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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Very Unhappy - Houston, TX

I'm very unhappy with my results from Dr. Michael Eisthmann !!.He does not listen , his bedside manners or lack thereof are horrible. He is always in a rush to go home, as well as Sandy, Linda, and the 2 ladies at the phones. On 3 of my appts they called to ask if I'd come in earlier, I couldn't... READ MORE

Liposuction with Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas

Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas is one of the busiest Doctors in Cali, Colombia... So I was persistent .. I emailed him and whatz apped him all his information can be found on his Instagram which I posted below .... He is so busy becuase his work is impeccable ! His before and after pictures are... READ MORE

Chin/neck Lipo for Stubborn Genetic Double Chin - McLean, VA

Surgery went well this morning. Kind of sore, def will post after pictures .... Here is a brief review. Pros: Dr K is very patient, friendly and kind. He answered all my questions at my consult and took time to share his thoughts (which saved me money) Cons: The receptionist called me the... READ MORE

22 Year Old, Arm+Thigh Lipo for a Fresh Start

I've been struggling with my weight ever since I was little. I am a yoyo dieter, it's always been easy for me to lose a lot of weight (10 kgs for example) but it is also easy for me to gain it all back. I've noticed it's usually due to stress in my personal life. Last year, I finally managed to... READ MORE

Full Ab Lipo, 23 Years Old No Kid, Treating Myself to an Early Birthday Present! - San Diego, CA

SO! I Set my appointment for my liposuction procedure! I'm starting with my full abdomen area. Then later on, I'll decide if I will pay for flanks , waist, and love handles or just get a personal trainer to help me out. I'm super pumped ! I can't wait to get my new body!! Can We Say Operation... READ MORE

Thighs and Knees Resculptsure W Liposuction - Dallas, TX

I'm so excited for my procedure today! Dr. Steven White did my tummy tuck in 2013 and it's beautiful. My legs are thick and he is going to resculptsure them! Then compression hose for weeks! Wahoo! I'll keep ya posted. Is it weird that I'm so confident this will be perfect that I'm already... READ MORE

42 Yr Old 2 Kids Need a Good Doctor in Toronto Ot GTA. Toronto, ON

I'm looking for a PS in Toronto Canada or the GTA. Anyone have a great result with liposuction to the abdomen and flanks? I don't know anyone who had had liposuction. I want something natural looking. Any advice would be apreciated. I am a mother of 2 who works out. I have a stomach and love... READ MORE

Best Work Ever Dr. Michael Rodriguez - Weston, FL

My body needed a miracle. I had three C-Section it was the worst pain ever . I look around for about 2 years till I got confidence to go ahead with my lipo. Happy to say I met Dr Magic Mike lol ... Everyone told me I was going to need a tummy tuck nope I needed Magic ???????????? thank Dr... READ MORE

Liposuction of abs and flanks - Orlando, FL

35yo 5'3" 135 lbs. Decided to get water lipo on my abs & flanks to rid myself of stubborn fat deposits in those areas. I am on Day Two of recovery. Don't let anyone tell you this is not painful. It hurts like hell. I felt like I'd been beaten by a baseball bat. The oxycodone just makes me... READ MORE

27 Years Old and Always Hated my Legs - Perth, AU

I hit puberty and my legs changed, I lucked out in the genetic lottery. Both my parents and all my siblings have these lovely long legs, but not me. Ive always been active, and my job as an electrician does require a level of fitness but I've always had short little fat legs and a slim torso.... READ MORE

35 Yrs, 2 C-sections, Getting Rid of the Pouch! - Wellesley, MA

Hello. I've been contemplating liposuction for a few months now and have finally pulled the trigger. I'm 35 yrs old, 2 children born via csection (had tubal ligation so no more for me!), average height (5'5") and average weight (148). I have an inverted pear shaped body with a large chest,... READ MORE

Bbl/lipo with Dr Fix It - Miami, FL

Get my old body back!!! My kids are now 6 and 7 and I am ready for the old me. Only took 48hrs to book surgery, speak with Dr B, review photos and consultants on. Jackie is available every time I call. Looking to stay at Miami Escape recovery house. His Instagram is dr fix it. Quoted 6200... READ MORE

33, Tired of Genetic "Ice Box" Shape- Liposuction to Waist, Flanks and Hips - Southlake, TX

I am preparing to have liposuction surgery on my flanks and hips and I would like to document my journey for you with details, measurements and photos to the best of my ability. After reading many reviews here on realself- I now know exactly what people are looking to see in reviews about... READ MORE

Liposuction Stomach, Thighs and Calves as well as breast revision - Austin, TX

I have always had large legs and a stubborn belly and despite being active I never really tone. I've tried it all. I used to have the same issue with my arms until I decided to get liposuction done on them. I absolutely loved my results. Now when I work out I can see muscle coming through. My... READ MORE

25yrs Old 2 Kids BBL with Lipo Arms Flanks Stomach and Arms - Dominican Republic

Hello, Hopefully this review will help someone else along the way who is looking forward to having sx in Dominican Republic with Dra Yily Santos. I am excited and nervous at the same time. As of now communication has been good. I just wish I knew someone who spoke Spanish to go with me. I will... READ MORE

High definition Lipo, mini tt, bbl with Dr. Mejia

I been considering liposuction for almost 3 yrs now. Before when I 1st started doing my homework on this I wasn't as big just need it a lil help but now I have gained a lot more weight so I am definetly going forward with the procedure. I have a major back injury so I am really concerned if... READ MORE

36 Two Children. Dominican Republic, DO

After reaching out to several doctors I am confident that I am ready to move forward with Dr. Luis Mejia! So far his assistant Lefny has been very tactful and prompt with her responses. Keeping aware of everything. I am anticipating Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Lift w/o implants. Can... READ MORE

My Journey to a New Me - South Africa, ZA

I have always been very self conscious about my tummy and love handles that always looked to BIG for my body. After a long period of trying to find the perfect diet I decided to investigate Liposuction. My life changed when I went to The Melrose Aesthetic Centre and Dr.Cohen explained how he can... READ MORE

33 Years Old MOM, Want to Get Back in Shape, Having Abdomen Liposuction - South Korea

During the pregnant, I got over 40 LBS. After I had a child, it was hard for me to lose weight. I did exercise and I was on a diet but I could only lose 15 LBS. I was thin and people said I had a great body line before the pregnant. Whenever I saw myself through the mirror, fat and ugly woman... READ MORE

Liposuction of the Arms Tail of Spence (Under the Arm Pits) - Savannah, GA

I am having this procedure done on June 10 with Dr. Finger in Savannah, GA. I am excited. I was given a list of things not to consume. Which was most of my diet (fish/Omega-3). I also use vitamin E on my skin, which I had to stop using before the surgery as well. I had to also stop eating garlic... READ MORE

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