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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue from the labia, making it smaller either for hygienic or cosmetic reasons. In some women, the labia can become enlarged and elongated, causing discomfort when wearing certain clothing. When combined with vaginoplasty, this procedure may also be known as vaginal rejuvenation. LEARN MORE ›

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After years of severe discomfort from excess labia, I finally worked up the courage to discuss my concerns with my Ob/Gyn. He said he would use a wedge technique, and generally speaking, it's a very straight forward procedure. We scheduled for Friday, 1/22 in the outpatient surgery center under... READ MORE

Whoo I'm finally following in you girls' footsteps... really excited and scared at the same time! (Before picture will be posted soon). When I was 15 I said to my mom once that I wanted to get surgery to reduce my down-under lips. She didn't understand because it was natural and just the way... READ MORE

Just had labiaplasty yesterday at 11 am (12/17/15). This is a surgery Ive wanted since i was 14 years old, just can't believe I finally got it. My doctor and staff were amazing. I am extremely swollen and have bubbles all over but my doctor says its okay and that the bubbles are just from... READ MORE

This site has been such a big help to me in my journey on getting a labiaplasty and I really wanted to document my experience so that I can help others too! So far I've contacted about 10 different surgeons, many of which never got back to me. There are 2 that stuck out the most for me and that... READ MORE

I will be posting a couple of before pics soon but I just wanted to ask anyone if they had advice about what to expect? I'm having local anesthesia only, and driving myself to and from the office. Basically, I'm having a trim method as opposed to the wedge because all I have is excess skin... READ MORE

I have wanted this surgery since I was 11. I always knew I looked different down there and I have always hated my vagina. I am so uncomfortable being naked and having sex. I have an amazing boyfriend who does care at all if I have this procedure or not. The fact is that it really bothers me and... READ MORE

I turned 18 not long ago, so I'm finally old enough to seriously consider this type of surgery, I've been super self conscious about my monster labia for almost 8 years! I've always had large, uncomfortable labia.. Should i wait or do it now while I'm still young?! I'm extra obsessed with the... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get this procedure done since I became an adult. Living eith it hasn't always been easy, but two days after my 31st bday I decided to fly to Beverly Hills, CA to get it done. It's been a few days since surgery and I'm feeling discomfort. The medicine makes me drowsy and the... READ MORE

I've always been pretty self-conscious of the appearance of my inner labias since I was a teen. It's always been loose or hanging and asymmetrical. But as an adult, I still managed to have an incredible sex life! I have two beautiful children both vaginal deliveries and both with necessary... READ MORE

I had always hated the look of my vagina and have wanted this procedure done for so many years, even after having children I found the appearance wasn't youthful and was quite stretched. I saw Dr Dona about getting labiaplasty for enhancing the outer look and vagina rejuvenation for tightening.... READ MORE

I have been reading alot about labiaplasty and its something I really am considering. At being only 23 I want to feel confident down there. My ex never said anything when we were together. But for my own personal confidence I would like it fixed. It also gets annoying when I wear underwear. Is... READ MORE

I will like more information. i have 3 daughters with my exhausted and after that marriage i dont want to get in any relationship because i dont fill good of my self and i will like to know how much it costs. :-( i just want my life to be normal because I dont feel normal i... READ MORE

Ive had extreme discomfort with my labia since a young age, physically and mentally. It was always my dream to have Labiaplasty when turning 18 so I could finally get rid of excess labia and feel more confident. Now 10 days post op, I would of rather not of had the procedure due to the nightmare... READ MORE

Ive been wanting this surgery since i was 15. It has always been something i was really self conscious about and it became a real problem to the point where i was thinking and obsessing about it everyday! So about a month ago i decides it was really time for me to do it so i saved up some money... READ MORE

I have kept the idea of labiaplasty in the back of my mind for several years. Comfort was a big issue. I always felt like I had to "adjust" myself in my skinny jeans. I was hoping to improve my appearance as well. I filled out a request for info on my surgeons website, and was scheduled for a... READ MORE

I had my vaginal lips reduced several years ago and my only regret was that I had not done it sooner. I never liked the way they looked or felt as they were too damn big. My Dr is really great and now I look like a Playboy model down there. Every time I get out of the shower I look down... READ MORE

Very pleased with clinic and all staff. Surgeon was really kind and professional. The nurse remind me of the mum, really nice lady. I felt really well immediately after operation. First day didn't feel any pain. On day 2 started to feel the pain, but wasn't too bad at all. I'm a bit worry... READ MORE

I've wanted labiaplasty for 20 years and am finally doing it. I've consulted with two surgeons but am conflicted on who to go with. My first consult went very well - I felt very comfortable with the surgeon and his staff. He said he's performed a moderate amount of labiaplasties, the first was... READ MORE

Pre-op: Like other people on here, I've been sensitive about the size of my labia since I was a teenager. It made me self conscious, and I've wanted to get labiaplasty for a long time. Finally, I saved some money, and found asurgeon. I saw Dr. Fouda Neel for a consultation, and he was very kind,... READ MORE

Ever since I was little... like 5 years old I always thought I looked different than every girl I had ever seen naked. I've hid being naked from everyyone in my life. Then last year my sister told me her friend has a long inner labia and she told me how gross it looked and then my best friend... READ MORE

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