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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE ›

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I am very very pleased with all my results after the surgery. Now after this surgery I feel very motivated to continue on my life raising my 3 children. After this I am happy that I will be able to put any clothing that I would like with a resonable size. Before this I had to look for clothing... READ MORE

I'm a 36-28-35, which is a royal pain for picking out well-fitting clothing. I'm a relatively healthy person who exercises on the regular, but I've got a stubborn pocket of fat on my stomach and love handles. I'm interested in lipo to help me trim around my waist enough to comfortably fit my... READ MORE

Went under local not General. Not bad at all- general would be waist of money. Had 400 cc's removed, 9 incisions so small you can hardly see them. Leaked for one day- not too bad. Didn't need more then tylenol as of day 1 and 2( today). Feels like a knarly ab workout- stiff and occasionally ... READ MORE

Since there is very little reviews on here for liposuction of buffalo jump I've decided to document the experience. I went to two board certified plastic surgeons in Bellevue,WA. They were both great and prices were similar. I decided to just get it over with since I've hated it my whole life... READ MORE

I searched for a doctor for 2 years and just felt so comfortable and trusting in Dr. Omidi. His staff was all very helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t have ever imagined the whole process to go so smoothly. I am very thankful to Dr. Omidi for giving me this change to have the body I have always i... READ MORE

Hi i have been reading lots about liposuction on here for a while and decided to go ahead with surgery last Tuesday with dr plovier in Belgium be clinic. I have had dr plovier before for my first boob job when I was 18 and he is amazing. I decided I wanted lipo as I am useless at diet and... READ MORE

Hello everybody???? So I'm getting lipo done on June 9 on my back, flanks, inner/ outer thigh and a little on arms. My PS is Enrique Hanabergh. He's very polite and answered all my concerns. His office staff had great customer assistants. I worked with Alejandra who answered all my emails and... READ MORE

Hey everyone, I've been browsing and now that I've paid half my surgery I thought I'd introduce myself instead of being a creep and stalking everyone's page. I'm Alex, 5'7 weighing 172, pre op measurements are 38-31-48 (my butt is already big) I'm just wanting lipo to sculp my waist. I've been... READ MORE

I'm looking for a PS in Toronto Canada or the GTA. Anyone have a great result with liposuction to the abdomen and flanks? I don't know anyone who had had liposuction. I want something natural looking. Any advice would be apreciated. I am a mother of 2 who works out. I have a stomach and love... READ MORE

Alright ladies, so I've been stalking RS for over a year now & I was initially wanting a BBL & LIPO buuut I got pregnant. Murp. I love my baby so much but she was a total surprise. I say that because I always told myself I didn't want to get pregnant if I was fat, but that didn't happen.... READ MORE

I was 23 when I decided to get liposuction. I did my research and came across Dr. Boutte. I followed her for a few months before I scheduled my consultation. I was now 24 and felt that my body was losing its youthful shape. Exercise was not helping my lower stomach. During the consultation it... READ MORE

I was searching for a procedure that would thin out the bottom front part of of my face without causing me to look gaunt. I consulted with several surgeons across the country and was told by all of them that my only two options were Buccal Fat Removal or Botox to my masseter muscles. I had... READ MORE

I had lipo on my anterior & inner thighs, knees, love handles, sides and lower back with a little bit of fat transfer to my butt (i have a butt, just needed to perk it up a bit) 3 weeks ago.. My thighs were priority & I cant say Im thrilled with the results so far.. I wear the foam with... READ MORE

Ok. So the count down is less than 24 hours and I am extremely nervous and really hope that the liposuction on abdomen and hip rolls pays off. I have always been fit because I eat healthy on a regular basis as well as exercise. I have run and danced 5-6 times a week and kept my slim figure even... READ MORE

Let me begin by saying that having this procedure done was litterally one of the best decisions I've ever made. Dr. Rottman is an exceptional surgeon with the most calming and caring bedside manner you will ever find. I came to him unhappy with my physical appearance following the birth of my... READ MORE

After a bad experience at other clinics (or should I say butcher shops), Im glad I put my procedure on hold until I did more research. It was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't have my procedure the first time because Dr. Ulerio and his team are top-notch and I am very lucky to have found... READ MORE

I hit 37 and my body decided it wanted to gain back weight I lost 10 years ago, despite no change to diet and still being active. I decided that liposuction was for me because losing weight doesn't get rid of fat cells, it only shrinks them and I wanted the fat I'd gained gone. I originally... READ MORE

This is a followup procedure after my TT/BL with Dr. Beck. Here's a link to my first review: I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Beck and staff today. As I've been seeing them fairly frequently over the past months, my anxiety was... READ MORE

DR. Salama snatched my waist in 2015. Now I need him to eliminate my bra rolls and back rolls and lift these breast possible implants??? Not sold on those yet & epigastric lipo. I know he can deliver. He did it once I have faith he can do it again. In the name of JESUS!!! DR. SALAMA WAS... READ MORE

Mi nombre es Daniela Cruz vivo en España y viaje a Colombia el mes de Abril a realizarme tres procedimientos, conocí al Dr Pavajeau y su equipo médico y desde la primera consulta con él no me lo pensé, me decidí y me opere con el, estoy muy feliz sabía que me ponía en las mejores manos, mi ciru... READ MORE

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