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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia, either for cosmetic reasons or for women who feel physical discomfort due to enlarged or elongated labia. When combined with vaginoplasty, this procedure may also be known as vaginal rejuvenation. LEARN MORE >

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He Fixed my Botched Labiaplasty!!!!

There truly are no perfect words to use to describe how grateful I am that I found Dr. Miklos. It all started with a horrible wedged technique labiaplasty, I had done in Fort Lauderdale, FL from a plastic surgeon. Sadly, I underwent the most mentally draining procedure that ended in devastation!... READ MORE

Listen Up!!! - Atlanta, GA

Ladies, with labia reduction/revisions becoming more popular, keep in mind that not all doctors know what they are doing, and can ruin you for life. Please be careful when choosing a doctor. Remember, you can't put back what is gone. I have experienced this firsthand and I would not want anyone... READ MORE

Best Doctor I Have Ever Seen - Alpharetta, GA

The procedure was easier to recover from then I ever intended. It seems like such a senstive area but it was surprisingly easy. I was only out of work for a few days, but I made sure to restrict my acitivites. I was told Dr. Moore is the best, and I completely agree. He and his staff are very... READ MORE

Looking Beautiful Again>>>Miracle Worker!!! - Alpharetta, GA

I am thrilled with the professionalism experienced with Dr. Moore. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. He really took the time to answer all my questions and I felt extremely comfortably with him. His website had tons of helpful information, as well. Dr. Moore is truly an artist. I am so... READ MORE

26 Year Old - Labiaplasty to Reduce Pain

After years of pain while exercising and wearing certain clothes, I will be having my labiaplasty next Friday. I've had chronic yeast infections for years that diflucan is now useless against (and I have to use suppositories), so I'm pretty nervous about getting a yeast infection as a result of... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction (25 Years Old)

Hello everyone! I had my labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction on Friday 5th May after I had been thinking about it for years. I first noticed that my labia were longer than “normal” when I took up horse riding at the age of 12 – I got home more than once with badly chafed labia and just remem... READ MORE

30 Year Old - Labiaplasty

Currently 3 days post op I had labiaplasty (trimming & a small wedge), also excess skin removed from in between both lips (minora and majora). Received sutures and glue. This was all done under local anesthetic. Op Day/ Night - Had surgery at 6pm. Got up from operating table. Walked around... READ MORE

20 Yo, No Kids, Trim Method

Big insecurity for many years, I can't have sex because of my labia. I pay 0euros, so HAPPY that i did it but i am healing well? I smoke and start moving 3 days after.. But now i stay in bed and put ice pack on the aera with the oniment.  Swollen, stitchies star to come off. A... READ MORE

25 Years Old Two Kids - labiaplasty neeededUnited Kingdom

Hi, Ive always been really self conscious of my vagina since being in my teens my first before slated it when we split up got me crying in tears i was really scared to sleep with anyone and way i met some one else then they mentioned something so it got to the point i wouldnt let them touch... READ MORE

Finally Plucked Up Courage - Leeds, GB

I noticed that I was different to other girls around the age of 11, when we had communal showers at school after playing sports. It wasn't too much of a problem then, but as I got older my labia minora progressively enlarged. I got married young and my husband loved my body as it was, but... READ MORE

22 Year Old Labiaplasty - Fort Myers, FL

I have always noticed that I looked different than all my friends "down there." I've wanted this procedure for a while now and finally got the guts to do it! No one knows except for my boyfriend. I recommend three things to someone thinking about getting this procedure: tell at least one person... READ MORE

how is everything looking

I'm currently on day 6 of healing from my procedure. I had labiaplasty/clitoral hood reduction. There isn't much pain, I've been laying around, icing the area mostly, cleaning it with water and soap, using neosporin and wearing a maxi pad due to spotting. The swelling and bruising is getting... READ MORE

23 Years Old Labiaplasty - sacramento ca

I remember when I was ten years old when I noticed I had a labia it was tucked in and I remember telling myself "it's not supposed to look like this" " it looks like a baby's butt" silly me but from that day on I would pull on my labia to make it visible and I regret it because now I hate how it... READ MORE

30yr Old Wanting Her Vagina Back! Labiaplasty & Perineum Scar Correction - London, GB

So after I had my children I felt really depressed about not only the appearance of my overstretched labia but also felt like sex didn't feel as tight as what it use to be either. I had to build up a lot of confidence to even have the conversation with my husband who as I thought he would,... READ MORE

22 Years Old and Have Always Been Self-conscious and Uncomfortable with my Labia - Tampa, FL

I have been uncomfortable with the size of my left labium for as long as I can remember. I am unable to wear tight clothing without it pinching and I can't have intercourse without tucking it off to the side. Aside from discomfort, it just doesn't look right to me. The left side is at least... READ MORE

Not Old, No Kids; Just Another Ugly Vagina

I've been secretly wanting a labiaplasty since puberty. I'm 37 and have no children. I was off work 4 days. I personally didn't need any help after. I slow cooked some stew beforehand and had lots of charcuterie, yogurt, etc. to eat. I broke a few stitches and Dr. Nguyen got me in right away to... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Labiaplasty

Well tomorrow is surgery day! I'm excited but super nervous. I could of gotten away with just getting the one side one (the obvious side) but I love the look of as little labia minora as possible so I've chosen to get both sides done. I've seen a lot of good and bad reviews about the surgery but... READ MORE

26 Year Old Labiaplasty - Belgium, BE

So I have always been insecure about my big labia lips. I saw memes on Instagram that assumed big labia was associated with sluts. Although that is totally not true. I have been so insecure that whenever I have sex I have to turn the lights off. The guys have commented a few times about my lips.... READ MORE

18 Yr Old Labiaplasty and Hoodectomy - Manchester, GB

Never have been happy by the way my labia looked so opted for surgery. I am only 20 h post op and have felt no pain and very little bleeding . There is no bruising or swelling yet but I am sure this is to come ??? It looks a lot better however, I am unsure whether too much has been removed ??... READ MORE

Early 20s Labiaplasty in Denver

I had this procedure over a year ago and it was the best thing for me. My motivations were not cosmetic, but functional. My labia were VERY long, so long that during an obgyn commented on it when doing a procedure (not in a negative way, she just said it was not normal and may be covered by... READ MORE

Labioplasty, Uti's and Uneven Labia Results?

Well, my main reason for labioplasty was for urinary issues which so far seems to have helped, I'm still swollen. 3weeks post op a d drs. Are telling g me to be patient as far as the uneven looking appearance. Si I ha e a few more months the to see how it has healed. Overall my main concerns... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction with Dr Sanguan, PPSI (Wedge Method)

I wrote out a whole review with pictures and then it all got wiped! Anyway I wanted to write my own review on labiaplasty because reading so many others really helped me. Also because I haven't seen many from in Thailand and none with my surgeon! I'm 29, no kids and have always been very self... READ MORE

20 Years Old Labiaplasty. London, GB

Hi Everyone I am 20 from the UK and wanted to share my labiaplasty experience with everyone. I have had large labia since as young as I can remember, before puberty. I have never discussed it with any one at all, it has taken over my life for the past several years causing me discomfort with... READ MORE

Labiaplasty... excited and scared...

Hi everyone. I can't believe I'm actually doing this surgery and that I'm here starting my review already! Long story short: I'm a 29 years old female who found out this surgery exist last year "i know right!" And I considered it/finally going through with it for mainly two reasons: 1.... READ MORE

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