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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my operation for rhinoplasty with Matti on the 23rd! I've been researching rhinoplasty surgeons for a long while, but felt Matti was the one for me. The reviews on Real Self prompted me to go have the initial consultation with him, so I thought I'd give something back to the forum that... READ MORE

I had my rhinoplasty surgery yesterday and I am so happy! Even though I can't fully see my results I can defiantly see a difference . I can't believe I finally got my nose done , it's something I've wanted since I was about 12! I've always had a bulgy tip and thick bridge and hated it !! I... READ MORE

My Surgery is scheduled in 1.5 weeks. Have been wanting this since I was a teen, now at 39 I am ready! My biggest fear is how my kids will react. They are 1.5 and 3.5. We are telling them I am visiting a cousin in the city for a few days. When I return a few days later with a cast and bruising... READ MORE

Ever since I was in the 6th grade I have always been extremely self-conscious about my nose. Doing everything I could to disguise it. It got to the point where I would cover the side of my face at stop lights!! So after 36 years & talking with distant friends who had work done by Dr. Hamilton... READ MORE

I have been meaning to write a review for a while now since this is partially how I decided to go through with my surgery with Dr. Cochran. My experience with Dr Cochran and his office has been amazing! The reviews on this site helped me decide to get my first consultation with Dr Cochran. I... READ MORE

To get input from others who have gone through this procedure and receive feedback. I want to let others know that there may be limits to what a doctor can do based on things like skin thickness, structure etc. I want people to have access to my experience with my doctor to help them make a... READ MORE

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking that you want to get rhinoplasty performed because you've hated your nose for a long time. I was no different, and I'll spare the details. Despite wanting to have this surgery since I was a child, I made a fairly quick decision, and an even... READ MORE

Hi - so this is my first entry with a little over 2 months to go for my surgery. I am 28, my nose has always bothered me but not an extreme - I've always known I would eventually get it fixed. My issues are both functional & asthetic - I have primary breathed through my nose since I can remember... READ MORE

I haven't been able to breathe through one side of my nose since it was broken as a child. I never paid much attention to it until I realized all of the issues I was having: terrible sleep due to mouth breathing (constantly waking up because of the discomfort it causes), low energy, shifted... READ MORE

Years ago I was in an accident that left me with a blowout fracture and deviated septum... It bothered me some but not as much as now.. Due to the many sinus issues I'm having.. One sinus is always clogged, plus I've had some nose bleeds.. I did my research and decided on Dr. Ghersi at PSI Miami... READ MORE

Dr. Bishop is so so sweet! He made sure I knew everything that was going on. He wanted to make sure that I am happy with my nose. I am so glad that I did this. Everyone at Dr. Bishop's was so helpful. I had a great experience at St. Francis everyone was so nice. I called the office probably... READ MORE

I am of eurasian descent and this was my first (and last) rhinoplasty. I thought I had a uniquely problematic nose because of an abrupt hump and wide tip. I was very preoccupied with choosing the right surgeon in New York and dubious of the aggressive marketing campaigns of some well known... READ MORE

Surgery is October 6,2015 I started to be insecure about my nose when I was in 6th grade. I would take pictures with friends and when I would take a look at the picture after I started to notice my nose was all I could stare at. I wouldn't say I got bullied but people would comment on my nose... READ MORE

Hi RealSelf, I am considering going with Edward Kwak for a rhinoplasty. i have met with him twice and he is excellent. He is extremely nice and took a lot of time with me to explain how the procedure will improve my looks. He clearly has a deep understanding of the nose and the procedure and I... READ MORE

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who posted their rhinoplasty experience on this site! It truly played an instrumental part in my decision to go through with my rhinoplasty. I feel like I am better informed about what to expect in the months to come and I couldn't appreciate that... READ MORE

I'm gonna start off the same as every other review by saying that I've disliked my nose since I can remember. I always knew I would eventually get a rhinoplasty but never really knew when as I didn't have the money for it and found the idea of finally going through with surgery quite... READ MORE

I've been fussing about my face since I first became aware of how much looks seem to matter in society. My nose particularly was something that I obsessed over, prodding constantly and envisioning as some delicate elfin feature. While my nose hasn't got any dramatic deformity, the reason why I... READ MORE

I have wanted a Rhinoplasty since I was 14 years old and I finally made that happen a couple months ago. I paired it with a chin implant to balance my overall profile and give myself a more feminine appearance. I didn't know anyone else who had the same procedures so I did all my research online... READ MORE

As soon as I met Dr Marando I knew he had to be the person to do my surgery. He didn't push me into anything and even told me I should speak to other surgeons before I make my final decision. I had a small hump and long tip. He worked wonders. He has an amazing bedside manner and made me feel so... READ MORE

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