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52 Yr Old - Deep Forehead Lines - First Botox - Edina, MN

Just had my first injections yesterday. It was totally painless. Now I wait! I have deep lines in my forehead from being very expressive with my face. I told the clinician that I didn't want to feel paralyzed and on able to express my self. Said not to worry… my look would be very natural. S... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Wife and Mom to 3 Kids - Southampton, NY

Wanted to remove my '11' between my eyes for years. Even when relaxed, the line is white while I get tan from always being creased, so sick of it! It like "hey, doesn't this just stand out even more now!" Going in they asked if I wanted some numbing cream for 15 mins, that is for people who... READ MORE

23yo Black Male BOTOX for Forehead

Started to notice lines on my forehead and decided to get Botox. Great decision, no more lines. Results lasted for about 6 months and I've since had another application. No ill effects either time. Before pics were taken minutes before first treatment. After pics are a month later. Note: in the... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Scottsdale, AZ

Went to Angelica at the National Laser Institue of Scottsdale to have my first round of Botox done to correct my droopy eyes and "elevens". The consultations was quick and straight to the point. It was painless and enjoyable. I was a little affected at the injection sites for about 40 minutes.... READ MORE


Dr. Mall is the best there is! He has a compassionate bed-side manner, listens to the patient, and is educated/informed on the latest procedures. He is always available for advice and insight. His level of professionalism, as his services, are best I have ever experienced. READ MORE

34 Years Old First Time Botox Between Eyes and Crows Feet

I started noticing creases between my eyes that extended about an inch. I used over the counter wrinkle creams for years with no luck. So I decided to finally get Botox. It was the best decision and has taken years off my face. READ MORE

Easy weight loss and amazing Botox.

Dr Misko and his staff are simply amazing. They make me feel good inside and out. Dr Misko has helped me lose almost 20 lbs in just a few short months very easy. He also does my Botox and it's so natural it doesn't look like I've had work, I just look so much younger. I was going to do it just... READ MORE

Awesome and positive experience!

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Leslie Coker. She and her staf are awesome! I went in for my annual full body screening. I had a few questions and was happy with the responses I was given. Always a positive atmosphere. I love Dr. Coker and her staff, they always make me feel comfortable... READ MORE

30 and Needed to Get Rid of Awful Neck Wrinkles

I went in to Dr. Sanis office desperate to get rid of wrinkles on my neck. I thought I'm too young to have wrinkles on my neck. struggling with effects from weight gain and then weight loss. I had awful deep wrinkles. He put Botox into my wrinkles not only to lift my neck but get rid of the... READ MORE

Almost 35 and Needed a Pick Me Up

I have been noticing my fine lines starting to stay even at rest so decided to take the Botox plunge. I really wanted a natural, less tired look and that is exactly what I got. I am thrilled with the results. I still have movement, which is great! I initially got 20 units spread between my... READ MORE

25 Y/o Started Preventative Botox - Phoenix, AZ

They say women age like their mothers and my mother has not aged gracefully in the facial skin/wrinkle department at all. So when I noticed lines starting to form I took immediate action. I also suffer from chronic migraines and it took my migraines away! I had 16 units total in my forehead and... READ MORE

50 Years Young

Dr. McClaren is absolutely amazing! Her skills have improved my face tremendously. I have fillers and Botox done with her. Laser treatments for brown spots, laser procedures such as Fraxel also Thermage. Not once did I need to return to have her fix or redue anything. I have to say she's an... READ MORE

BEST BOTOX Experience Ever: Picture perfect

I am so excited about my botox results THANKS to Dr. Khan. Fun procedure: Yes. FUN. She is awesome! She has the best personality in a doctor ever. I felt safe and uplifted meeting her and could tell she knew EXACTLY what she was doing on how much botox to give me and where. My forehead has so... READ MORE

Amazing Botox experience

I saw Dr. Shagets for my Botox treatment for forehead and crows feet. I was nervous as I had never been there before for this procedure but had it done elsewhere in the past. He injected slightly different that I had experienced before. He explained that only experienced surgeons can inject... READ MORE

Light Botox = Just The Perfect Touch!

I was initially very wary of getting any sort of Botox, but after growing far too critical of my forehead wrinkles, I headed to VIP, where I has already had wonderful service with IPL lasers. I didn't want to go in for a lot of Botox, I'm a very expressive person and didn't want any of my... READ MORE

Gummy Smile and Dimpled Chin

So far so good. Noticed a difference in chin straight away and expect to see some difference in my smile at two weeks. 2/10 on the pain scale, quick procedure and good consultation before hand. My chin started to look very strange on day two which was slightly concerning (however I knew/ hoped ... READ MORE

Awesome Botox and Juvederm experience

I received Botox and Juvederm Filler from Dr. Paul. Right away when I walk in I notice the office is beautiful and clean. The staff is so friendly and professional. The Botox looks natural and was perfectly placed! The filller went in my lips and gave a beautiful full look. I ended up going back... READ MORE

Botox Forehead Wrinkles

Brian Benson did a fantastic job on my forehead. I've got hereditary forehead wrinkles and over just a few sessions they've been greatly reduced. He's conservative about his treatment which comforted me. READ MORE

Botox in Masseter Muscles for Chubby Cheeks

Guys I just got my nose done about two about two months ago. My next step is get a more defined jawline and slim down my chubby cheeks but this has proven much more difficult than I thought. I've looked into chin lipo, mini lift, Botox in masseter, kybella, and buccal fat removal. All are very... READ MORE

Best Botox and filler I've ever had!

Dr. Vrcek administered the perfect amount of Botox and filler that helped me achieve the aesthetic goal I came in looking for. He knew the anatomy of my face better than any other Botox injector I've had administer injections. He made sure I was comfortable, listened to my concerns and stayed... READ MORE

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