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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE

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Lipo for my Small Troubled Areas! My 27th Bday Present! - Sugar Land, TX

I have been thinking about having something done for the extra amount of fat under my chin and armpits (auxiliary breasts) for awhile. I am happy with my size but it's these problem areas that I just can't stop focusing on! I originally went in for Kybella for my chin, but but Dr. Humble said... READ MORE

Dr. Cabral 2017 - 360 Liposuction

Hello ladies, I'm kinda new to realself, but have been doing research for a very long time. I plan to have 360 Lipo done ( Arms, lower back, & abdominal ) with Dr. Cabral this coming October, Im 5"4 an 167 pounds. He quoted me $3,800.00 for my procedure, not including the extra expenses... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy Looking to Improve Her Appearance

Hi. I am 26 year old with a 1.5 yr old baby. I am not overweight and my skin is not stretched. I am looking to get liposuction on my tummy and back. I am considering transfer fat to my hips adding a little more booty. I do not want anything too exaggerating. I want a very natural look. I looked... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mother of 4 Mcadoo Doll. Brooklyn, NY

I hope this is helpful to the point it has no punctuation because I am using talk to text back am exhausted and sore. I wanted to do something drastic for my 40th birthday I was going to see Dr. Yily or Dr. Robles and couldn't decide was leaning towards doing it because she would do everything... READ MORE

28yro 1 Child

I'm 28yro. 5'1 and 130lbs. I've been wanting liposuction for about 8 yrs now and finally decided to go through with the procedure as a bday gift to myself. I did my research, met with 3 surgeons, planned my time off from work, and booked my treatment. Now when I first met with Dr. Paresi and his... READ MORE

Nurse, 6 Kids & Craved That Silhouette - Houston, TX

I've been a mom since I was a teen & I never remember having a flat tummy or the curvy silhouette. After 6 kids I thought I deserved it! It was totally worth it. Dr Hennessey did the consult & said he didn't even notice all the fat I NOTICED, but I did. So right away I paid my deposit!... READ MORE

Fisher Doll!!

Ok ladies, so just like most of you I've been lurking on this site for a while! More like 2 years. I originally started off looking into the MDs in DR (Yily & Duran). So Yily was like a god send for me. I wanted to do a BBL and as many of you know her work is amazing! She's good at what she does... READ MORE

22 years old, liposuction to waist, lower abdomen, flanks and love handles

Hola RealSelf peeps I've trolled this website for almost a month now looking at everyone's reviews. I've seen some amazing results and experiences on here as well as some awful ones, as expected. However, I've finaaaallyyyy made up my mind to go for it and make myself happy. I'm very healthy,... READ MORE

30yo No Kids Just Got Through a Divorce.

So I'm about 10lb over where I want to be in terms of weight... and no mater what my weight was I have always had a few trouble spots. ( my hips and thighs and arms) so I'v decided I'm just going to get rid of those always trouble zones and continue to diet to just keep up the new shape. Really... READ MORE

Aqualipo + Natural Fill with Dr Bassin - Orlando, FL

Hi everyone I like to share my adventure with you and looking for any advice. Finally I have scheduled an appt with DR Bassin Orlando, Florida I heard a lot of good things about his expertise and of course he was Dr OZ in many of his episodes. So I m excited and can't wait. So I m doing aqualipo... READ MORE

Aqualipo- Upper & Lower Abdominal / Love Handles - Memphis, TN

The staff at NuBody Concepts are fantastic. They made me feel very comfortable and excited about the process. -The shots were a paint level to be expected...they're shots. -The most painful part for me was the numbing spray. I made sure to breathe deeply which helped but was still a little... READ MORE

After 2 Children & Having the 2nd 1 in Your Mid 30's - Tampa, FL

Motivation: I'd been slim all my life & even after having my first daughter my body bounced back & I kept the weight off for 9 years. Then I had a 2nd child and no matter what I did I could not get the weight off in my belly & back area. I'm an active person who works out regularly ... READ MORE

Buffalo Hump - Double Bay, AU

I am a 33 year old mother of 2 and for the past 10 years or so I have been hiding a part of myself that I was too ashamed to even speak about to the people closest to me. A Buffalo Hump. Even the name of it makes me cringe!! I honestly thought that I’d be stuck with this hump on the back of m... READ MORE

Liposuction- Dr. Valls Miami

27 year old female, 5'9", around 140lb- considering lipo or BBL after weight loss My heart has been set on lipo or a booty for a while now, and I'm still in the planning phase. I have 2 consultations set up in 2 weeks- one with Dr. Finger and another with Dr. Shanklin, both in Savannah, where I... READ MORE

Finally 3/2017 - Dominican Republic

Hi dolls I needed to make a change for this year and I decided to make that happened in March. I made a review last year in 2016 but I had to cancel that date. If anyone wanted to read that review it's under Diaz/2016. Shares my journey thus far. I attached some photos that I took yesterday. I... READ MORE

19 Yrs Old , No Kids , Dr Dean . Strax

Dr dean did great , liposuction to abdomen, love handles, thighs . The results are great only thing I don't see a change to are my thighs also I don't know if it's still swelling that needs to heal but I wanted my tummy to be completely flat that's why I told him to take the most from there... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, Very Active, with Problem Areas - Atlanta, GA

For years I have yoyo'd with my weight. But no matter how much I've lost (the most was 50 lbs in 3 months), my problem areas have NEVER gone away. I can never stick to a workout/healthy eating lifestyle because I work my butt off just to have no changes. I lose weight but the gut and back rolls... READ MORE

Excited Sharing Good Lipo Results

I first saw the ad for this place in Houston Magazine and started my research about the company, the procedure and the doctors. I love what I found out and decided to make my appointment with Dr. Cortes. From the first time I walked into this place, I felt welcomed by Cindy. Dr. Cortes was... READ MORE

Disgusting Body

So after reading and searching I finally decided to do this. I went to several consults in the DFW area and of course they recommend a tummy tuck. Rt I know that would be the best thing for me but I just can't financially afford it plus I don't have the time required for healing. I have lost... READ MORE

The Abs I Knew I Always Had - La Jolla, CA

I wanted lipo be use even at my lower weight of 135 I was tiny but my abs weren't as tight as they should be due to childhood over eating and my McDonalds obsession. Once I turned 18 I took up yoga in college at the age of 22 I became a regular/staple at the gym. At 25 I finished my first... READ MORE

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