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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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Had under eyes hollows filled with fat transfer but as you can see on the photo i have a lump under my right eye. I told him to remove it and he tried with some sort of liposuction needle but said that nothing came out and tat it isnt fat tissue but some swelling only and that it will pass in 15... READ MORE

At age 46 I didn't like the sagging crepe like skin that was appearing on my cheeks so I had a fat transfer along with a facelift and brow lift in November 2009. I really loved the results. I didn't look pulled or altered just younger and refreshed. I have had many compliments. A... READ MORE

Friends teased that if I had more fat in my face, I wouldn't have so many wrinkles. Fat transfer made a big difference for me. My hands and face were injected with fat taken from ab and hips. Pros were it was a minor procedure, with no pain, no more nervous than if you were having a... READ MORE

I had it done in two stages. Stage one in 2009 and stage two in 2010. It replaced volume loss in my face due to age. These pictures are 4 weeks post-op from stage 2 fat transfer. I will post more soon. READ MORE

I am upset because almost a year ago I got a mid face lift and fat transfer from my stomach into my face.The wrinkles are gone but boy do I look fat with this big huge face. I am disappointed and have to go to a new surgeon next month to fix this.Any suggestions?Oh I am 53. READ MORE

I had a fat grafting around my eyes over 5 months ago. The effect has been poor. One eye has triple creases while the crease on the other one is gone because of the puffiness caused by the drapping fat. The doctor told me fat transfer is not permanent and I would need to go back for a refill in... READ MORE

I had chin implant in December, 2008. After healing, it left my right & left sides of my chin very wrinkled. The doctors said I needed a fat transfer to fill it in. I trusted their judgment. On the 7th of July, 2009 I had a fat transfer to cover the wrinkled tissue (they did not know... READ MORE

I had cheeks fat injection it only mad the lines near my lips gone i feel i need more injection to them as i have hole near ears do i need more injection and is it at my cheeks near ear and when can i re inject it? my first injection was 21/5/2009 and will it last for along time ? READ MORE

Magnificent, amazing, genius! He's the best with fat injections! He is really caring and takes his time making sure he knows it will turn out great! I like Doctors that don't rush you in and out and same I'm surgery! He truly studies you and what's best for you! Take a look at his pictures it's... READ MORE

I have advanced rhombus syndrome and went to Dr. Mustoe because he was voted to be the best plastic surgeon in chicago in multiple publications. He suggested instead of an artificial filler to do a fat transfer. I couldn't be happier. My face will never be symmetrical, but this is by far the... READ MORE

Lies then more lies unorganized it's obvious Comestics Seduction is more about making money than providing quality care. Very evasive no one tells the truth. From the beginning I was pressed to apply for credit wasn't informed that meant I would automatically be charged which I was and these... READ MORE

After a refresher lift and fat injections I wached terrified all go away,all I had left was the center of one cheeck, my surgeon Dr. Drehsen in SP FL recommended removing some fat from under my eyes wich I didn't like the idea but I trusted his judgment BIG mistake my eyes became deep and... READ MORE

7/19/2016 - It's finally one year since I had the procedure done. Sitting down and laying sublime is still uncomfortable. The numbness and sensitive feelings in the abdominal and other liposuction sections still persist. It's not painful but just annoying. I don't even noticed the sensitivity... READ MORE

Its my second visit to david loh surgey located at wheellock place. i did a fat grafting on my face a month ago, the results was bad and he is eager to please. i asked for fat grafting and wanted to address three sections of face, a more rounded forehead . cheeks and temper . i paid for sgd 4000... READ MORE

I am hoping to get this surgery sometime near the end of this year and I'm looking at all the reviews I'm not really finding before and after pictures and I'm just want to make sure that I am dealing with a great doctor because I've had the surgery before and was not satisfied with the surgery... READ MORE

My entire life I always felt like a had large inner labia lips. One day I commented on it to my gynecologist and she said that in reality it was my labia majora was underdeveloped. I wonder how many women do labiaplasty and have part of their natural inner lips cut when that isn't really the... READ MORE

I originally came to see Dr. Kass for what I thought was going to be just under eyelid surgery for eye bags. After meeting with him, he suggested that, while doing under eyelid surgery and eye bags treatment, I also do a fat transfer from my belly to my cheeks. That in addition to removing fat... READ MORE

Dr Coleman is absolute genius. I had liposuction deformities due to a previous surgery done 10 years ago. I saw many plastic surgeons throughout these years but nobody was ever able to fix the problem. I am very skinny and I was told I was not a suitable candidate for fat grafting. All this... READ MORE

Let me start by saying this; No matter where I move in the States or out the country, I will never have any other surgeon work on me, and no matter where I am I will always come back to Dr. Ridge. I don't know how but he really knows the definition of women beauty and youth, I'm living wetness!.... READ MORE

To reduce facial wrinkles especially around the eyes. Very pleased with the results. Dr. Born is the only surgeon I would trust with my eyes, he was able to maintain the original shape and make me look natural. The main difference with how Dr. Born does this procedure is he adds micro fat... READ MORE

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