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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE

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Liposuction/ Laser Lipo Above Knea Area and Thigh Area. Dr.Mehmet Kaya.Izmir, TR

Laser lipo in Izmir of my inner thigh and around kneas with Dr Mehmet Kaya Hospital Özel Park Tui Hastanesi. Absolutely very satisfied with the hospital, nurses, treatment, quality and service in the Özel Park Tui hospital. Very nice secluded rooms, like a small hotelsuite with fridge, sofa, b... READ MORE

30 Years Old , Mom , Previous Hernia Repair (With Mesh) and Muscle Separation - Brooklyn, NY

I had my hernia repaired about 4 years ago but I have always dealt with a tummy bulge . I did some research and even though a tummy tuck may be better for my situation, I decided to try a procedure with less down time . I'm really concerned about having loose skin but I'm hoping for the best... READ MORE

By dr Scott Blyer aka dr befixin Lipo , Tummy Tuck Uneven Results with Dents - islandia, NY

I have poor results from this dr . He went in and did a tummy tuck and lipo . It was not right from the beginning . He saw their was an issue after 7 mons and want to redo my t t . I let him will the pics I am posting are from my second surgery not good . No change . So now he wants to go in a... READ MORE

Lower+Upper Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thigh and Neck

Recently got my body done April 20th, 2017 and although I'm still swollen and tender, I must say the results grow on me each day. Not looking in the mirror definitely does help with not over obsessing or over analyzing anything. Yesterday I had my Post-op app with my Dr Bruce Kadz and he said... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 1 Child, Lipo on Upper and Lower Stomach, Hip Rolls and Bra Rolls

I had my son at 16 and after his birth I was always slim but had a pouch that grew into a gut over the years. I always thought I would have to have a tummy tuck because of my stretch marks, skin, and muscle weakness but after a consult my dr. Said that I should try lipo with realistic outcome... READ MORE

TERRIBLE Inner Thigh Liposuction - NO CHANGE SEEN

Although Dr. Garramone seemed nice enough, my before and after photos show absolutely NO CHANGE in my inner thigh area after my liposuction treatment. I was expecting for it to work, and I was expecting to see very good results with an actual visual change in my legs. But there are zero results.... READ MORE

40yo Lipo Tummy Thighs in and out

I first wanted tummy tuck but after thinking it through decided with lipo. I know it's not going to be as tight as a tummy tuck but just didn't want the big scar across my tummy. I see progress everyday I am satisfied . Dr Thomas was awesome I will be updating with more info and pics I will be... READ MORE

Patiently Waiting on my Results - Miami, FL

So I decided to have lipo 360 with Dr.McAdoo at Seduction paid in full and was told if I wanted an earlier date I could switch to Dr. Osak which I agreed to do the experience was great Dr. Osak was very professional & attentive which he still is I'm still currently under his care I was told... READ MORE

22, No Kids, Waistline Hopeful. Miami, FL

I've spent my whole like hiding under loose clothing and never feeling fully comfortable in my own skin. It has been really rough for me growing up unhappy with my body. I'm ready to feel better about what I see in the mirror. I just want a waistline! Finally I will be (hopefully) getting one.... READ MORE

Abdomen, Hips, Back, Feeling Miserable...

I'm 6 days post op from my procedure. The pain is completely bearable, but the discomfort from swelling is overwhelming. My compression garment is very uncomfortable. I have difficulties finding a manageable position to lay or sit. It truly feels like my mid section is a barrel. The garment... READ MORE

29yr, 5'1, 127lbs, FIU Student- Future Ortega Doll! - Miami, FL

Hello everyone! I was going to wait till post surgery but this might help out a lot of my FIU colleagues who are considering lipo. I am doing 12 areas of lipo/2 upper arms 4/28/2017 and I am very happy to be finally getting this done. I've searched places in Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia for... READ MORE

Removing Dog Ears and Follow Up Lipo

I'm not used to blogging so please forgive for any details left out but you can definitely ask me questions. I'll answer any of your questions. I will update with pics as I go along. I was one of those searching around for women with bodies similar to mine and barely found any. I'm hoping my... READ MORE

Fabulous in my 40's!!! Maple Grove, MN

Hello all, just like many of you I've been thinking about having lipo done for some time now but just never made the effort to start the process. I'm a busy professional with two grown children. I've always been on the smaller side but the last 8 years since my career started to take off I have... READ MORE

28y/o Liposuction in Paris Contracted Sepsis and Necrosis - Paris, FR

Hi I am looking for some advice (I don't know why I haven't sought some sooner from here) In April 2015 I went to have liposuction of my flanks, abdomen, back and arms performed by Dr Foued Hamza of Queen Anne Medical centre, Queen Anne St, London. After initial consultation and my full bill of... READ MORE

31 Years,2 Kids..ready to Get my Summer Body

I went to doctor Markmann for my initial consultation on 3/22/17.I was thinking about getting a Bbl but at the end i decided not to so i chose to go for the lipo on the abdomen,waist and flanks. I was affraid i was gonna need a tummy tuck too but he said i have no need for it.I called next day... READ MORE

48 yr old - 2 kids

Every since I had my kids, my stomach has never looked good. I tend to gain weight there first. I don't expect to have a flat '6 pack'; I just want to be able to wear a t-shirt & jeans without a huge muffin top hanging on each side. The procedure itself was not extremely painful and I liked... READ MORE

Waist Definition Lipo and Tummy

So far on my fourth month post op from lipo. Everything starting to look good, finally getting feeling bk a few numb spots still but normal. Can't seem to get rid of these lumps around my belly button though. Been doing massage and stopped the compression garnet months ago per my drs. Orders .... READ MORE

Lipo, Bbl, Breast Lift , Breast Augmentation

After reviewing multiple surgeons Dr B got my undivided attention I appreciated his honesty and his genuine attitude.  I never felt more comfortable than now leaving my life in his hands.  His office is truly remarkable l. Any questions I had , I was easily assessable to both him and... READ MORE

My Experience with my Surgeon

After researching many doctors in the Dominican Republic i decided i wanted a doctor that new the human anatomy and was a real plastic surgeon competent in his field and found my doctor who has been the best surgeon before surgery and after my journey started when i decided to get a breast... READ MORE

34 Years Old 3 Kids Fat Tummy

So I've finally managed to save up for my liposuction. I looked in to going abroad for my procedure but decided to save for longer and stay in the uk. Wanted to talk face to face and meet my surgeon rather then send pics online. So I've chosen dr Bitzos and he's told me I will have 30%... READ MORE

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