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23 Years Old~ Finally Got Rid of the "Extra Baggage" on my Face! Double Chin and Cheek Lipo! - Korea, KR

Hi everyone~ I recently got liposuction on my face. I found this site to be really helpful when I was researching so I thought I would post up here too! I would appreciate a lot of honest feedbacks! My best friend and I have been talking about getting some work done on our faces since high... READ MORE

awesome Job

I am 1 day post op I just wanted to come on here to show my before and after for anyone that is considering. It was a smooth surgery. I didn't feel much pain (numbing was the most uncomfortable) the chin strap I have seen people write about is not even that super tight so you don't feel a... READ MORE

Chin, Neck and Fat Injections - Beverly Hills, CA

I am ecstatic and incredibly pleased with my operation. It was performed in Dr. Moretz office. I was awake the whole time and I had only some slight pain that night. The night before the procedure, I was online and I stated to get really worried that I hadn't expressed myself clearly enough,... READ MORE

33 Year Old with double chin.

I'm back!! After a year of contemplation I have decided it is time to take care of my double chin. Perhaps orthodontic surgery would of been the appropriate treatment for my double chin, however I decided to more forward with the liposuction instead. We will see if that helps me look less like... READ MORE

Chin Lipo - Waited 5 Years and Was Definitely READY!!! - Armadale, AU

I have Botox which keeps the top of my face looking fresher, but the saggy chin was really getting me down. I found myself putting my hand over my chin when I spoke. I got 4 quotes. A lot wanted to do it under a general anaesthetic, but Dr Rich does it in the chair, so much cheaper and less... READ MORE

Chin/jaw Line Liposuction - Nashville, TN

I never had a huge double chin but the fat I did have there bothered me, especially certain angles in pictures as well as when I smiled my jaw line area looked huge. I thought about Kybella but after doing research on here and Instagram it looks like a waste of time and money. You need multiple... READ MORE

Cursed with double chin/heavy neck

I am 35 years old and have been cursed with a very heavy neck and double chin. From the neck up I appear to be a very obese person however elsewhere I am pretty normal size. No matter how much diet or exercise it just would not budge. I have been extremely self conscious for years. I've finally... READ MORE

Debating Between Kybella or Chin/Neck Lipo? Choose Chin/Neck, Here is Why - West Orange, NJ

I had my first procedure with Dr. Joesph and his staff back in 2014 when I received my Rhinoplasty (see previous review). I loved my new nose, and wanted a sculpted jaw line to go with it. My neck and under my jaw always had a little more skin, this was genetic, no matter how much water or... READ MORE

32 Year Old, Getting RId of my Mom's Chin

All the ladies on my mom's side of the family have a similar double-chin and thick fat padding around their jawline. I was very thin most of my life so mine wasn't very noticeable but since turning 30 and gaining a few pounds it has become more prevalent. I decided to go with lipo vs. cool... READ MORE

Best Decision EVER!!!!to Get Rid of my Double Chin. Wyomissing, PA

I could stop thinking and looking at my double chin and causing me BIG stress every time I look in the mirror. I met with Dr. Reedy, he answered all my question. after an assessment of my skin. Needless to say, I had my procedure done a few weeks later. He did an amazing job and his staff was... READ MORE

Neck Liposuction Thermi-Neck with Botox - Beverly Hills, CA

I flew to LAX then arranged transportation to their clinic as I plan on having two procedures done and much prefer an in person consult over Skype especially considering how much I plan on spending. Office was welcoming and Dr Emer was friendly, professional and answered all my questions. I have... READ MORE

39 Years Old - Chin / Neck Liposuction (2 Months Post-opt with Before and After Pictures.) - Beverly Hills, CA

The reason I had it because it this "problem area" is hereditary in my family. I live a very healthy lifestyle and exercise daily. I'm 5'10 and 165lbs if that gives you a good idea where I am at. The surgery itself was painless... the numbing injections were a little discomforting but if you... READ MORE

Double Chin - Gainesville, FL

Dr. Tyrone did such a wonderful job on my procedure. I had liposuction under my chin to get rid of the fat that was weighing my face down. The results were exactly what I was hoping for and everything went perfectly. I recovered with minimal bruising in about a week and wore a compression... READ MORE

One Happy Lady!!! Age 48- Memphis, TN

I had my chin/neck aqualipo procedure done in January, 2014 with Dr. Conner of NuBody Concepts, in Memphis, TN after losing around 80+ lbs. I can't say enough good things about my experience with this group of professionals. It was a wonderful experience. The results have been well worth the... READ MORE

Chin Lipo 35 Yo 2 Kids

I just had this proceadure done yesterday with Dr. Friedman. I travelled from Houston to Dallas to see him because I loved the before and afters I saw on real self so I feel obligated to share my results! Dr Friedman and his office staff were amazing! Everyone was so nice and made you feel so... READ MORE

Getting Ready for Chin and Jowl Lipo!

I have scheduled my procedure with Dr. Kyle Choe - he exclusively performs facial procedures. This is important as I wanted someone who really know his craft. My double chin is both inherited and due to three pregnancies in four years. I have thought about doing this for years and am both... READ MORE

33 Year Men, Chin Lipo in Plano Texas

I have chin lipo on 11/05/2015 and everything went perfect, when you going to the office you fill al the Paper work, later the send you to the room and Doctor come and apply the anesthesia on my neck, few min later he came back and start the precedure he apply solution to your neck, if feels... READ MORE

SlimLipo and laser for double chin and no jawline

I had to do this review separate from the browlift procedure although they were performed the same time. I hated my chin fat pocket and lack of jawline that I began noticing a few years ago. I'm not overweight, but even from the front, I could see my round double chin now. I decided to fix this... READ MORE

Neck Tight Procedure - Toronto, ON

I decided to do a procedure called Neck tight which is a liposuction on the neck area. I have inherited a double chin from my family and was not comfortable with it. No matter how much weight lost my chin area was still the same. Dr. Mulholland made my experience very amazing. He gave me... READ MORE

Chin Lipo - PDO Threads ( Nova Lift ) and a MIRACLE by Dr. Blinski - Miami, FL

My chin and neck area have been a mess since high school and in one hour under local anesthesia Doctor Blinski changed my world. My procedure was a little more expensive because I added fat transfer to my cheeks and eye area, Juvaderm to my lips and also the Extensive Lipo to my neck and... READ MORE

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