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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I went in for a consultation months ago and I'm finally going through with the procedure next week (Wednesday, Feb. 4th) I used to hate my nose as a teenager, particularly from the side/profile view. It's always been a confidence buster for me. My older sister, as well as my aunt, have had a... READ MORE

My nose has always been something that made me self conscious. I absolutely hated taking up close pictures and being up close with people because I felt my nose just stood out. Your eyes should be the first thing someone notices about you NOT your nose. I was never teased about my nose but I was... READ MORE

My cast came off today, let me start of my saying my nose was big I had a little bump looking from the side that always bothered me anyways today the cast came off after five days of horrible Sleepless nights I feel a little better know but that is the least of my worries. When he took my cast... READ MORE

I have always hated my nose since I was about 12 years old and have always dreamed of having Rhinoplasty. Now is finally my time! I have had extremely bad allergies since I was little and have been on allergy shots for about 7 years now and nothing has helped. I've tried every allergy pill, nose... READ MORE

Why? I need to do the rhinoplasty for two reasons, health reasons and appereance. I have big problem, breathing through my nose. I didn´t have this problem as a child but It started to grow when I was 12 years old and the nose cartilage got bigger. I want a closed rhinoplasty. When? This... READ MORE

I would love to start the process of seeking a rhinoplasty. I'm not sure but the bridge of my nose is very wide. If you press down you feel there's bones on the side of my nose, I do not have the hump. My nostrils are wide, and I just would love a less wide nose. I am not seeking perfection.... READ MORE

Consultation was initially booked for October 26th, 2015 BUT with luck I am now officially booked for June 5th, 2015. I have been looking around for a good surgeon for months, after reading what feels like a million online reviews on surgeons in my area, I have decided to book with Dr. Coorey... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for moral support here. I had a closed rhinoplasty to fix a hump on the top of my nose and a slightly bulbous tip. I explained I didn't want a full nasaly looking nose and I also wasn't looking for a teeny tiny nose, overall something that fits me and my features. I... READ MORE

Hello everybody :) I am so excited that I finally scheduled my rhinoplasty surgery! I've been wanting to get rhinoplasty since I was in 7th grade & it's about time to finally get the nose I've dreamed of! It's been a tough journey getting here. I've struggled with self image & I've tried to... READ MORE

When I first met Mark in August, I knew how genuine this man really was. I had my Rhinoplasty through The Harley Medical Group, and Mark performed the surgery at The Highgate Hospital in London. I WAS very insecure about my nose, and hated talking about it to anybody, because it just brought... READ MORE

I ABSOLUTELY dislike my nose and ALWAYS have. I don't just want a small change. I want a completely different nose. I would love I small slope and a thinned out front view. I am also doing my breast the same day. I have had 2 children and am tired of the "not so happy tittites" I'm getting a... READ MORE

I can remember hating my profile as far back as first grade. We were Doing shadow portraits and I remember cringing when it was my turn. Fast foward a bit, and I'm still hating my nose. So after about three months of tremendous amounts of resarch( literally my study looked like a scene from the... READ MORE

My rhinoplasty is schedule for June 26, 2014. Dr.Portuese in Seattle will be performing it. So very nervous, but excited to do something that I've wanted to do my whole life. So far his staff seems very welcoming and my surgeons expertise has been very comforting. Although I do have many fears-... READ MORE

For the longest time I was oblivious to my nose. In 9th grade my friends pointed out that my nose looked like a birds beak! From then on I was self conscious of my profile. Dr. Cochran took his time, listened to my concerns, and gave me a BEAUTIFUL, proportioned profile. I'm so thankful for... READ MORE

So starting, from the beginning, I've always had a crooked nose growing up, and wasn't able to breathe from one side of it. So early on I always wanted to get it fixed not only because breathing issues but also for the cosmetic part. I wasn't pleased with my profile view and even straight on my... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, I had a bump on my nose that I had been self-conscious about from a young age. I did my research and found Dr Uppal and he lived up to all my expectations! The actual day of surgery ran so smoothly, there was no real waiting around and I was made to feel like an absolute... READ MORE

Hi, I am an eighteen year old girl who has a surgery scheduled with Dr. Ghavami (LA) on July 1st. I am very, very nervous... I worry that we didn't look into the surgery enough and that it was a rushed decision. I was wondering if anyone had anything to say that could help me. Preferably... READ MORE

Dr. Widenhouse was awesome! Not only was the cost so much less than I expected (insurance covered 20%), but the results were perfect! Dr. Widenhouse and his team were very friendly and answered all questions I had. They made me feel comfortable and like I was a person, not just another... READ MORE

This is only the beginning... It's baby steps, research, saving, and discovery. I've been thinking about Rhinoplasty for years. There is not one day that goes by where I have looked in the mirror and not disliked my nose. I'm not really sure when it all started. Maybe since middle... READ MORE

Wanted to straighten nose and remove spur so as to stop migraines and continual stuffiness. Only second day after surgery but don't feel bad at all. Dealing with typical stuffiness but Allegra and saudades is helping. Can breathe better already with spur removal. Wrapped up so can't see shape of... READ MORE

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