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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to remove areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat cells and suctioning them out. Lipo can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck. It's important to note that liposuction is intended to improve body contour and not to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Medial Thigh Lift with Rear Lipo - Plymouth, MN

This will be my second round of plastic surgery. I saw Dr. Fasching in January for lipo on my inner and outer thighs, knees, stomach and flanks. All the areas turned out fabulous except for my inner thighs. I had asked ALL the PS I interviewed about needing a thigh lift from the get go, and... READ MORE

Liposuction of Arms Upper Back and Stomach

I Travelled to Miami to have my procedure with Dr.Michael Rodriguez at Seduction Cosmetics . He was extremely patient took his time to discuss the outcome and risks. I am now three weeks post op and I am loving my results so far even though I still have a lot of swelling and it of shrinking to... READ MORE

32 Yr Old, Liposuction and Perhaps BBL

Im finally taking the step toward getting my liposuction journet underway. Im a 32yr old, no kids, 5'6", 135-140lbs. I consider myself to be fit and healthy. Although Ive been lacking lately on exercise due to being discouraged with my results despite years and years of running, lifting and... READ MORE


I am a mother of three with history of breast implants and wanted to start to renew myself. Tried to get the weight of with healthy eating but this liposuction is definitely a start in the right direction. I live in a different state than Dr Boute and so the consult was done via phone with her... READ MORE

27 Y/o. 193pnds 1 Child, Wanting Lipo

I found Dr.Lapido on Instagram, when I showed my friend his page she said he was the one that did her BBL , she looks great btw.. she told me she wanted to be put to sleep but in my case I will be awake. I had my consultation already and he and his staff was very very nice.. I had my blood work... READ MORE

Frustrated Unsuccessful Lipo - Atlanta, GA

I've debated about writing this review because I kept hoping my body would change and I would see the results that I longed for. But now I'm close to 8months post op and I look the same as I did before. Still fat. Still rolls. All I have to show is a bruised ego with scars. I had liposuction... READ MORE

Dr. Araya - Vita Surgical Group Washington dc

I just wanted my premom body back. I had lipo about 12 years ago and didn't get an hourglass curve, but I was put to sleep and felt no pain. Dr. Araya was fast, it hurt like hell, but I have curves one day post op. So it was worth it. The lipo is just uncomfortable but the anesthesia process is... READ MORE

22, No Kids, BBL, Lipo: Stomach, Back, Flanks & Banana Roll - Miami, FL

Like most of you, I have been researching endlessly not only for a great doctor but all the benefits that would come with my procedure. After viewing his work, I am confident that Dr. Llorente would do an amazing job! I also spoke with Elena, the coordinator, whom is VERY prompt with returning... READ MORE

31 No Kids Heavyset/chubby All Life

I have lost and gained. Smallest in adulthood was 170. Ideal weight 160. Back fat is extremely difficult doraville me to lose. However I love working out. About to start a juice cleanse for a few weeks. Getting lipo to full back abdomen flanks and possibly arms. Here are some wish pics. I am... READ MORE

Liposuction Hopeful. Jupiter, FL

I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not terribly unhealthy, and I'm not terribly motivated. So I find myself at an impasse. After my last child, who is currently five month old, I find myself sobbing every time I must put clothes on to leave the house. It's playing havoc on my self... READ MORE

I Can't Believe It!!!!! Dr. Davoudi - Duluth, GA

Yes!! Deposit paid for my LIPO and a little more enhancement-::J))))))). I’m on to my next enhancement for 2016. I met Dr. Davoudi last year around spring but wasn’t quite ready. I had my scheduled consultation with him today and it went great! What is great? Interpersonal skills, staff enc... READ MORE

29 No Kids Lipo - Washington, DC

I've lost 50 lbs in the past two three years. I've led a healthier lifestyle the past year. However, I still have back rolls, fat around bra line, and a slight pooch that hangs a little. Even though, I've been toning, I'm still not satisfied so I've decided to look into Lipo. I met with Dr.... READ MORE

31yr Old Woman 1 Child and Embarrassing Huge Stomach

I have gained a lot of weight over the years but mainly in my belly and "hate handles" (as I call them) I went to Dr Hamel in Nebo Nc for liposuction and fat transfer! He talked very truthfully and recommended what was best for me! Although I opted out of the TT I'm still please with the lipo!... READ MORE

28, No Kids, Curvy Body with Too Much Belly - Orlando, FL

I went in to have my upper and lower abdomen, hips and back bra rolls done via TriSculpt. It was all to be done via local anesthesia. I'm a habitually anxious, worrisome person. My entire procedure start to finish was absolutely perfect. I felt things happening, no severe pain, and whenever... READ MORE

Liposuction @ImedIstanbul

Hello Everyone, I'm about to travel to Istanbul for my consulation with Imed Istanbul. The procedure I'm after is full body liposuction. I previously had rhinoplasty in New York and that went well. Dr Filstein MD. Regarding my body I've been eating clean and excercising consistently but for... READ MORE

Liposuction - El Paso, TX

Went in for lipo, was scared to do it, had struggles with dropping weight and finally got to where I want to, the staff was amazing they gave me positive reassurance that everything would turn out great. I felt in good hands with dr agullo your talent and staff is incredible I love southwest plastic READ MORE

25, No Kids, Lipo on Upper/Lower Abdomen and Flanks!- West Hollywood, CA

So... I've been going back and forth with this surgery for months! I scheduled the first time back in April 2016. But so much was going on. I got a new job, new place, there was no time or money for this surgery. I also started to second guess myself and convinced myself that I can loose the... READ MORE

56 yrs old - Lipo/bbl Changed What I Did Not Like...

Over the moon with the results. Dr. Medina and her staff has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Medina. The staff and the clinic, which is modern, clean and a well equipped facility. Everything was coordinated, from my arrival to my departure which allowed me to relax and heal... READ MORE

Mommy makeover: Abdomen & Waist Lipo, Silicone Breast Augmentation No Lift

Although I will eventually need a tummy tuck and partial breastt lift, at 31 I just wasn't ready to commit to those lifelong scars yet. I'm also not absolutely sure I am finished having children and so this combination of procedures can offer me improvement with much less cost, downtime, and... READ MORE

37 Yo, 2 Kids, Breast Replacement, Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks - Dallas, TX

Replacing 475 cc saline implants with 550 cc silicone, lipo of stomach, sides, back roll. Nervous about the lipo, know what to expect with breast augmentation. Posting as all the other pictures and reviews have been a big help. Will update after surgery in two weeks. I am 5'7 and weigh 160. ... READ MORE

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