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Great experience, excited for final results!

My experience with the doctor and staff was good overall. Roxanne in the office is such a gem!! Only downside was I kind of left feeling uniformed. Post-op care, to me was very vague (I'm an over thinker). READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Tear Trough - Sudbury, ON

So, I'm writing this hoping someone will make me feel better. Most reviews and pics I've found for this procedure are good - with great results as soon as 2 weeks out! I am close to 6 weeks out and I still feel very "monster-face-ish". I wanted to get rid of some hollows under my eyes that... READ MORE

Couldn't be happier with my new curves !

1.5 years ago I had Vaser Lipo 2.0 on my flanks and inner thighs and had the fat harvested and transferred to my outer thigh (hip region) to give me an hourglass figure. I am quite slim in built (no hips at all) so I was really quite unsure about this procedure & if it would work for me . I... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of 4 2 Cesareans and a Hysterectomy Was in Search of a Perfect Dr - Houston, TX

3 days post op and I am feeling wonderful. I will add photos next Tuesday so you guys can see the work. My table looks great my stitching does not hurt and I'm very very pleased with the work that he's done at me again I am recommending Dr do if you guys are in Houston to have your work done... READ MORE

Great Abs Etching, Gluteal implants . Colombia, CO

I was so hesitant on going to Colombia by myself for some work done, but i am a well backpacker traveler so i was not scary of going there alone, i was scary of the level of edication on their PS, but i was very impress how Dr Juan Diego Mejia. I was in constant comunication with me via... READ MORE

31yo, fat transfer to breast and face fat graft by Dr Arthur Tjandra, Indonesia, medan

I am a 31 yo who used to have very flat chest and small frame. I've always wanted to go for a boobs job but however fear of the side effect in a long run. Dr Arthur and his method of fat transfer to breast was first introduce to me by a friend and I was skeptical about it. Until my friend came... READ MORE

Fat Transfer on a Male Pacesetter Eyes Hollow and Cheeks - London, GB

I was considering an eye lift surgery as well has an hair transplant I put the hair transplant on hold and every time I looked in the mirror I could not stand my look my eyes were sunken 52 years old but still felling half the age was considering an eye lift but to afraid of scaring and... READ MORE

Perfect doesn't even sum it up

Dr h fixed me !! I had a massive hole / dent in my cheek he did fat transfer just the once I am so happy he went above and beyond my expections perfect doesn't even sum it up highly recommend his just a great guy !!! READ MORE

Bye Bye Back Fat - Dallas, TX

I just wanted to take a quick second to post a little something and share pics. I'm 3 weeks post and love my results so far! Dr. Long and his team are great. I truly felt like they cared about me and my results. Dr. Long himself is very attentive even after your procedure, to the extent that he... READ MORE

35 Years Old Female Had Forehead Fat Graft- Seoul, Korea

I actually hesitated to do fat grafting at ID because ID is known as a specialized hospital for facial bone surgery, so I had a doubt on their fat graft. But, I realized that I was wrong as soon as I had the surgery. I’m very satisfied with the result! I actually had 2 sessions of fat graft. ... READ MORE

Ridge Lines in Cheeks After Fat Transfer - Spain

Hi, I had bags under my eyes and my doctor recommended to put fat under eyes, and also cheeks. It's been 5 months and everyday i look worst. All the fat under eyes disappeared and now I have very hollow under eyes. The cheeks are loosing volume in a very strange way, i have very visible ridges,... READ MORE

Fat Garfting to my Face to Restore the Volume - Raleigh, NC

I had fat grafting surgery in 2014 with Dr. Michael Law and I was very happy with the result, so I decided to get a second fat grafting surgery in August 2016. My face is very thin and has a low volume of fat, which caused me to look tired and old. Many people asked me if I was sick. I... READ MORE

Freshly Fat Transferred

Well I really cannot give a review as I'm only one day in. I can say that I am sooooo swollen like a chipmunk and a bit red and kind of warm feeling... If I were to say I looked like person I would be Priscilla Presley. I have that overinflated, plumped up look. One side is totally bigger than... READ MORE

Fat Graftings for Under Eye Hollows. San Jose, CA

This is only day 6 from my fat grafting for under eye hollows. I am taking all of the photos myself in the same lighting. Normal diffused lighting, no flash. My skin color is light there, this is 100% from fat loss. I wanted fat transfer for 2 main reasons: - the final result is permanent... READ MORE

22 Years Old. Fat Transfer to Lips. - Grosse Pointe, MI

I've always had smaller lips, my bottom lip especially. I did a lot of research on Dr. Kayser including reading every review i could possible find. The only Con with this surgery is the recovery time. It was hard to move my swollen lips, I could barley talk and hard to eat for a few days. My... READ MORE

Tired Of Looking Tired - San Diego, CA

I met with Dr. Sadi Erfani of Spirit Lift Plastic Surgery after having people continually ask if I was getting enough sleep or if everything was okay because I looked tired. As I am in sales, looking my best is important. I realized I had to do something about my situation. Dr. Erfani suggested... READ MORE

42 Year Old. Forehead Lift with Facial Fat Transfer

Wanted to restore volume to face and reduce hooded eyes making me look sad and tired. And old!!! After a lot of research I decided on fat fills to my face to restore lost volume and reduce wrinkles. I went to see Dr Shaw. He was happy to perform fat transfer and also suggested forehead lift as... READ MORE

My Quest for Lips

I've always wanted bigger lips. Maybe not massive lips, just bigger. I realize you can just get injections but that isn't my thing so a fat transfer was my choice. After my surgery I will include "before" and "afters." I've never been bullied or teased or overlooked because of my lips.. This... READ MORE

Absolutely Fabulous Facial Fat Transfer at TMB

I have spent a lot of time on realself, which has proved to be an invaluable tool for me. Although realself has aided me to research doctors and procedures, most of all it prepared me, mentally and emotionally, for my facial fat transfer (FFT). Reading about people's visceral experiences is what... READ MORE

43 Years Old Fat Grafting and Liposuction Lower Face

With age the fat moved at the lower face, wich it s make me fat and old, I would ke to plm my cheeks to and erase the dark area around the eyes, for a rejuvenation. I m going to go to Hungary in Budapest with the Dr Rodrigo, I will post the pictures off the the results, I am a bit scare, but I... READ MORE

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