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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE

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31yr Old Woman 1 Child and Embarrassing Huge Stomach

I have gained a lot of weight over the years but mainly in my belly and "hate handles" (as I call them) I went to Dr Hamel in Nebo Nc for liposuction and fat transfer! He talked very truthfully and recommended what was best for me! Although I opted out of the TT I'm still please with the lipo!... READ MORE

Finally Took the Plunge

So I decided to finally overcome fear and really get to where I wanted to go. I had always been slim still slim as an adult but mid 20’s it was harder to get rid of the tire that had formed over my stomach. I was healthy and physically fit but diet and exercise wouldn’t get it to go away ful... READ MORE

Early Birthday Gift! - Lilburn, GA

I want a size 28 waist, can you say snatched !!!! Lol My experience thus far has been great! Dr. Boutte made me feel I was in good hands. She truly cares about her patients. And the staff is very approachable and compassionate which is at times hard to find. The staff answered any questions I... READ MORE

25, No Kids, Lipo on Upper/Lower Abdomen and Flanks!- West Hollywood, CA

So... I've been going back and forth with this surgery for months! I scheduled the first time back in April 2016. But so much was going on. I got a new job, new place, there was no time or money for this surgery. I also started to second guess myself and convinced myself that I can loose the... READ MORE

29 Yr Old Mother of 3 Wanting Lipo, Tt and Bbl. I NEED Dr Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

So before kids I weighed about 110-115 and I am currently at 165 which I want to lose some weight before surgery. I was small overall and okay with that and now I'm not happy with my body. I was an ovary and fallopian tube removed at 19 and then c section in 2009, 2013 and 2014 (also had a... READ MORE

Liposuction Male 38 - New York, NY

Dr. Michael Gartner was patient, friendly and thorough. Staff is wonderful. Paula was always there with any questions and super prompt with emails. Everyone here made feel safe, thats important to me. Never rushed. I had some stubborn fat that was hard for me to get on my own, so I decided to... READ MORE

Liposuction After Tummy Tuck! - Tulsa, OK

I decided to get liposuction after my tummy tuck because of cost. Glad I did. So far everything looks great. I had a total of 3 areas done. 4 liters removed. The only pain I really felt was when sitting up or down and putting on my compression garment. I had upper/lower back, flanks, and... READ MORE

Liposuction of Flanks, Lower Back and Saddlebags + LBL and Areola Scar Revision - Boston, MA

Hey friends! I tried posting this entry a week ago but had some issues doing so - so here's a copy and paste from my latest update on my LBL review / chronicle: 11/22/2016 I'm one week away from my full scar revision and contouring liposuction to enhance the results of initial surgery and I'm... READ MORE

28 Year Old, Breast Implants Re-done, Abdominal Lipo and Fat Grafting to Buttocks - Mexico City, MX

Eight years ago I got my first breast implant procedure done. I was young and didn’t take the best care of myself (smoked cigarettes, etc), and also had a lot of intervention (regarding size) from my mother. The implants were sub-muscular and 280cc. I had some capsular contracture i... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 3 Kids, and Much Needed Liposuction (12 Areas) - Miami, FL

Yes!!! it's been awhile that I have been looking into and deciding to have the Liposuction surgery but was very concerned of the procedure and difficulties that can come with it. But now the time has come and I have booked with and have chosen Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics. Can't wait to... READ MORE

33 Year Old Female Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm a 33 year old female and have always been in good shape. However, there were certain stubborn areas of fat that despite excercise would not trim down. Specially my tummy, inner thighs and hip rolls. I also tried to tone and shape my bum through lunges and squats. After many diets and... READ MORE

I Can't Believe It!!!!! Dr. Davoudi - Duluth, GA

Yes!! Deposit paid for my LIPO and a little more enhancement-::J))))))). I’m on to my next enhancement for 2016. I met Dr. Davoudi last year around spring but wasn’t quite ready. I had my scheduled consultation with him today and it went great! What is great? Interpersonal skills, staff enc... READ MORE

Mallol Dolls?? Lipo+ BBL ..27 Yrs Old, 1 Child - Santo Domingo, DO

Hey Ladies ive planned to get my body done for some years now but now i feel like i kinda rushed into it ..and im freaking out..So its Nov. 11 2016 and ive been talking To Dr. Mallol and i just paid my deposit and booked my ticket! Crazy thing is that my surgery date is Dec. 7th 2016 ..yes in... READ MORE

The Abs I Knew I Always Had - La Jolla, CA

I wanted lipo be use even at my lower weight of 135 I was tiny but my abs weren't as tight as they should be due to childhood over eating and my McDonalds obsession. Once I turned 18 I took up yoga in college at the age of 22 I became a regular/staple at the gym. At 25 I finished my first... READ MORE

2nd Phase of Transformation (Finally Saying Goodbye to These Balls That Have Been Hanging Around for Forever).

I was scheduled on 10/06/2016 for a Medial Thigh Lift, Fat Transfer to Buttocks & Lipo on flanks, thighs, stomach and around the knees. Well After talking with Dr. Perry during my Pre-Op appt I changed my mind. Dr. Perry showed a picture of a lady thighs whose were in much worse shape than... READ MORE

Long Awaited Me Makeover!!

After 3 kids my body needed a redo, pick me up if you will. My breast were almost to my belly button and my abdomen stuck out further than my boobs. I was a hot mess. I wish I did the procedure years ago. Having the liposuction done was life changing to me. It was very emotional when the... READ MORE

34 year old needed stomach liposuction. Dr Alan M. Engler

I had an abdominal liposuction with Dr Engler and I am very happy with my results! During my first consultation with Dr Engler he answered all my questions with a knowledge and experience, so I felt in a good hands right away.He also suggested to remove some extra fat on the sides of my... READ MORE

I'm So Ready... - Dominican Republic, DO

Thus far planning this has been a wonderful experience! I am so ready to do this!! Lord please have mercy on me! Praying for your peace, protection and love throughout this process. Amen! I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Emmanuel Mallol and his team. They were very professional and I am very... READ MORE

43-year-old Mom - Bronx, NY

First: Free Consultation- 3 offices to choose from. I've been to others who marked me up & explained the surgery & were very agreeable to whatever I wanted. Dr. Farella was the only one who warned me about unrealistic expectations & how my age, skin etc would react to each procedure... READ MORE

Deciding Doctors and Scare - Miami, FL

Hi I'm new to this I have been searching for doctors to have liposuction and maybe breast augmentation I'm on this alone and really scare but really want this I just had twins four months ago I want this for me a birthday gift please help me with a really good doctor in Florida I'm talking to Dr... READ MORE

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