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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Mi nombre es Daniela Cruz vivo en España y viaje a Colombia el mes de Abril a realizarme tres procedimientos, conocí al Dr Pavajeau y su equipo médico y desde la primera consulta con él no me lo pensé, me decidí y me opere con el, estoy muy feliz sabía que me ponía en las mejores manos, mi ciru... READ MORE

Upper & lower abdomen, love handles and the back under the bra line. I went to 2 consultations. The 1st was a doctor that ONLY does fat reduction procedures. I figured if that's what he specializes in...well...that would be perfect. My husband went with me to this appointment. The... READ MORE

On 2 October 2014 I had my liposuction that was performed by Dr. l. Dwight Baker in Dothan, Alabama. I was so excited to finally make the decision to have the lipo however, my excitement was short lived when after six months post-op, I still looked like I need lipo. I found a new doctor in... READ MORE

I first saw Dr. Halpern a few years ago about a possible facelift and was so impressed with him, although I didn't do the facelift because I didn't have the downtime from work, I remembered how kind and personable he was, and impressed with his before and afters, and how much care he took with... READ MORE

Like many I have been struggling with stubborn abdominal fat and this year I decided it's time to do something about it. I have researched lipo smart lipo vaser lipo and any other lipo you can think of for a couple years now. I finally decided to go through with it. I had my consultation with Dr... READ MORE

I'm hoping for an hourglass figure with minimal postoperative pain. Not looking forward to wearing compression garments during the summer heat! My tummy tuck with the same doctor went well. Scar still healing after 6 months. My PS and his staff are amazingly helpful. Remember to ask lots of... READ MORE

I come a family of women with petite frames and abdominal heaviness. Though I am only 5'3" and weigh 125 lb, my waist circumference is 37.5 inches and very unattractive. I will be having liposuction of the abdomen/waist area, flanks, and mid-back (bra area). I will also be having a rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I had lipo on upper abdominal my back and fat transfer to My but I paid $4000 for lipo on my lower abdominal that was a revision from the tummy tuck and in total I paid 14,000. i'm happy but I'm not satisfied I'm a thicker woman so I was expecting a little bit better contouring and sculpting... READ MORE

I had my lipo procedure on 5/17/2016 under iv sedation. When i woke up i had little back pain and a compression garment on and 2 binders with ted hose. I slept most of that day and night. My husband purchased me a body pillow and it really helped. The next day I woke up soaked. I was draining a... READ MORE

I am fit everywhere but my belly. No trainer, diet or pills can help me. I'm 5 feet with a short torso. The belly has got to go. I went to another doctor a few years back that was so obnoxious and rude at my consultation I never got the procedure. I read about Dr. Bond. The positive reviews got... READ MORE

I have always carried my weight in my mid-section. Even when I am at my smallest and super fit, I never really have a waist and am always thick around the middle. I've delivered 3 babies and don't plan to have anymore so I decided to look into liposuction to contour my waist permanently. I... READ MORE

Still pain after day 7 ???? my body doesn't look how I imagined. Sucks Here's an update I also have this huge lump on my stomach, it looks stupid! READ MORE

Having changing my mind and switching to a different clinic I'm unsure if I would be writing this review. Imagenes Plastic Surgery coordinator Yenia has been one of the best people I have encountered during then process. It was not a moment she was not available. Her enthusiasm and dedication... READ MORE

Just returned to the states from Santo Domingo, DR. Went through with the arm lipo, chin lipo & filled in my frown lines with a bit of the fat from chin. What an experience!! I stayed at a hotel around the corner from the Doc, dropped the recovery house idea since the procedure was outpatient.... READ MORE

Hey dolls, so I finally made up my mind after 2 yrs and I'm gonna go with Cabral. Woot woot! I just need help with picking the best RH that also allows males. I need to find an RH before booking a flight. Or have you ladies stayed at a hotel and hired a nurse?? Any suggestion is appreciated so... READ MORE

Let's just say I think I made my biggest mistake ever! I want to cry because of the bruises on my stomach. I've never seen myself this way. I had a consultation with Dr. Taerri a week before my procedure to do the full torso package (abs, sides, and back). My procedure was scheduled for Easter... READ MORE

Although I am an avid fitness enthusiast, sometimes you just need a little help to get the results you want. Dr. Nichter and staff are the best from start to finish. His approach from the initial consultation and throughout the process (even 8 to 10 months post surgery), is very professional... READ MORE

This man is a true artist !! This is my second surgery with him , I had gotten my breast augumantation done by him 3 years ago . He is truly caring of his patient and super talented !!! I am so happy with my results he is the best !!! I had this procedure done to shape my body and he did a... READ MORE

I have always had big arms, even when I was BMI 19.5. I am currently BMI 24 and happy with my weight and body.. except for my arms. I just had it done yesterday morning (9am) and the whole day I was leaking tumescent fluid like crazy. I went through a lot of bandaging, and was super sore. ... READ MORE

Despite trepidations, I had lipo on back of arms, back, love handles and inner thighs. Coming off the anesthesia was harder than I remember for the tummy tuck (tt) - really groggy. I kept expecting the discomfort and pain from the TT but this was a lot better/easier. I took a pain pill when I... READ MORE

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