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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I have always been dissatisified with the appearance of my nose. The tip was very bulbous with a wide space between the nostrils. When I elected to have surgery on my eyes, I decided to also have rhinoplasty (tip only). I experienced zero pain following the procedure. I am currently 8 days... READ MORE

Like the majority of you, I've been teased, or felt insecure due to my nose. And although other people's comments were hurtful, I decided to go through with this procedure for myself and to increase my own confidence. I've spent too much of my life feeling anxious or uncomfortable when I'm... READ MORE

Dr. Saigal is an excellent surgeon and has great bedside manner. 3 weeks ago, I had a septo/rhinoplasty and I love the results. His kindness on the day of the surgery gave me great comfort. He explains everything in precise detail. The night of the surgery he even called to see how I was... READ MORE

So I have always wanted a "cuter" nose. Everybody told me I was crazy and didn't need a nose job but it's just something that has bothered me since I was young. So from the beginning, I wanted something very subtle done. I wanted a slight hump removed and the tip and columella refined. From the... READ MORE

Not going to ramble on about my own journey to deciding on rhinoplasty but in summary I found Dr Tahery to be excellent. It became clear at my initial consultation that Mr Tahery is a highly skilled and specially trained rhinoplasty surgeon. The discussion started with me explaining what... READ MORE

Next Friday is the surgery date. I will be getting a Rhinoplasty, tonsillectomy, and tubes put in both of my ears. As for the crazy part, that's because I am getting these all done at the same time. Over the last year I have struggled with so many different illnesses, from strep, tonsillitis,... READ MORE

Go with a skilled, more experienced plastic surgeon and avoid a bad nose job. I now need revision rhinoplasty to correct the nasal tip from drooping when I smile and to properly define the tip to give it shape. Dr. Schwartz may be a good ENT doctor and have a great bedside manner but the end... READ MORE

Hello realself. I have been on this site for about a year now. I am contemplating getting a rhinoplasty done and I have my first consultation on Monday August 24th with Dr. Tobias in New Jersey. I am also having a consultation with Dr. Dan Becker. I am 25 years old and my main concern is my... READ MORE

It's reality amazing that I've seen so many reviews that state exactly how I feel and think about rhinoplasty. I have wanted to fix my nose since I can remember. I feel the tip of my nose it's rather wide, long nostrils, and I have a small bump as well. I recently have had terrible sinus... READ MORE

I am hoping to have a nose job abroad in June, can anyone give me any tips on things to take or any of those' I wish I had thought of' things. I have had surgery on by body and that was fine but I am soo not looking forward to the swelling and bunged up nose so any advice would be very much... READ MORE

After more than a decade debating - probably since I was 14 - I finally consulted with a doctor and scheduled a date for rhinoplasty. Though friends and family assure me my nose is fine, I've always thought my nose was too large / long, with a small hump. But again, I'm not doing it for them,... READ MORE

I got a rhinoplasty and the deviated septum surgery and some other stuff done to my nose by Dr. Goldman and it was honestly so worth it. I broke my nose but before that I always wanted a nose job but once I broke my nose it looked way worse than before and my bump on my nose got bigger and I... READ MORE

First of all i wanna say Im happy I've found this website and I think i read all the reviews here :P I havent broke my nose or anything I just dont like it...I have threee things I would like to fix in my outlook. My teeth ,my nose , grow my hair longer and make a nice body. Ive fixed my teeth... READ MORE

I never liked my profile - I wanted a smaller nose overall. I also had a deviated septum. I know that sounds like a cop-out but considering I didn't use a penny of insurance money, I assure you I really wanted to breathe better. I also chose Dr Mesbahi over an ENT, where I could have received... READ MORE

Hope this helps future rhinos.... I know this site helped me. I had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with Dr. Grigoryants but this review is only on rhino. Scheduled consult with Dr. G, back in Nov 2014. Took 3 months to schedule the consult because of his busy schedule. The actual... READ MORE

I have always wanted to change my nose.. Playing soccer my whole life I have always been more inclined for facial injury, hitting my nose more times than I would like. After a few years of research I finally decided on a surgeon in Cincinnati, Dr. Mandell Brown. When I scheduled my initial... READ MORE

I'm a an early-20s female and been wanting rhinoplasty for a while. This summer is perfect for me in timing, and so I have decided to finally go through with it.I'm adding some before photos, with my eyes missing, as I do want to keep my privacy, and l don't plan on telling many people that I've... READ MORE

While I never perceived my nose as a huge, life-changing insecurity, I can't remember a time I haven't cringed taking photos or seeing my profile in a dressing room mirror. Prior to graduating college next year, I decided to have a rhinoplasty -- both to correct functional breathing issues and... READ MORE

I can remember hating my profile as far back as first grade. We were Doing shadow portraits and I remember cringing when it was my turn. Fast foward a bit, and I'm still hating my nose. So after about three months of tremendous amounts of resarch( literally my study looked like a scene from the... READ MORE

I have had a love/hate relationship with my nose since I was about 14. I have always valued "natural" beauty. Something inside me just didn't want to be "altered". However, my nose has been a source of really distressing self-confidence issues, and so many avoided photographs. I have wanted... READ MORE

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