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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that've been resistant to diet and exercise. It's important to note that lipo is not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Here's how it works: Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that are then suctioned out. Lipo can be done on various body parts including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and the cheeks, chin, and neck. LEARN MORE ›

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I have been readig alot of stories on here abd really wanted to get Lipo, i go to spinning and try and workout at least 2- 3 times a week but i felt it harder and harder to maintain my weight, even while watching what i eat. Just finished my Lipo procedure with Doctor Manuel Diaz. I prepared... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I am undergoing lipo in about three weeks. The doc is focusing more on my back fat, as i asked him to give me the perfect hispanic body (great cleavage, tiny waist and big hips/butt. I am excited and nervous at the same time!!! I can't wait to go in and finally see my new me! I... READ MORE

Dr. Tagliente an absolute joy! From my first visit he made me feel comfortable. He was compassionate and very professional. He explained each procedure in detail from A to Z. He helped me get my self confidence back. I am more than satisfied with how my body turned out. Hands down an AWESOME... READ MORE

So, i finally booked my appointment with dr. hedden. surgery scheduled for 11/19. that's a thursday and i'm only taking a couple days off, so i'll resume work on tuesday. i'm extremely excited about this process and can't wait for the outcome. i had surgery on my gall bladder before so i kind of... READ MORE

I live in Maryland. I've been researching doctors for about 3 years. I've been following Dr Alejandro Hernandez since 2013. He always responds promptly and he has great prices. My husband is skeptical about me having surgery out of the country so I consulted with a Dr in Maryland and he quoted... READ MORE

I have been looking into getting lipo and fat transfer for at least 3 years. I've been searching for doctors in the Dominican Republic, I emailed a few doctors and only 3 have responded, and have given me quotes. So far I feel most comfortable with Dr. Mejia, his office responded quickly by... READ MORE

Had a full tummy tuck with 360 degrees incision and arm lift last June. Started the first step of a two step process to complete my legs today. I had liposuction from groin to knees to debulk and will have leg lift this fall. So far pain has been tolerable (a drop in the bucket compared to my... READ MORE

Hey chicas !!!! So I've been on here for a while just looking at everyone's reviews, and I think it's about time I stepped it up! I was debating between Cabral, Duran, and Yily! They're all amazing but Cabral has had a death he quoted me for 3800. Duran I already feel comfortable with event... READ MORE

My son will be 18 yrs old this year and 19 yrs ago I was fit with a flat stomach with curves needless to say my number 1 love give me extra 100 . I've contemplated liposuction for years but didn't think I could afford it now after some restricting myself resurrecting my credit I'm able to get... READ MORE

Hi ladies so i just had my second round with the best doctor Salvador pantoja hes the best i had my first one in march 2014 and came back for the 2nd round this year and had the same and great experience. my first time i had lipo and my fat transfer to hips and booty and results were amazing i... READ MORE

I had four very large babies and the result was excessive skin. I had a full TT back in 2003 with lipo when the bandages came off I remembering being so happy with my results. The problem is if you gain any weight it goes right to the place you didn't have lipo. That's what happened to me and... READ MORE

After meeting with several doctors, mu husband and I realized hands down Dr. Su is the BEST choice. He and his friendly, professional staff make you feel comfortable and explain what to expect in detail. He is truly an artistic perfectionist. The doctor actually showed me what to expect with... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old about to turn 33. I currently weight about 132lbs. I had gotten down to 117 lbs two years ago. I kept the weight off for about a year, but after the death of my stepmom and going back to school I completely broke my exercise routine. I was been trying to get back into a... READ MORE

Hi Dolls!! I'm very excited and get more exited as the days get closer and closer. I'm getting liposuction on my stomach, full back, flanks and inner arms. I actually like my booty 46" so no complaints in that area. I've already had breast implants (34B to 34G) it was originally 34DDD but with... READ MORE

I gained mid-section weight in my 40's. I went to Dr. Ravi to get a jump start on the process of regaining my flat tummy and curvy figure. Pre-op: Made payment, scheduled surgery date, took measurements and reviewed the do's and don’ts before and after surgery. Major Do after surgery: MUST w... READ MORE

Well, here goes nothing. Throughout my life I always have had a flabby middle section, and large love handles, which makes me look square. This is hereditary from my moms side. I have always been insecure about this part of my body, and envious of woman who have flat bellies. My friend went... READ MORE

Very nervous but feel comfortable with Dr. Dubin In Newport Beach. He was referred to me by a friend. I will post before and afters and report in on pain and after care. I am currently 47 years old and a size 12 and workout a lot. I have always had flanks even when I'm thinner along with back... READ MORE

I had high volume lipo suction roughly 16 weeks ago and I am writing about my experience to hopefully help others who may be thinking about this surgery. I am an African American woman in my mid 30's with no children so I opted not to have a tummy tuck just yet (I may do one a few years from... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I've been stalking this site for a couple months now and have finally gotten the courage to post something after reading so many helpful reviews and seeing the support people get :) sooooo happy I found realself! So here's my story... i've never been happy with my tummy. I grew up... READ MORE

After months of research, countless numbers of consultations, and back and forth emails, I've finally picked a clinic for my liposuction. I've been considering liposuction for years now. I guess a mix of financial strain and social pressure have been the two biggest reasons why I've put it off... READ MORE

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