasn't obese (maybe like 20 lbs overweight). I was fine with that. The problem began when I was in high school and gained a lot more weight after being in a relationship with someone that... READ MORE

Finally Found the Procedure of the Year- Art Lipo - Tampa, FL

Dr. Su's artistic approach to liposuction is what all of us have been looking for! The mommy make over without the fear of getting a tummy tuck! Dr. Su focuses on contouring your body and sculpting your problem areas verses just removing fat. You are completely awake during the procedure, which... READ MORE

2018 Dr.Duran Doll Dominican Republic

I'm a mother of 4 looking to feel and look better. My self esteem has gone down . I'm looking to get surgery with Duran and hoping to find a surgery buddy. I have so hope she can make me look sexy. I am getting married next year on April and looking to get my surgery done in February of 2018.... READ MORE

38 Yr Old 2 Kids Need a Good Doctor in Toronto Ot GTA. Toronto, ON

I'm looking for a PS in Toronto Canada or the GTA. Anyone have a great result with liposuction to the abdomen and flanks? I don't know anyone who had had liposuction. I want something natural looking. Any advice would be apreciated. I am a mother of 2 who works out. I have a stomach and love... READ MORE

32, Athletic, Small Frame, Inner thigh Liposuction 500 CC total - Walnut Creek, CA

I'm 5ft 4in tall and I was a former gymnast for my entire life. I have a large amount of muscle on me, but my thighs never slim down. I am hoping to have a small ( half an inch) gap between my thighs. I am hoping for a leaner look. I want a conservative amount taken out and I am very nervous... READ MORE

Freaking out - Toronto, ON

Hi guys I've been reading all the reviews on here and I gotta say it's helped a lot but freaks me out seeing the ones who aren't happy I've been contemplating lipo for quite some time. After two kids the belly just isn't going away. I do cardio. Every day and boot camp 3 times a week and try to... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 1 Child, Belly Pouch That Wouldn't Go Away

I had an amazing experience. Staff was patient and very thorough in confirming that pre-op checklist was completed. staff and Dr.Bendago was very good at helping me get past nervousness,which I truly appreciated. Visiting nurse has called to check on me hours after my operation to ensure all... READ MORE

33 year old tickle lipo strax Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm pretty fit but had a stomach I couldn't get rid of. When I went they had specials going on. I was very nervous about going to strax because of reviews I read but my hair stylist went and had a good experience so I decided to go. When I went to my consultation the girls were very nice. I... READ MORE

Liposuction to Waist, Thighs and Underarm in DR

So Im heading to DR next week to have liposuction with Dr. Derby Sang Caputo. Let me say this, he doesnt have 1000s of reviews like Yily and all those top names I keep seeing on here. He has about 77 reviews and he responds to messages within a day on whatsapp, you can ask him questions about... READ MORE

33, Tired of Genetic "Ice Box" Shape- Liposuction to Waist, Flanks and Hips - Southlake, TX

I am preparing to have liposuction surgery on my flanks and hips and I would like to document my journey for you with details, measurements and photos to the best of my ability. After reading many reviews here on realself- I now know exactly what people are looking to see in reviews about... READ MORE

23, No Kids, Lipo of Abd/Flanks

I'm approximately 5'4, 150 lbs. Getting liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks / Love Handles. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30th with Dr Robert Heck. Will post more pictures and updates following the surgery tomorrow, so stay tuned. I'm very excited and will do my best giving details about my... READ MORE

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