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Botox for gummy smile

So after having braces for like 3yrs I ended up with a very gummy smile. I really did not like to smile at all because you would see more gum than teeth. I looked into getting gum laser surgery and played around with the idea for about a month. Until I ran across a review from a woman who had a... READ MORE

Amazing results

Dr. Ray keeps me looking my best! I recommend him to anyone who wants to feel their most beautiful! Kind and accommodating to my schedule, I will continue to rely on him for his expert skincare and reliable results READ MORE

My 74 Year Old Face

Love the results of my Botox and facial injections! Autumn listens and gives advice based on my needs! She suggests age appropriate treatments! I've always been pleased with results! I go about every 18 months to 2 years and I am pleased with how long it lasts ! I also use the face products... READ MORE

44 Years Old

I have been getting botox in Seattle for the past two years. I always notice how good my girlfriends botox looks, but mine never looked that good. I decided to make an appointment at Skin by Lovely with Maggie and take the drive to Portland to see if there was a difference in service and... READ MORE

29 Botox Between Eyes

The wrinkle between my eyes has gotten very deep! It was time to try Botox. Botox essentially doesn't fill the wrinkle but it paralyzes the muscles to keep the wrinkle from forming. I can still move it with effort but does not move when not realizing it or out in the sun. It takes 10-14 days for... READ MORE

63 Years Female Full Family

On July 5th I went to the office of Dr. Lee Epstein to receive Botox. We did the treatment around 4pm. By 8am the next day I knew something was wrong and quickly called his office and spoke with Rosie the secretary. I explained to Rosie that my eyebrow was to dipped down and also something was... READ MORE

Love this!

I'm quickly approaching 40 and decided I wanted to get rid of the forehead wrinkles/lines that I had. I have previously had a mommy makeover with Dr Vega and was so happy with my results, I wanted him to do my botox also. It was a quick and painless procedure. The Dr again did an amazing job. He... READ MORE

Teddy is So Happy That I Did Botox

After my botox teddy feel much better, he is even eating more now and we are happy about it My surgery is scheduled for 11/13/14. I am so excited and nervous. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and am thankful to have the help and support of my mom, husband, and mother in law. I am getting a... READ MORE

Great experience

Do Maibre was great. The staff in his office were warm and accommodating. I had quite a few spots injected, and even though it was my first time I felt at ease in the hands of dr Maibre. I can't wait for the swelling to go down and the final results to peak through! READ MORE

57 and Tired of Droopy Eyelids and Frown Lines.

I decided I wanted my eyes back and to look more relaxed. I don't know why it took me so long to do this. Virtually painless. I love it and am having fun applying makeup again. Hubbie loves it, too! I feel 10 years younger. 30 units for frown lines, 2 units under each brow tail for lift. I did... READ MORE

Great experience

This doctor was friendly, personable and proffesional. I've had her for Botox before and also had her do some Juvederm filler around my naso labial area. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend her to anyone looking for a similar type of treatment. Great experience! Highly recommended. READ MORE

Natural Results

Dr. Mabrie is really kind and his work is beautiful. I've been to his office a handful of times over the past year or so and people have started commenting that I look much younger than my age. His work is subtle and conservative...little modifications here and there, and over time I have... READ MORE

I had Awesome results!

Dr. Umansky did my Botox for the first time and I have had the best results from him by far! I have went to several other Doctors in the past and there is no comparison. Dr. Umansky rocks! He was very professional and explained why and where he was doing the injections and what the outcome would... READ MORE

I would do it over and over again!

I had the pleaser of meeting Dr Nathan. He is professional, open, and honest. I recently had botox at Suria. My only concern going in was to eliminate frown lines during facial expression. After listening to my concern, Dr Nathan made a few suggestions of his own. One was to give me a brow lift... READ MORE

Happy with my Botox and Fillers

Lori did an excellent job giving me the full lips I was looking for without making me look like a Kardashain or Kylie Jenner. They are perfectly plump! She also injected enough Botox for me to have a wrinkle free forehead, yet not look plastic. I still have the ability to express emotions. She... READ MORE

Great Experience.

The office staff are professional and considerate of your time and comfort. Dr. Wechsler takes the time to inquire about the enhancements you're interested in and prioritizes a natural look. Her bedside manner is caring and empathetic. I had done Botox before (wrinkle along the forehead) but... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience , More than a Doctor.

Just moving from Miami to Las Vegas, I was so nervous that I would be unable to find a doctor that would care for me the way my Doctor did for years in Miami. I was introduced to Dr. Robert Troell from a co-worker. I was so impressed by his bedside manner and his extensive knowledge along with... READ MORE

I've been seeing Dr Hassid for 10 yrs

I am so happy to be working with Dr Hassid on my face and skin. He is listens and hears what my issues and concerns are. Works with me and not with his own agenda. I have had botox, juvederm, thermal and PRP throughout the years. I feel I look so healthy .... thanks to Dr Hassid READ MORE

49- Woke Up Feeing Like my Face Aged Overnight - Philadelphia, PA

Chose Dr John JW Lee out of Philadelphia based on fantastic natural looking results. Office has been incredibly responsive. A+. Scheduled Procedures for 7/27/2017: Botox plus filler for "11's (quoted @ $935 total for 35 units Botox plus filler). (Lasts 3 to 4 mo typically) Voluma for midface... READ MORE

They Do Everything Great Here! - Tulsa, OK

Had my first experience with Botox and Juvederm fillers at Dr. Ratliff's office and just love the results. The botox completely eliminated wrinkles between my brows and crows feet around my eyes. I had some filler [Juvederm?] put around my lips to erase some vertical lines. The result is just... READ MORE

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