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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE

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Lipo ,BBL , Arm

Hey Dolls so Ima let you girls know about my story . Ima a young mother 24yrl .mother of 1 child (8months) After Birth I stayed with a few extra pounds (10Pounds) more then before I got pregnant . My weight was 160 now it's 170. Everyone tell me I look ok just to to hit the gym but just looking... READ MORE

54 Year Old Mother of Six. My 55th Birthday Treat to Myself.

Hi Everyone I'm 54 with six grown children, I'll be 55 in August an it's time I treated myself to a better body. I'm 5"7 205lbs I work out but I have areas that won't budge. I have lost weight through diet and exercise but my arms, back an thighs are very stubborn so I've decided to have... READ MORE

Liposuction- Dr. Valls Miami

27 year old female, 5'9", around 140lb- considering lipo or BBL after weight loss My heart has been set on lipo or a booty for a while now, and I'm still in the planning phase. I have 2 consultations set up in 2 weeks- one with Dr. Finger and another with Dr. Shanklin, both in Savannah, where I... READ MORE

Needing a smaller waist - 23 Y/o , no kids

I've been overweight my entire life. My highest recorded weight being 249 but I'm sure I got above that. The end of 2012 I was able to drop 30 pounds by taking some weird Chinese pill that made me feel like a**; and another 40 by summer 2013 with an okay diet and a lot of exercise. That was the... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 116 Lbs, 5'3", Lipo for More Defined Waistline - Miami, FL

1/5 - Day of Operation, 3:00 AM Some basic facts about me: I am 26 years old, I m 5'3" and 117 lbs. I have been plagued by a thick waistline despite having skinny arms and legs, and I wish I could wear bodycon dresses without showing off my flank fat or my abdomen pooch. I work out, practice... READ MORE

35 Y/o Mom with 3 Kids Back to Back, Finally Decided to Get Tummy Tuck and Liposuction of Upper Arm Back

My stomach was lumpy from previous lipo, due to anxiety of getting tummy tuck done. I wasn't sure if I want more babies. Now that I have 3 babies back to back and a tubal ligation done, I have decided to get my tummy tuck and upper back and arm liposuction. First 3 days was very painful, but 6... READ MORE

44 Years Old Los Angeles Upper Arm Liposuction in One Week

After years of pilates and weight training my upper arms were muscular but still a bit saggy, particularly on the underside (triceps). Big arms just run in my family, sadly! I never go sleeveless, ever. I decided to consult with Dr. Cat Begovic in Beverly Hills. She took her time, explaining... READ MORE

Soon to Be Mallol Doll 2017

I am currently 214 pounds at height 5'5 I am scheduled to have Lipo and my butt reshaped on 1-3-2017 with Mannon. I'm hoping he doesn't make my butt to much bigger than what is already is. My main focus is to have my stomach and back fat gone. I initially planned on going to Cabral but after... READ MORE

Am Schedule for Lipo 360 - Brooklyn, NY

Hey guys am a wife and mom of three beautiful kids ages from 15,9 and almost 2. Am finally doing something from myself after thinking about it for a few years I decided to schedule a few consultation with different doctors. After many appointments I went to allure clinic in bk,ny I was so... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Ab Etching

I want an athletic look. I'm skinny, but I want some work in my abs. I have been researching Dr. Correa for a while and was recommended to him from a friend who had been following his work on instagram and i fell in love so i decide do my surgery with him in January, im 4 months pos op and love... READ MORE

Dr. Pantoja is the Best!!!

I went back to Dr. Pantoja for some lipo and he went in and added a nice little lift to the great boobs he gave me. I will update more on lipo as swelling goes down and results can be seen. Dr. Pantoja and all his staff are great! I had lipo on my arms, back, stomach, and love handles. I'm... READ MORE

liposuction on Back Boobs and hate handles

From back boobs to huge "hate" handles that need to go !! After a long long desire to have them trimmed & years of frustration with diet and exercise my body has no intent in changing shape so ........ I have to trim the fat myself ! My first consult was today . I don't think I need to doctor... READ MORE

I've Been Reading Reviews

I've been reading reviews on RS for a few months now, I'm 28 will be turning 29 soon, I'm 5'5 and weigh 163 pounds, currently I have no children. Growing up I was always skinny and never thought I would gain any weight. One day it all just hit me at once and never went away. I work out five... READ MORE

Full Body Liposuction by Dr. Remus Repta

I had liposuction on my chin, upper and lower back, arms, abdomen, flanks, hips, calves, and inner thighs. Dr. Remus Repta performed my procedure. He is such an incredible surgeon and an absolute perfectionist which is what you want in a plastic surgeon! This is my second procedure I had with Dr... READ MORE

Liposuction & Buccal Fat Pad Removal in Cancun - Mexico, MX

Hi everyone, I'm Jasmine and I'm scheduled to have my surgery in Cancun on the 20th of June. The doctor I selected was Dr. Marco Carmona. I have been looking into surgery for the past 8-12 months, going back and forth between doctors in Chicago, Dominican Republic, India, Texas, Atlanta, etc.... READ MORE

Liposuction Hopeful. Jupiter, FL

I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not terribly unhealthy, and I'm not terribly motivated. So I find myself at an impasse. After my last child, who is currently five month old, I find myself sobbing every time I must put clothes on to leave the house. It's playing havoc on my self... READ MORE


I'm so excited for my lipo on April 28! I'm 54 and have gain 50 pounds over the past 5 years. I swear it all went to my belly, I have been thinking of this for a long time. Here are my Before photos on April 15 I'm having both upper and lower abs and waist , excited to see results! I will... READ MORE

32nd Bday Lipo, 1 Child - Allentown, PA

All the women in my family carry all their weight in their gut. I've wanted this for years but thought I would be having more kids. Now that I know that's not happening I decided to have a go. I'm one week post op today and I'm not to excited about my results... I keep telling my self I'm only... READ MORE

29 Better Body Shape - Washington, DC

I recently lost over 70 lbs and decided to get Lipitor help smooth out everything else. My procedure was today I hardly got any sleep #nerves but I got to the office which was a little outdated but the staff were incredibly friendly and Dr.Araya was great we were talking and then the surgery was... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of Three! - Dominican Republic

Im a young mother of three i want to have lipo and tummy tuck did and i need help finding a good doctor in the DR after having surgery 4 years ago my body has not been the same i use to be small and had a nice shape mow im getting fat and all out of shape im hoping Dr.Baez can get me back to my... READ MORE

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