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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi realselfers! For the last few years, I've been dissatisfied with the appearance of my nose. As an African, my nose is characterized by a wide alar base, flared nostrils, a thick skin, and lack of a defined bridge, all of which I'd like to improve upon through surgery. Living in western... READ MORE

As most of you thinking about getting rhinoplasty, you've been thinking about it for a long time. You've been researching it for a long time. And I'm sure you ask yourself the same questions I am which are; Am I going to like my new nose? Will I like how I look? Will I be happy? How do I... READ MORE

My nose was previously straight until I injured myself in an accident causing it to be broken. I broke my eye socket and nose, and was panicked. I wanted my nose to look straight again without changing much of the shape and it was possible. Small alterations and getting my nose straight was the... READ MORE

So, I am posting this because I would like to hear other peoples' thoughts and opinions. I have been interviewing doctors for rhinoplasty in the OC, LA area. I wanted to know, what the average cost of rhinoplasty is. I ask this because one doctor in laguna beach is charging about $7,000 and... READ MORE

Like most everyone seeking out Rhinoplasty, I too have hated my nose since I can remember a small boy pointing at me and saying, "you have a bird nose." It is the first thing I notice in pictures which is quite disappointing. I really do TRY to look past that and find value in whatever... READ MORE

I always hated my nose and it also made me feel insecure about my looks. I went to see a Ent doctor because I couldn't breath through my left side. He told me the best procedure for me is a septorhinoplasty due to my deviated septum,dorsal hump,crooked nose and bulbous tip. The procedure was ok... READ MORE

Hi! I would like to refine the tip of my nose for sure, to make it less droopy. I want to SMILE uninhibited!!! :D :D :D I'm open to other procedures being done, like hump reduction...but I think I will wait to see what the doctor says in our consultation. I'm planning on going to Dr.... READ MORE

Hey guys! So I've been sneaking around this website for a while now and have followed alot of stories! And have now decided to write a review. Ever since I was 12 I've wanted a nose job, I've always hated my nose and was bullied for 3 years at secondary (being skinny and having a big nose) and... READ MORE

My biggest insecurity has always been my large, bulbous nose. I had never been courageous enough to go through with speaking to a doctor about having the procedure because I was afraid of being on the next episode of "Botched" or "Dr. 90210." Also, I am in the military and had already seen... READ MORE

Surgery day tomorrow!!! I'm finally getting my deviated septum corrected. It's been a long time coming and have been putting it off for YEARS. Even though I will also be getting rhinoplasty along with septoplasty, I am definitely looking forward to being able to BREATHE!! :) I will be updating... READ MORE

I had a very large dorsal hump and bulbous tip along with a deviated septum. Basically everything that can look bad on a nose, I had. It was very crooked because of the deviation & dropped a lot. Had the procedure yesterday and so far from what I can see through the bandages it looks great.... READ MORE

Hey guys, Thought I'd share my experience. I broke my nose when I was a toddler and since then have had quite a lot of breathing problems, left nostril being completely blocked so I finally decided to see an end doc and get it fixed. Procedure was about 4 hours, and nose was straightened, septum... READ MORE

Hi everyone,I've been doing some research on getting Rhinoplasty done by either Dr Shahidi in Sydney Australia or Dr Grigoryant in Los Angeles!I absolutely love Dr G's work and have seen many of your positive reviews about him. But the only concern that I have about him, is that, as far as pre... READ MORE

I'm currently 5 months into my rhinoplasty&am not quite sure what I think. I like my nose better than before the surgery but considering the money I spent it's not exactly what I wanted,most of the bump I had on my nose was taken away but I still have a small one and don't think... READ MORE

Hi RealSelf, I have been visiting this website for about 6 months now and really appreciate reading people's personal experiences. SO like everyone else I too have disliked my nose from back in grade 7. I never thought I had a big nose until someone called me a big nose freak and consequently... READ MORE

Do I even need to say my story about my nose? To sum it up it is probably the same as everyone elses, I was born with it and have gotten made fun of my whole life by family, friends and strangers. The date I posted is actually my consultation date, Ivan Wayne is who I am going to, his reviews... READ MORE

Hated a bump on the bridge of my nose. No one else said they could really notice it, but it always bothered me. I hated being in photos because I'd always have to make sure I was showing my 'good side' that had less of a bump. The staff at Maxwell's office were very helpful and understanding. My... READ MORE

I am a 19 year old Iranian female. Being an Iranian there's always a much bigger chance of you receiving the short end of the stick in the genetic pool regarding the shape/size of your nose mostly when the common perception of a pretty nose is one that is supposed to be small, not downturned,... READ MORE

This week I turned 23 and after lurking this site for 5 years, I went to my GP and asked him to refer me to a good plastic surgeon. The surgeon he referred me to is Dr Phillip Richardson. I have a family member who had her breasts done by Dr Richardson a few months ago and she seems very happy.... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Jay Calvert from the Chief of Plastic Surgery of a very large Los Angeles, CA Hospital. Dr. Calvert IS NOT on staff at this hospital, but DOES have operating privileges there. Although there are 36 Plastic Surgeons at this hospital, due to my case and the amount of... READ MORE

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