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Chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction, reduces excess fat under the chin, neck and jowls. Patients with good skin elasticity are good candidates. The procedure requires local anesthesia and a chin strap garment. LEARN MORE ›

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Chin Bugged Me Whole Life So I Did Something About It - Plano, TX

I have never liked my profile before. I'm a photographer but hated being in from t of the camera just because of my chin. Anytime I'd laugh, it's bulge out. Anytime I'd show my profile it never had a 90 degree angle, it just connected straight down. I'm getting married this year and had... READ MORE

40 year old w hereditary chin fat.

When i first went in to meet with my PS, he recommended a neck lift. For appox $15k i said, no thank you, and asked if i was a good candidate for chin/neck lipo. He said although he couldn't guarantee i would get the results i wanted, he said that i would definitely notice a difference and it... READ MORE

19 YO, Chin Liposuction, Lip Juvederm, Facial Liposuction

Read good reviews about my doctor on RealSelf, had to travel to Utah, but didn't charge office or anesthesia fees so so far it is worth it. He was very professional during the consultation and discusses a variety of options for my wishes. READ MORE

28 Y-o, Slim but with Double Chin

I've been self conscious of my double chin as long as I can remember. It's hereditary, but I never considered surgery when I was younger because I figured if I lost weight it would vanish. After losing 25 pounds I realized if I ever wanted to get rid of it I'd have to go the surgical route. I... READ MORE

23 Chin Lipo No More Double Chin!! - Plano, TX

I'm 23 and I had chin liposuction 2 weeks ago. The procedure didn't take very long, I was awake for the liposuction they did it in office with laughing gas. I did pass out for a few minutes when I woke back up I felt a little bit of pain but I was mostly nervous. The nurse held my hand and kept... READ MORE

47 Year Old Worried That Neck Liposuction is Not Showing Results - Need Some Advice (Photos)

I recently had Neck Liposuction. The PS indicated that it will take 6 weeks to see noticeable results and then another 6 weeks to see total results - however he also indicated that I would notice a different the first couple days, regardless. The results look identical. I have worn neck brace... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Goodbye Genetic Double Chin! - Winston Salem, NC

I hated my double chin. I hated my profile. I never realized that my jawline was slowly disappearing until seeing photos that other people had taken of me. I am 33, 5'5" and 150 pounds. I used to be about 130-140 pounds for most of my life and then my metabolism dropped as soon as I hit my 30s... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Male Submental Chin/neck Lipo hereditary dbl chin- East Syracuse, NY

So far the experience was a whole lot easier than expected I feared the procedure, however i was given a prescription for that. I was amazed how painless this procedure has been. Obviously local anesthetic made this painless. The next day I have had some soreness and swelling. Scale of 1-10 pain... READ MORE

Neck and Jowl Lipo Surgery post-op.

I have a consultation for a Breast Augmentation this Tuesday. During my visit, I was planning on asking them about chin lipo and possibly lipo of the stomach, flanks, bra fat and maybe thighs. I am not 100% sure about the lipo but I want the breast aug. My concern is that the fat under my chin... READ MORE

Extreme Chin Lipo Results (Extended Submental Liposuction) - Plano, TX

Having been overweight the majority of my life, I was familiar with plus size clothing and the models that wore them. I never understood how some plus size models could have larger bodies and yet somehow also have sculpted jawlines. Genetics? Neck exercises? How was this possible?! And while... READ MORE

Chin Lipo with Dr. Rodriguez. Utah, UT

Hi ladies, been wanted chin and jaw lipo forever. I carry weight in my face even when I'm slim. I'm 5'5 155lbs right now. I've put on weight for another procedure, I'm usually 122lbs. Anyway, I found out about Dr. Rodriguez in Utah on a youtube video. A women documented her journey with him, she... READ MORE

23 Years Old~ Finally Got Rid of the "Extra Baggage" on my Face! Double Chin and Cheek Lipo! - Korea, KR

Hi everyone~ I recently got liposuction on my face. I found this site to be really helpful when I was researching so I thought I would post up here too! I would appreciate a lot of honest feedbacks! My best friend and I have been talking about getting some work done on our faces since high... READ MORE

awesome Job

I am 1 day post op I just wanted to come on here to show my before and after for anyone that is considering. It was a smooth surgery. I didn't feel much pain (numbing was the most uncomfortable) the chin strap I have seen people write about is not even that super tight so you don't feel a... READ MORE

Hereditary Double Chin/thick Neck Gone!

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a double chin to some degree - whether skinny or chubby. As I have gained some weight due to some hormonal, it only got worse and killed my self esteem. After battling low self esteem for a few years, I finally decided I had to do it. I recently... READ MORE

Chin, Neck and Fat Injections - Beverly Hills, CA

I am ecstatic and incredibly pleased with my operation. It was performed in Dr. Moretz office. I was awake the whole time and I had only some slight pain that night. The night before the procedure, I was online and I stated to get really worried that I hadn't expressed myself clearly enough,... READ MORE

33 Year Old with double chin.

I'm back!! After a year of contemplation I have decided it is time to take care of my double chin. Perhaps orthodontic surgery would of been the appropriate treatment for my double chin, however I decided to more forward with the liposuction instead. We will see if that helps me look less like... READ MORE

Chin/Neck Liposuction with Fat Injections into Jawline. Del Mar, CA

I am 25 years old and have a double chin as a result of genetics. I am very slender and have always been self conscious about this stubborn fat under my chin- always though that a defined jaw would better suit my body. After looking at a few options and aatebding a few consultations, I... READ MORE

Chin Lipo - Waited 5 Years and Was Definitely READY!!! - Armadale, AU

I have Botox which keeps the top of my face looking fresher, but the saggy chin was really getting me down. I found myself putting my hand over my chin when I spoke. I got 4 quotes. A lot wanted to do it under a general anaesthetic, but Dr Rich does it in the chair, so much cheaper and less... READ MORE

Chin/jaw Line Liposuction - Nashville, TN

I never had a huge double chin but the fat I did have there bothered me, especially certain angles in pictures as well as when I smiled my jaw line area looked huge. I thought about Kybella but after doing research on here and Instagram it looks like a waste of time and money. You need multiple... READ MORE

Cursed with double chin/heavy neck

I am 35 years old and have been cursed with a very heavy neck and double chin. From the neck up I appear to be a very obese person however elsewhere I am pretty normal size. No matter how much diet or exercise it just would not budge. I have been extremely self conscious for years. I've finally... READ MORE

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