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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I have had a love/hate relationship with my nose since I was about 14. I have always valued "natural" beauty. Something inside me just didn't want to be "altered". However, my nose has been a source of really distressing self-confidence issues, and so many avoided photographs. I have wanted... READ MORE

I am a private person but I had to write a review on my incredible doctor! I had a bulbous tip and a side profile hump that I wanted gone. I did my research, and although I couldn't find anyone's nose that looked like mine, I decided to go with Dr. Denenberg because of the before and after pics.... READ MORE

My nose is very crooked from all the sports I've played in my life, I also have a small hump I want to get rid of. My tip droops a lot and my nose is very wide. I have been so self conscious about my nose for so many years and I just really want it done. I hate the way it looks and I just wanted... READ MORE

So Im from San diego and I've seen a lot of doctors, I came across Dr. g and fell in LOVE with his after results. I'm saving up money right now. I can't stand my bulbous tip and bump on the bridge of my nose. Typically how far in advance can you book a surgery date ? Anyone that has had a rhino... READ MORE

Hi, I am an eighteen year old girl who has a surgery scheduled with Dr. Ghavami (LA) on July 1st. I am very, very nervous... I worry that we didn't look into the surgery enough and that it was a rushed decision. I was wondering if anyone had anything to say that could help me. Preferably... READ MORE

Hey guys :) Like many of you here, I've hated my nose since High School. I've got a large crooked and hooked Middle Eastern nose that I can barely breathe from. My first consultation with Dr Shahidi in Chatswood was nearly a year ago but I couldn't do anything then because I was on accutane for... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I can remember knowing I hated my nose since I was in year 6 (I am now 24) and it just got worse as the years went on. I have a large hump and bulbous tip and my nose is too wide for my face. At school if anyone wanted to say something mean to me it would be about my nose. I... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews on this site for some time now and decided I would document my journey since in hopes of helping others looking into the surgery. Almost 10 years ago my sister threw a thick spray bottle at my face and it left me with a collapsed cartilage and a giant bump on the... READ MORE

Hello, I'm 29, wife and mom to an amazing little boy (1 1/2 year old). I have been thinking about this for many years and have finally decided to go through with a rhinoplasty. It's not something I have obsessed over, but it's something I have thought of frequently and know that it would really... READ MORE

I was always self conscious about my nose. I'm not so huge on my appearance but I also didn't like my nose being a distraction to my face. I wanted to get my nose done and just have a "normal" nose. I researched many doctors, all qualified and with an impressive resume; I consulted with 2 in NYC... READ MORE

So I've had this surgery scheduled for June 9th, since October 2014. I thought it was such a long time to wait, but now that its 5 days away, half the time I'm super excited, and the other half I get panic attacks. I have confidence that he is a good surgeon. But its one of the hardest surgeries... READ MORE

Background: I am a healthy 35 year old woman who hadn't been particularly beauty-conscious for the past 30 years. I am tall, thin and an attractive woman, so I got by on doing the bare minimum for beauty routine. Something clicked in me as I was approaching 35 to start taking more care in my... READ MORE

I've been contemplating rhinoplasty for half of my life, and after certain events transpired, decided to act on my desire to do so. After several consults, I chose Beachwood Plastic surgery for several reasons - the website is one of the only ones with several before/after photos, Dr. Goldman's... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Guida was amazing. From the moment I met him, I knew I wanted him to be my doctor. I had a deviated septum which was causing breathing problems. He made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt very prepared for my surgery. I wasn't nervous going into my surgery at all... READ MORE

I had my surgery on the 15th july. I landed in wroclaw on the 14th and was greeted by the loveliest taxi driver (Michael) I took his number so I could contact him throughout my stay if necessary. He took me to coramed clinic where Karolina was waiting to welcome me. They took some bloods and I... READ MORE

I always hated by profile. I had a dorsal hump and receding chin which made my face looked unbalanced. I felt like my nose stuck out of my face like a sore thumb. It affected my every day life and how I carried myself. I always joked with family and friends that I needed a rhinoplasty but... READ MORE

Hello Real Self. I have found this website to be incredibly helpful in providing info and support. I thought I should join the discussion instead of just looking thru everyone's reviews lol :) I am a 31 year old full-time mother of three. I'm blessed to be happily married. My life is full of... READ MORE

I am a perfectionist and for years I could always find flaws with doctor's work... Pinched tip, swooped bridge, wide nasal bones.. Always something but usually attributing the major problems to just not looking "natural" .. Then one day I was browsing photos on real self and I saw Dr Morin's... READ MORE

Growing up, I was never happy with my appearance because my nose was too big for my face. When I met with Dr. Joseph for a consultation, I could tell that he really cared about his patients. He wanted to make sure that I would be happy with my results. He took me step through step about the... READ MORE

Ever since I was a young teen, I had self-esteem issues with my nose. It just didn't fit my face and killed my feminity! Then, I was in a car accident at age 16 and broke my nose, adding a lovely little hump on top of my already prominent honker! This year, I decided enough was enough and went... READ MORE

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