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Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body, purifying them, and them injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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I have looked at several doctors for this procedure before finally giving dr Leedy a shot. His staff was always very nice and pleasant towards me and I loved the fact when I called with my 100 questions before the procedure he was almost always available to speak with me, yes I spoke to him not... READ MORE

Hi due to yo yo dieting I was left with empty hollow cheeks it made me look tired and older than I am I had some of my own fat in my face and it looks amazing I'm so happy with the results I feel much more confident and this surgery was the best customer care by far that's why I chose them I had... READ MORE

All the preparation is certainly easier than waiting for results. Today is the two week mark and I am extremely tired which could be a product of the travel whether than the result of the procedures. I had additional procedures which will require separate reviews due to the design of RealSelf... READ MORE

Dr. Young's fat transfer to my face is especially professional. The resulting agelessness around the eyes is priceless. He and his staff are genuinely caring. Before surgery and after surgery Dr. Young and his professional staff demonstrate consistency as being there for your satisfaction... READ MORE

First off, all of the photos posted on Dr. Spence website are really old and a majority of the folks are over 45. Not to mention, there are very few photos, I think two of procedures he did with fat grafting. I paid about $2,000 for facial fat grafting. He barely numbed the areas that the fat... READ MORE

About a year ago, I had a fat transfer from my inner thighs to my whole face. I have been feeling down ever since, the surgeon did not go with our plan (where fat was suppose to be taken out). There was too much fat put in my cheeks and so, too much fat was taken out from my thighs (I had nice... READ MORE

I've been searching for a doctor who could do fat transfer to the upper eyelids. All fat transfer articles talked about the skin beneath the eye. It was very hard to find a doctor that knew what I was talking about when I mentioned "doll eyes". My eyes appeared very large and very round. My... READ MORE

To echo the other 5-star reviews, Dr. Sameer Cabbabe and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. Despite having a busy practice, I was able to schedule an appointments within a week or two of my calling and receive a response to my email or phone questions often... READ MORE

This procedure if done correctly leaves you with a smoother, more youthful face. By restoring cheek volume, the hollows/shadows under the eye seem to disappear making you look more refreshed. I am only 10 days out and so far people cannot tell I had anything done, they just know I look "good".... READ MORE

There are so many good things to say, it would take too long, so I'll break it down: 1. The office staff is very professional, courteous and competent. Every appointment is on time (literally to the minute) - you waste no time but you aren't rushed either. Every single individual on this staff... READ MORE

I had few operations done at this clinic with surgeon Dr. Martynas Norkus. Fat transfer to calves, breast and few minor operations on intimate area. Consultation was in a rush, I showed how I want my calves and breast to appear, I wanted my breast bigger on top, to give it a better shape and... READ MORE

Dr. Doumit is an incredibly patient, skilled and reassuring doctor. I had many questions and he took the time to meet with me on several occasions before my surgery to explain everything to me. He performed fat injections to my upper-eyelid hollows/peri-orbital area and a lower eye-lid... READ MORE

After having genioplasty 11yrs ago by another surgeon (now retired) I was left with an asymmetric jawline which was curved on one side. I was also losing fat mass on one side of my face (under cheekbone). During my consult, Dr. Perron was confident he could correct this with a fat transfer. I... READ MORE

Go elsewhere! I would not recommend this place! I went and had consultations at several different offices but BPS was the cheapest so I went with it- you get what you pay for! First of all when I called to request a consultation no doctor or nurse was available in the foreseeable future, the... READ MORE

I am considering getting a filler/Fatgrafting under the eye area... I want to share my journey because there is no one that has talked about this new Korean trend called "Aegyo Sal" I have not gotten my procedure yet, but have only talked over email with Dr. Young himself. I was actually... READ MORE

10 yrs ago, Dr Bruno did my breast augmentation. He did an amazing job. They look and feel very natural and great. 10 yrs later, after endless attempts and dieting to lose my belly fat but gain weight in my butt, I decided to get fat transfer. I always gained weight in my abs and never in my... READ MORE

After much research and several consults, I am happy to report that I am so please with the results from eyelid surgery and fat transfer! My cheeks are contoured exactly how I wanted them to be and I look so much more youthful under my eyes. I didn’t really understand the benefits of fat t... READ MORE

I am absolutely delighted with the results of the FAMI procedure that I had recently. I am 40 years old and had started to notice loss of volume around my upper face which was causing my face to look saggy around the jawline area making me look older. I really didn't want a traditional face lift... READ MORE

Im hesitant to post a picture of my before and after because I'm not comfortable expressing that I've done this surgery - However, I am 2 months post op from fat transfer from my stomach to my butt. I wanted two things from surgery: 1. A SMALL waist 2. A more defined butt that was big (but... READ MORE

Unsatisfied with eye bags and contour of my butt and waist-wanted lipo. Facial fat transfer is awful and will require additional procedure to correct. A very nice Dr. Just unskilled in this procedure. When dealing with procedures that involve the face, which is the first thing people see when... READ MORE

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