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Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body, purifying them, and them injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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Two stages - Newport Beach

I had it done in two stages. Stage one in 2009 and stage two in 2010. It replaced volume loss in my face due to age. These pictures are 4 weeks post-op from stage 2 fat transfer. I will post more soon. READ MORE

Looking Like a Chipmunk After Mid Face Lift and Fat Transfer - Connecticut

I am upset because almost a year ago I got a mid face lift and fat transfer from my stomach into my face.The wrinkles are gone but boy do I look fat with this big huge face. I am disappointed and have to go to a new surgeon next month to fix this.Any suggestions?Oh I am 53. READ MORE

Poor Results from Fat Grafting Around Eyes - California

I had a fat grafting around my eyes over 5 months ago. The effect has been poor. One eye has triple creases while the crease on the other one is gone because of the puffiness caused by the drapping fat. The doctor told me fat transfer is not permanent and I would need to go back for a refill in... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Fill Loose Skin from Chin Implant

I had chin implant in December, 2008. After healing, it left my right & left sides of my chin very wrinkled. The doctors said I needed a fat transfer to fill it in. I trusted their judgment. On the 7th of July, 2009 I had a fat transfer to cover the wrinkled tissue (they did not know... READ MORE

My Cheek Fat Injection

I had cheeks fat injection it only mad the lines near my lips gone i feel i need more injection to them as i have hole near ears do i need more injection and is it at my cheeks near ear and when can i re inject it? my first injection was 21/5/2009 and will it last for along time ? READ MORE

Eye Surgery and Fat Transfer - Newport Beach, CA

What a GREAT result! First and most importantly, Dr. Montegut is truly an artist in his craft - the added fat transfer he suggested made ALL the difference, so glad I took his advice! In past years, I've had consultations and procedures by other top doctors in both Beverly Hills and Newport... READ MORE

Dr. Montegut Fixed my Face!!! (29 Yr Old Female W/ Previously Botched Fat Transfer)

A few years ago, I had a fat transfer done under my eyes by another physician. She completely overfilled me and I ended up with huge fat bubbles under my eyes. I went back several times and was injected with kenalog, but this only seemed to bring it down a little bit and temporarily. For the... READ MORE

42 Yo Physician- Treatment of Tear Trough Deformity

For many years now I've been unhappy with how tired I appeared .. I had been reluctant to do anything- I did not want to look "done" I was not interested in temporary measures, such as fillers. It scared me to have a procedure, that would have to be performed year after year -each time with a... READ MORE

Fat Transfer by Dr. Curtis Perry?????

I'm considering fat transfer with Dr. Curtis Perry. I'm looking for some real patient reviews on his fat transfers and I'm not sure what other site or forum to find it, so I'm sorry if this post is annoying. None of his fat transfer reviews that I've found have pictures, and the pictures on his... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face and nasal labia folds

I got a fat transfer to my cheeks and nasal labia folds about 3 months before in denmark. . There was quite a lot of swelling after the operation but it started to look normal after a two week time. But still had volume and was happy with the look after 23 weeks. Its now been 3 months and to be... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Full Face - Whittier, CA

VERY happy with my fat transfer results with Dr. Curtis Perry!!! It is hard to find a doctor who KNOWS how to do fat transfer. Dr. Perry has been doing it for over 25 years now, and he KNOWS what he is doing. He looks at the face, and will tell you what you need, or do not need. He has a great... READ MORE

Reconstructive/Restorative Fat Transfer to Lower Face - Tribeca, NY

After an unfortunate liposuction procedure removed most of the fat in my lower face, I had a lower face/neck-lift. Although I looked improved, I needed volume to assist in restoring a previous appearance. I saw Dr. Sydney Coleman & proceeded with a fat transfer procedure. Excellent consultation... READ MORE

73 Yrs. Old, Retired, Like to Stay at Home, No Health Issues, "Hated Looking at the Haggard Lady in the Mirror!! "

I Had this procedure done, to make ME Happy !! Although, it's only been 2 1/2 weeks, I am extremely pleased with the results so far.. can't wait for the final healing results. Things can only get better !! The only scary part, was waiting for the procedure date, !!, There wasn't any pain or... READ MORE

Amazing Experience.

Finding a qualified, attentive, and caring plastic surgeon that is honest with the ability to listen and understand your needs, yet sincere enough to set appropriate expectatIons from the beginning is one of the most critical factors towards making the right decision. Choosing the most... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Hips - 32 y/o 165 lbs 5'11

PreOp - 32 y/o 165lbs. I wanted round hips, I ALWAYS HAVE. Ever since I was a little girl. Im typically much more lean, so I cut out cardio from my work out, put on a few more lbs, to give Dr. Sato something to work with. Im 3wks in and love my results. I actually can't imagine my figure... READ MORE

Second Procedure - Tucson, AZ

Once again, here I am writing nothing short of an amazing review for Dr. Eades. I am actually currently 5 hours out of Tucson headed back across the United States after driving to him for my 2nd treatment. If that doesn't tell you his worth, I don't know what will. You can read my previous... READ MORE

Fat transfer

After a refresher lift and fat injections I wached terrified all go away,all I had left was the center of one cheeck, my surgeon Dr. Drehsen in SP FL recommended removing some fat from under my eyes wich I didn't like the idea but I trusted his judgment BIG mistake my eyes became deep and... READ MORE

"49 Yrs Old Male - 15 Yrs with Kornstein - Started at 35 Yrs" - NYC & Florida

Kornstein when I was 35 yrs. old did lipo on love handles, belly button bulge and chest (man tits).... fat transfer to cheeks, neck lift (I have muscles in my neck was not easy for him) and buckle fat removed from the cheeks. - The necklift could not really be noticed; Kornstein said you... READ MORE

FAMI with Doctor Roger Amar - London, GB

I needed to repair bad works done previous work done on my lower face by previous surgeon. Especially chin neck lower face...Doctor Roger AMAR has completely redesigned the shape of my face with his FAMI procedure.On top of being natural and non invasive the results are far beyond my... READ MORE

42 Year Old - Century City, CA

I wanted to refresh myself and look youthful. There was zero pain and I never needed to take any pain medicine. The fat grafting was done to my lower eye lids and upper eye lids - this made all the difference in the world, all the doctors in New York did not have the experience to do the fat... READ MORE

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