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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that've been resistant to diet and exercise. It's important to note that lipo is not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Here's how it works: Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that are then suctioned out. Lipo can be done on various body parts including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and the cheeks, chin, and neck.
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Like many I have been struggling with stubborn abdominal fat and this year I decided it's time to do something about it. I have researched lipo smart lipo vaser lipo and any other lipo you can think of for a couple years now. I finally decided to go through with it. I had my consultation with Dr... READ MORE

I had high volume lipo suction roughly 16 weeks ago and I am writing about my experience to hopefully help others who may be thinking about this surgery. I am an African American woman in my mid 30's with no children so I opted not to have a tummy tuck just yet (I may do one a few years from... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I've been stalking this site for a couple months now and have finally gotten the courage to post something after reading so many helpful reviews and seeing the support people get :) sooooo happy I found realself! So here's my story... i've never been happy with my tummy. I grew up... READ MORE

After months of research, countless numbers of consultations, and back and forth emails, I've finally picked a clinic for my liposuction. I've been considering liposuction for years now. I guess a mix of financial strain and social pressure have been the two biggest reasons why I've put it off... READ MORE

Where do I start? I've been on this journey for a almost 2 years. I've been back and forth as if I should go to D.R or Colombia and my mind is set on Colombia. I'm scheduled for 2/25/2016. I sent in my deposit of $500. I'm curious as to what i should bring. I asked my doctor but I haven't... READ MORE

I was disappointed with my results:( I would just like to help other moms to find the right doctor for them.Please check out your doctor you choose. It is worth your time to find a good doctor! I had liposuction body cutting and my results endured hives my biopsy showed it was due to the... READ MORE

Hello realself I'm here to write my story on my liposuction i search 2 years for this i did insanity challenge P90X everything you name it. Now i need help big time so i called cg cosmetic. I read the good the bad and the nasty but between spectrum and vanity cg cosmetic was the best choice. ... READ MORE

I'm a 30 year old mother of 3. I've also had PCOS for 16 years. I'm pretty active and work out 5 days a week. Luckily I only gain weight when I'm pregnant or on fertility drugs. It's almost impossible for me to lose weight after though, no matter how many calories I am or am not eating. I am... READ MORE

I've researched lipo for quite some time finally decided to do it. I've gained some weight over the last 2 yrs after stopping birthday control. I work out but my stomach has been the hardest thing to tone. So I decided to get lipo of my abdomen and flanks. I'm already curvy I just wanted more... READ MORE

Hello realself world. I was just born today in realself, but have been acquiring about liposuction and bbl for a while now. I'm in the process of researching doctors, and would you guys help with my research. I'm 36 years old 5ft2 and weigh 151. I'm excited with the possible outcome but scared.... READ MORE

Hey everyone, this is my first post. My goal of this and future posts is to simply state the facts, post my experiences of aqualipo and show you guys the results....lets begin!First consultation was on 2/19/16. Consultation was $85 (they subtract this cost from your surgery price if booked... READ MORE

Me and my mom both got surgery from Dr.Emmanuel my mom had a tummy tuck and breast lift and reduction and i had liposuction and BBL.. Everything was amazing, i love my results i had no type of curves or behind and dr emmanuel made me have curves and a nice butt. i loved how attentive dr.emmanuel... READ MORE

I've been lurking on RS for 2+years reading and researching my "next steps" to the new me. In 2008/2009, I started my journey to become a Cancer Survivor and opted for a bi-lateral mastectomy and transflap breast reconstruction. My original PS did a great job. I was truly blessed. Throughout the... READ MORE

After 4 kids my tummy did not look nice. I am sitting here about a week out and i am in pain. I have been getting the massages since the day after procedure and my massage therapist is wonderful. The office and doctor have been great, but the drainage massages are so painful! Sometimes I wish i... READ MORE

Hello Ladies :) I have been waning to have some work done on my body for about a year and a half now. My cousin had a BBl done in MIAMI, last year and told me to check out RS, well I've been hooked since. i Have requested quotes from Duran,Robles, and Baez . I sent Dr. Baez a message on Whats... READ MORE

I had my first round of surgery done 3/23/14. I had liposuction to my stomach, back, flanks, tummy tuck and a BBL, now that my body has settled I am ready for round two! Not sure of the doctor yet, but I am considering Cali Columbia. My first doctor was Dr. Contreras in the DR. I'm looking... READ MORE

This was literally one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Everything from my first email to the office was handled so amazingly! I have been the countless other consultations in my hometown and the doctors and staff were always so short and acted annoyed by questions and the results... READ MORE

I'm doing lipo on my front and sides..I met with him personally in his office which was a little small but comfortable :) I didn't have to wait very long to speak with him and he was very considerate when touching. He answered all my ? I loved the girl who helped me she was very nice with all my... READ MORE

Hello, I'm so confused I'm 5'7 210 pounds and I want to have lipo done on my stomach. I do have a big belly but I figure I'm gonna have children with in the next two yrs so why get a tummy tuck. Plus I don't like the scar and Im nervous of the surgery. Is it possible I will still look good with... READ MORE

Well today is the big day. Finally getting liposuction to my abdomen, full back, and upper booty. Everything with the consult and pre op was smooth sailing. They even allowed previous patients who got the same procedure to call me so that I could hear about their experiences. They all had... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Liposuction ranges from $1,200-$8,533 with an average cost of $6,000. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 3,337 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more