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30 yr old genetic double chin

I would do this again in a heartbeat. So worth it. Granted I didn't have a huge amount of submental fat to begin with...but 2 days later and I already have a straight and defined chin and jaw. No more pocket under my chin. I had no drainage and not a lot of discomfort. Its already starting to... READ MORE

Chin Lipo and Implant for Smooth Jawline - San Jose, CA

Hey all. I have a previous post where I share my experience with having coolsculpting done under my chin (among other areas). The results were good and the fat has reduced, but I still don't have that nice, *defined*, pretty jawline, so I'm going in tomorrow to have some slimlipo done on my... READ MORE

34 Year Old Woman, Always Had Double Chin No Matter my Weight

Hi I wanted to do a review since it was all the reviews on realself that gave me the confidence to take the plunge and get this procedure done. Even at 100 pounds I had a double chin. At 34 I have started with a personal trainer and working on my diet so this was something I wanted to do for... READ MORE

Super Excited !

On June 14th I went to Cape & islands plastic surgery for my neck lipo consult. I had an amazing experience with Dr Jones and decided that it's something I was 100% ready to do! I booked my procedure for September 1st and I have my pre op apt August 22nd! I'm so happy that I finally decided... READ MORE

35 Year Old with Genetic Double Chin

Hi! I've had a double in all my life even though I have always been relatively thin. Even at 110 pounds in high school I had it. It's genetic and I hate it. I don't like pictures of myself and am really self-conscious of it. I am 5'4 and 155 pounds now and I am happy with the way I am, except... READ MORE

58 Yr Old Male - Chin Liposuction - San Diego

I'm fortunate to look young for my age, but over the last 8 years have noticed an increasing amount of fat under my chin. This became very apparent when sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading and becoming aware that sweat would occur under my chin and I could grab chin I never had before.... READ MORE

Female, 32 - Chin liposuction mid-weight loss

I am so excited - I've just booked a consult with a surgeon for chin/jaw lipo. I've lost over 90 lbs in the last 18 months and while I still have a ways to go that darn double chin I've had my entire life is stubbornly sticking around. It's so disheartening to see all the progress I've made... READ MORE

Submental (Chin/neck), Jowl, and Buccal Fat Pad Removal--all Three?!?!

Hey everyone! I'm very excited but also nervous for my appointment on July 18. I'd love to connect with one else who's had all three of these procedures done together. I've had a heavy neck and double chin my entire life, like mot people who write reviews on this procedure. Can't wait to see a... READ MORE

Hereditary Double Chin

I have been struggling with having a double chin for my entire life. When I lost weight, It never went away. This lead to me feeling like I had to lose more and more weight even though I did not. So I decided to take the plunge and get lipo a week before I left for college. I only have a faint... READ MORE

Tried Kybella, Now Chin Lipo

I had Kybella done In January with very minuscule results, so I decided to try chin lipo (especially since it was only $500 more than one round of Kybella!). They told me I had a very, very small amount of fat so I might not see a huge result—a lot of what's causing my 'double chin' are my g... READ MORE

Submental Liposuction....Chin Fat Gone!!!!!

I've always had a double chin regardless of the size i was and i hated it,especially looking in the mirror as well as in pictures. I became very subconscious about my face. I considered many options from coolsculpting to kybella and the most feasible one was submental liposuction with guaranteed... READ MORE

26 Y/o, Long over Due Chin Liposuction - Sioux Falls, SD

So I am 26 years old, my family has a history of localized adiposity or chin fat and I am finally at a place where I can afford to have it removed. I first had a consultation at a medical spa for Kybella, an injectable that melts the fat. During that consultation my nurse practitioner... READ MORE

Neck Liposuction is Not Showing Results - Need Some Advice (Photos)

I recently had Neck Liposuction. The PS indicated that it will take 6 weeks to see noticeable results and then another 6 weeks to see total results - however he also indicated that I would notice a different the first couple days, regardless. The results look identical. I have worn neck brace... READ MORE

Dreamt About Chin Lipo my Whole Life, Should Have Done Long Ago!!

I always hated my profile and was dreaming about getting a chin lipo. My amazing doctor also suggested some fillers in my chin to make my chin stronger and more dramatic. I'm very happy with the results! The "after" photo is just barely 2 days after the surgery. The surgery was done under local... READ MORE

Chin Lipo! So happy

Love love love my chin lipo!!!!! I got my chin lipo done by Dr Newen and love it! It has truly changed the way I feel about myself. I have always been skinny but was really self conscious about the side profile. Now I feel like a new person and everyone asks me if I lost weight. I weigh exactly... READ MORE

54 Yr Old - Chin Liposuction

I've been very lucky in that I have been extremely satisfied with any procedure that I've had done and with my surgeons. This is my third cosmetic procedure, all done by different doctors who I felt specialized in my body area of concern. I've had breast augmentation, liposuction of hips &... READ MORE

Chin and Arm Lipo - Beverly Hills, CA

I've gained weight over the past 4 years (from 130lbs to 168lbs) but even at my smallest I've always had huge arms. I'm sick and tired of having to wear a cardigan with every outfit to hide my arms. I also had a double chin that really bothered me so I decide to get both done. The results on... READ MORE

Finally getting rid of the chub !

I would not of had the courage to book this procedure without all of you sharing your stories so I figured I should share mine as well. I have always hated my profile. I have no jaw line my face and neck are sort of one in the same. (I hate my nose too but will save those details for when I... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Who Needed Chin Lipo. Disappointed, Self Conscious and Miserable !

As i aged i noticed my double chin was more noticeable and had begun to sag. I reviewed, read, researched and watched videos of chin lipo and after seeing great results decided to take the plunge. Had some consultations and decided on a local doctor as opposed to paying more for location. The... READ MORE

Chin and Jaws Lipo - Plano, TX

I am a 39 yo male, pretty fit and work out everyday. For the past 4 years I notice was jaw line was disappearing a bit and I had a pouch of fat underneath my chin that no amount of dieting could get rid off. After doing lots of research, I decided to schedule a consultation and surgery with dr... READ MORE

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