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Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body, purifying them, and them injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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Fat Transfer to Multiple Areas of the Face, Neck Liposuction, and Submental Tuck

Where to begin??? This AMAZING Facial Plastic Surgeon left a lasting impression in so many ways. Dr. Alexander Donath, MD, FACS, has STRONG ETHICAL CHARACTER and such a PASSION for his work. After consulting with multiple Facial Plastic Surgeons (7), I felt that Dr. Donath was the only doctor... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lips and Nasolabial Folds Around Mouth

Just had it done! I had a lip lift 4 months ago, and I was not satisfied. To be fair, I started with a very thin upper lip. I did this under local anesthetic, and it was more stressful and painful than I would have liked. The lips was done to my belly. I received several syringes of anesthesia... READ MORE

61 Years Fat Transfer - Rockville, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with my fat transfer and face lift. i have added some additional fat in my cheeks to make my cheeks rounded (March 2016) and am very pleased. I am planning on adding a little filler around my mouth. Dr. Dahiya always waits between procedures for several months... READ MORE

50 Year Old Birthday Gift

I went to marmaris for fat transfer on my face it was taken from my tummy to put in my face The clinic was fantastic and really chilled I was nervous before luckily I was with friend also getting treatments it was absolutely worth it everyone has commented on how good I look my skin was loose... READ MORE

Skinny Leg Underwent Fat Grafting - Brooklyn, NY

Since birth my left leg was underdeveloped. Luckily I have had no real restrictions athletically, but I have always favoured my right leg as it is much stronger. No amount of exercise or physically therapy helped to build symmetry, which was a struggle to say the least. As time went by the... READ MORE

39 & Looking 28 - New Lease on Life. Oak Lawn, IL

Words really can't describe the happiness Dr. Shah & his staff did for me so I include a pic below. Dr. Shah's work is so natural & flawless looking it exceeded my expectations. The staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and all your needs & questions are met! I recommended to... READ MORE

47 Mother of 4

I had atrophy on the right side of my face and it aged my overall appearance. Dr Moss performed a fat graft and I am delighted with the result. My face regained symmetry and a more youthful look. The procedure was painless and the recovery seamless. Dr Moss and his wonderful staff were... READ MORE

55 Years Old with Micro Fat Grafting in Thailand - Thailand, TH

Micro fat grafting Hello friend! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m 55 years old from Thailand. Thank you for good website to review the experience and give some information for surgery. I’ve been searching information for a long time to get micro fat grafting in Thailand because I’m old. I’d li... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Mom of 1 - New York, NY

I had my surgery done at elite body sculpture in NYC. You know that place where they announce the lunch time lipo. I honestly regret having this done what was suppose to be minimal and not invasive due to the new technology they use. I'm a swollen and bruised mess. I can't go back to work until... READ MORE

My Cheeks (Ugh). What Cheeks? - Atlanta, GA

I started my search to add fat to my face after I just couldn't look at my cheeks anymore. My face was so hollow and depressing. I am so happy with the results of my fat transfer! I had this process done along with other procedures. I am not even aware that it took place. I am very happy with... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lips, Frown Lines, Nasal Labial Folds, Cheeks and a Small Nose Dent Correction with Fat

Hello. I am 33 years old. I had no cheeks what so ever, through out the years I lost volume on my lips and cheeks do to over using micro current. I decided to get fat transfer to my face. Fat was removed from my lower abdomen while I was sedated. I got fat transferred on lips, frown lines, small... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Tear Trough - Sudbury, ON

So, I'm writing this hoping someone will make me feel better. Most reviews and pics I've found for this procedure are good - with great results as soon as 2 weeks out! I am close to 6 weeks out and I still feel very "monster-face-ish". I wanted to get rid of some hollows under my eyes that... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of 4 2 Cesareans and a Hysterectomy Was in Search of a Perfect Dr - Houston, TX

3 days post op and I am feeling wonderful. I will add photos next Tuesday so you guys can see the work. My table looks great my stitching does not hurt and I'm very very pleased with the work that he's done at me again I am recommending Dr do if you guys are in Houston to have your work done... READ MORE

Great Abs Etching, Gluteal implants . Colombia, CO

I was so hesitant on going to Colombia by myself for some work done, but i am a well backpacker traveler so i was not scary of going there alone, i was scary of the level of edication on their PS, but i was very impress how Dr Juan Diego Mejia. I was in constant comunication with me via... READ MORE

31yo, fat transfer to breast and face fat graft by Dr Arthur Tjandra, Indonesia, medan

I am a 31 yo who used to have very flat chest and small frame. I've always wanted to go for a boobs job but however fear of the side effect in a long run. Dr Arthur and his method of fat transfer to breast was first introduce to me by a friend and I was skeptical about it. Until my friend came... READ MORE

Fat Transfer on a Male Pacesetter Eyes Hollow and Cheeks - London, GB

I was considering an eye lift surgery as well has an hair transplant I put the hair transplant on hold and every time I looked in the mirror I could not stand my look my eyes were sunken 52 years old but still felling half the age was considering an eye lift but to afraid of scaring and... READ MORE

Bye Bye Back Fat - Dallas, TX

I just wanted to take a quick second to post a little something and share pics. I'm 3 weeks post and love my results so far! Dr. Long and his team are great. I truly felt like they cared about me and my results. Dr. Long himself is very attentive even after your procedure, to the extent that he... READ MORE

35 Years Old Female Had Forehead Fat Graft- Seoul, Korea

I actually hesitated to do fat grafting at ID because ID is known as a specialized hospital for facial bone surgery, so I had a doubt on their fat graft. But, I realized that I was wrong as soon as I had the surgery. I’m very satisfied with the result! I actually had 2 sessions of fat graft. ... READ MORE

Ridge Lines in Cheeks After Fat Transfer - Spain

Hi, I had bags under my eyes and my doctor recommended to put fat under eyes, and also cheeks. It's been 5 months and everyday i look worst. All the fat under eyes disappeared and now I have very hollow under eyes. The cheeks are loosing volume in a very strange way, i have very visible ridges,... READ MORE

Fat Garfting to my Face to Restore the Volume - Raleigh, NC

I had fat grafting surgery in 2014 with Dr. Michael Law and I was very happy with the result, so I decided to get a second fat grafting surgery in August 2016. My face is very thin and has a low volume of fat, which caused me to look tired and old. Many people asked me if I was sick. I... READ MORE

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