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Botox (also known as Vistabel in the UK) is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites include the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, and psoriasis. LEARN MORE ›

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48 Year Old First Time User Horizontal Forehead - Wall, NJ

Well, after saying I would age gracefully, I decided to try Botox on my deep horizontal forehead lines. I had 30 units injected. Will post before pic now, and after pic in a week or so. I did not want to do more, instead choosing a minimal amount to be injected. Really liked my choice of plastic... READ MORE

Botox Treatment to Conceal Bone Loss & Scars from Multiple Dental Surgeries - Colonie, NY

After injuries to my front teeth as a child, and a traumatic dental experience, I have undergone many oral surgeries and dental procedures to correct the damage from losing teeth. Due to chronic dental pain from multiple procedures, the options for repairing my original smile became limited. ... READ MORE

Botox Review- Great - Huntington Beach, CA

Peter newen at image surgery did amazing! Love this place. Very caring and took his time. Loved Joanna too, super sweet. Good experiences! Botox was reasonable priced and well worth it. Excited to see my final results. Love the location as well in Huntington Beach! Close to lots of stores,... READ MORE

Lip Filler and Botox

The Best of the absolute BEST!!!!!! Honestly, I was petrified to do something so invasive, at least invasive for me. I am quite wholesome, so for me getting fillers in my lips is quite a step. However, it was the best decision I have ever done. Dr. Chang is simply amazing. He calmed me down and... READ MORE

Botox droop-Wanted to Look Refreshed, Look Like a FREAK

I wanted to look refreshed for the holidays so I got Botox in my forehead, crows feet and between eyes. I asked for a small amount because I didn't want to look fake. I got 12 units in forehead, 12 units between eyes and 6 units for each crows feet. The infections were done on Thursday morning ... READ MORE

Botox for Forehead Lines - Seattle, WA

I started noticing these lines a few years ago. I have a very expressive face (think Jim Carrey) so I wanted to do some prevention in my 30s. I'm still researching providers and I'll keep you updated! I want a nice mix between a decent price and great expertise in injectables because you only... READ MORE

Botox for Chin Dimpling

I have always had my chin muscle lump up when I close my mouth since I was a child. I talked to the RN that does my Botox about it and she stated this was something Botox could relax and I was skeptical because it worked! The first time we only did four units, which wasn't enough so she added... READ MORE

48Yr Old First Botox Injection - East Brunswick, NJ

Hmmm where do I start. I been contemplating Botox for like 2 yrs now, always chickened out when it came to making an appt until 2 weeks ago I called and made apt. I went in for a free consultation on skin tightening laser treatment but ended up coming out of there with 30 units of Botox ???? it... READ MORE

39 and Refusing to Age!

That furrow between my eyebrows signified years of intensity and stress, it wouldn't submit to the best creams, it was a constant reminder of all the tough times I've been through. I've found a place to help me fight it (osci) & guess what - the stubborn wrinkle is no longer etched into my face! READ MORE

50 Yr Old Woman Went to Dr Nayak Stl - ST LOUIS MO

I received some Botox, lip injections, cheek filler & tear trough filler. Kim was absolutely amazing, I was shocked at how natural I looked but I didn't look tired anymore! Everyone was so nice, well educated and so talented! I definitely recommend this and recommend Dr Nayaks office!!! I... READ MORE

Mid 20s Starting Botox - Lincoln, NE

I'm in my mid 20s and have been getting Botox for the last several years fairly sporadically. I have very strong facial muscles, and wanted to start with some Botox between my brows and in my forehead to keep any lines from deepening, but it was also very important to me that I be able to raise... READ MORE

Botox to Correct Frown Lines - Atlanta, GA

I have been using botox for 4 years to correct frown lines in my forehead I love my results very painless and well worth the results.My first experience with botox was in Atlanta at a place named Ageless center,the procedure took about 15 minutes I received 10 units afterwards I was able to go... READ MORE

I Am a 52 Female ... And One Child - Overland Park, KS

My motivation is just to make me feel better and look younger. The pros to this is .. that does make u feel better to enhance our looks.., The cons is that Botox takes 5 to 7 days to really show up. And it only lasts about 3 to 6 months so you have to keep going back for more. Which I do... READ MORE

30 Yr Old First Time Botox for Frown Lines - 20 Units - Perrysburg, OH

I don't know when I first started to notice it, maybe the last 3 years or so, but I saw that in certain lighting, I had a bad indentation between my eyebrows from repetitive muscle movement. I hated how this feature of my face was consuming so much of my thoughts negatively when I looked in the... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Found the Best Doctor in the USA for Non-invasive Procedures! - Portland, OR

Dr Rajani, the amazing Alexa +Staff in the Pearl of Portland OR, always have my best interests at heart. I have been going to Rajani for over a year now, and I am so incredibly satisfied with every procedure done by the dr. He's so good, that no matter what is done I always look like the... READ MORE

34 Year Old Professional :-/ Wrinkles on Forehead and Eyes - Waterford, Ireland

Feeling great and much improved . It's only been a week but there is a big difference. One eyebrow raises more though but this might settle I end up looking sinister! If it doesn't level out over the next week I'll pop back. I got the "standard dose" for our country ?! I got it around my... READ MORE

Maintinence for Fine Lines

I was well into my 40's when I decided that I wanted to try Botox. With so many Doctors and treatments available it was more than a little confusing for me. I was truly blessed to come across Dr. Rajani and to be able to start seeing him and his staff for my services. The staff is very kind and... READ MORE

Awesome Results - Charleston, WV

Dr Chapman and Annabelle make the experiece awesome!! The experience is painless and actually relaxing!! The injections are not painful and the whole procedure is very quick but with great results!! Only needed every 3 months and your face will look so much younget and refreshed. Living well... READ MORE

Horrible Headaches & New Wrinkles on my Face from Botox - Burnaby, BC

I had Botox done six times before from a certified dermatologist, I loved the results & never had any side effects. Fast forward four years and two kids later, I decided to get Botox again as I was feeling the need for a little refresh to my face. As we have now moved, I sourced out a clinic... READ MORE

Botox & Fillers - Dr. Tanna is AMAZING! See my results below - New York, NY

I have known Dr. Tanna for over three years. He has given me botox and fillers. What I love most about him, is his ability to me look good, without showing any signs of having work done. His work is painless, it lasts, and looks awesome. When I was looking for Plastic Surgeons, I had to... READ MORE

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