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Botox (also known as Vistabel outside the U.S. and the U.K.) is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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Life-changing! -New York, NY

For as long as I can remember, I have hated my chin. Sounds vain, I know, but ever since I was little, I've had "Peau D'orange," a severe dimpling in my chin that showed whenever I closed my lips (including when speaking). I've always been so self-conscious about it, and there were times it... READ MORE

Botox masters

I go to Dr. Harper's New York Juvly Aesthetics and he's great. I've seen both him and Stephanie in the office. I have really strong forehead muscles and they both know where to put the botox to get these crazy lines to calm down. READ MORE

28 Y/o Fighting Emerging Signs of Aging with a Little Preventative Botox

I have been considering Botox for a while and so as a present to myself I decided to give it a try! I am a 28 y/o wife, caseworker, mother of two under two with a crazy busy schedule and extreme lack of sleep. I didn't have significant frown lines but would like to prevent as much as possible... READ MORE

Dr. Mejia fixed my clenching problem

For as long as I can remember, I have had head/face pain and tightness due to me clenching my jaw consistently, subconsciously. Dr. Mejia injected my overactive masseter muscles and practically eliminated the clenching entirely. I was left with a much slimmer face and no more pain! Not only did... READ MORE

Best medspa experience ever!

I was visiting Boston on a work trip, and had heard about Evolution MedSpa Boston from a friend. I decided to make an appointment for a Botox treatment. I am no stranger to Botox but this was an exceptional, celebrity-level experience! Both doctors evaluated my skin and facial structure... READ MORE

Botox Virgin (Not for Long!)

When I turned 30, the lines on my forehead started to bother me. I swear I didn't have wrinkles in my 20s, and then overnight at 30 years old, there they were! I never intended to get poison injected into my face this young, but then I read about Botox preventing wrinkles as well as treating... READ MORE

Doctor Yew made me look younger and refreshed after one visit.

I never thought I would get Botox, especially in my 20’s. I went in for a consultation because I was beginning to notice lines across my forehead, which I felt made me appear older. Doctor Yew was meticulous and thorough. I thought I may be too young to do botox but he informed me that it is n... READ MORE

Botox 11's, Crow's Feet and Brow Lift - Temecula, CA

Tomorrow im getting botox for the second time, im going to a different injector and getting an extra area injected!... last time, around June, i had 12 u on my 11's and 4 u each side for crows feet, this time im trying a brow lift too, and the injector said she will be using more units for crows... READ MORE

I Am 33 Years Old and Really my Face Wrinkles Was Very Marked !!

I am a very nervous person and to take the decision to put botox in my face, It take me a lot of time and this decision was, because the doctor Omar Lazos, is a doctor certified as a plastic surgeon. His treatment was very professional and his hands were of angel "did not feel No pain" nor did... READ MORE

The Best in the North West.

I travel all over he way from Central London to Cheshire for what I consider to really be the best Botox and Filler experience from Dr Mustafah. He is a wonderful doctor who has a very natural flair. I am always over the moon with my results. READ MORE

Repeat patient with amazing results!

Dr.Pooja Malik is an awesome physician! I am a very satisfied repeat patient of Dr Malik. She us results oriented, it is evident the her goals are always health and safety first, following customer satisfaction with the aesthetic results. I can't say enough about positive remarks about she... READ MORE

This was a really positive experience for me . I look fresh and awake and totally natural looking.

Very positive experience. I was made to feel calm and relaxed and felt confident with discussing my needs. I had two areas of Botox around the eye and cheek area and some Ellanse to give my chin and jawline more definition as well as smoothing out the lines by my mouth. Dr Strawford was very... READ MORE

Dr Olga is the best of the best

I have been using Dr Olga for 2 or 3 years. I worked in a hair salon that all of the staff used her... My first experience was love at first sight ... She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She started me with Botox on my forehead and around my eyes crow feet. And it's been Botox or... READ MORE

Loved him!!!

I went in for a consult and he was friendly and truly took the time to talk with me I thought when I was hoping to do and achieve. He was honest professional and truly amazing. I know I will continue to go back to him for all of my plastic surgery needs! It feels like a family practice very... READ MORE

I left feeling refreshed and excited!

Dr. David Mabrie is a true artist when it comes to injectables! I am so happy with my first visit and can't wait for the Botox to do its magic! He understands the face on such a deep level and is so knowledgeable I trust him completely. The staff was friendly and helpful and the office was... READ MORE

i'm 33 years old, and i would like to have a face and a beautiful skin, now i'm ready to make a liposculture

I want to make a great recommedation to dr. Omar lazos in tijuana I have my face and my body in his hands and I feel very happy with the results I have, my last botox application whit him and I had a great result , and his attention and professionalism was very grateful experience!! I'm ready to... READ MORE

Exceptional experience

Beautiful office, friendly staff, great service! Dr. Mabrie is such a professional and extremely knowledgeable. I had a friend who came here and I had no idea she had anything done! She just looked pretty and refreshed so I had to check it out! READ MORE

Great experience

I liked her very much, very professional, kind , and considerate, as is her staff .. found them by accident actually and very glad I did , happy with results , been getting cosmetic procedures for about 8 yrs off and on , she dr jafarai is right up there with my very favorite !!! READ MORE

29 with Permanent Etching on Brow - North Adelaide, AU

I LOVE my results. I saw th cosmetic injectable nurse at Cosmos Clinic in North Adelaide. She was really lovely and listened to exactly what I want. The pain was minimal for you don't mind injections. A short sharp sting each time then it's over. I had eight units for just my brow lines. I... READ MORE

Getting Rid of my Gummy Smile with Botox - Redondo Beach, CA

My gummy smile made me extremely insecure about my smile. I have a big mouth and big teeth, so I felt that my gums made my mouth even bigger. I got my first injections about last year with Dr. Annie Chiu, who is extremely sweet and very friendly. She told me she will be conservative with the... READ MORE

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