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Botox is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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Uneven eyebrowns 8 days after botox. Different hights. Some parts of forhead still moving in different directions. I wanted to look better not wierd. Have to wait two weeks before any new injektions. Is this normal? Any advise? I am 42 years, 3 kids, live in Europé. . ................ READ MORE

I am 31 and have had pretty intense brow lines for most of my life. I am fair skinned and look a bit younger but the lines were always a bother to me. I had no side effects, no down time, no issues. I recommend this procedure to anyone. I feel so much better about myself. It may see trite to put... READ MORE

I never thought I'd let someone inject a botulism compound into me. But when Dr. Winslow gave me this pretty, young face with a face lift and other procedures (see my review), I just had to get rid of the 11s between my eye brows. I looked like I was scowling! One injection and viola, I have my... READ MORE

My reunion was comming up and I won't ed to look refreshed but everytime I look at my forehead lines in the mirror I was aggravated who won'ts to get old not me!!! Self improvement is very powerful and I am thrilled with my botox results. Will be visiting Dr. Momeni in December to fix my rip... READ MORE

Two months ago it started, voice in my head, and every day it was getting louder and louder and I had been thinking longer and harder every day when I got up in the morning and looked in the mirror and watched the days click by dragging me closer and closer to another birthday , " I BETTER FIND... READ MORE

I have been to Lindsay at Dr Parfitt's Clinic. She has done a few Botox injections over the past year. I started with some side-of-the forehead injections to give my eyelids a more open appearance. I've added in middle of the forehead and crow's feet. Lindsay is conservative in her treatment, &... READ MORE

Hi I actually got Botox and fillers - made a huge difference. I perform on stage so I needed to look like me and not have a frozen forehead (because for performing people need to see my facial expressions) or chipmunk cheeks. I've been to other doctors in New York before (dermatologists and... READ MORE

I make a living as a personality for social media and television, and lately my appearance wasn't keeping up with how I feel inside. I was getting deep crows feet and smile lines, as well as sagging eyebrows that started to show my age. Dr. Scheiner did a complete upper brow lift using Botox.... READ MORE

I was simply looking to get rid of undereye circles and "straw" lines in lips before they get worse. I do not smoke, but unfortunately from my one soda a day (straw) and refilling my glass with water and tea....... I look like I do! My advice is: Do not use straws on a regular basis,....it... READ MORE

Over the past few years I had noticed the lines across my forehead becoming increasingly deeper and defined. When my face was still (eyebrows not raised) I didn't have any issues, however when I was smiling or being expressive, my forehead wrinkles became a lot more apparent, which bothered me.... READ MORE

Several years ago my mother mentioned to her plastic surgeon (Anna Petropoulos, MD) that he daughter (ME!) had a problem with teeth grinding and TMJ. Through this conversation we learned that Botox could be used to treat this condition and Dr Petropoulos began treating me at that time. I was... READ MORE

Had botox injections to my forehead and crows feet area wasn't that bad with wrinkles but I was selfconcious . I have to say I love the results and the glow I feel like I have now on my face !!! Injections sting a little to me but he would talk to me with the nurse and say almost there and it... READ MORE

I had forehead wrinkles, crows feet, tired eyes I went to Doctor Browns office and have developed a compete plan that works best for me. Amanda, Catherine ,Jessica and the entire staff are amazing. I have had botox juvadem, IPL, and dermatology treatments. I have had excellent treatment and... READ MORE

I've been contemplating Botox for my forehead. I hate looking back at old photo's especially my wedding photo's an seeing those awful deep lines. I was nervous about having pain from the injection but during my consultation he told me he would use the smallest needle possible, so I would have no... READ MORE

Dr. Yegiyants has been taking care of all my injection needs for the past 2 years. She has the best knowledge of facial anatomy. I have not experienced any pain or bruising during and after the injections. Also the skin care system she has me on has worked wonders on my skin. Excellent... READ MORE

As a cosmetic surgeon it was hard to find someone who I could trust with my face. Dr. Perlis has delivered consistent and natural results everytime with my botox and fillers. she keeps me in check when I ask her for more fillers and I love that about her. She diagnosed my hypothyroidism and has... READ MORE

Great result. I like Botox lighter than most for my 11 lines & brow area. My Dr. Listened & the results were awesome....................................................................................................................................................................................... READ MORE

The total cost also cover a syringe of Juvéderm (_____), NOT just the Botox. The initial visit was March 13th (BOTOX & most of syringe of JUVADERM). I also had a follow-up visit on March 30Th (the remainder of the JUVADERM & a bit of BOTOX). I have a follow-up appointment for May1st. I ... READ MORE

I started to notice wrinkles and bags under my eyes a few months prior to my initial consultation. I tried wrinkle reducing creams, peels and about anything else you could think of to make me feel youthful again to no avail. Luckily my friend had recently received Botox injections from Dr.... READ MORE

I have had Botox before, but only my upper face (forehead and crows feet). I have had a great experience with Dr. Arslanian. The one thing that I had not addressed was my lower face around the mouth. I just wasn't happy with the vertical lines around my lips, the corner of my mouth and chin. ... READ MORE

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