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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi guys. I'm Eva - a 21 year old from Toronto, Canada and I'm having an open rhinoplasty on Friday, May 16 2014…. SO CLOSE … SO NERVOUS. I wanted to make my account on here a lot earlier but had no idea how to do it.. lol fail. Anyways, I guess i'll start off by talking about the issues I... READ MORE

It took me several years to decide on the discomfort that gave me my nose, as I looked very big and ugly, I felt I was not in line with my face. My biggest concern was to submit myself to a procedure under general anesthesia but thanks to Dr. Fulvio Correa because he gave me the confidence I... READ MORE

I had consultations with 4 different surgeons before choosing Dr. Hobgood. Out of all of them I felt like only Dr. Hobgood really spent the time with me to explain my issues and concerns and walk through the details of what would be done. I didn't feel any pressure to go through with any of the... READ MORE

Dr. Michael Salzhauer is an amazing doctor! I was always insecure with my nose since I broke it when I was younger and I was scared about my surgery but Dr. Salzhauer talked me through it every step of the way and made me feel comfortable! When I went in the room for my surgery he put on the... READ MORE

Hey, I'm 20 years old guy and I had rhinoplasty 9 months ago. Before the procedure, my nose looked good in the front, but from the profile there was a quiet big dorsal hump. The hump was removed but I'm left with a curve nose. My both nostrils are lack of skin/cartilage, and it seems that the... READ MORE

Heading to DR for rhinoplasty and BBL. Is anyone having surgery around that time? Would love to have a surgery buddy!!!! I am ecstatic to have found Dr. FG now I need a recovery house. I am debating between Arelis Urena's and Serenity. I do not speak Spanish and that concerns me greatly. ... READ MORE

Hey guys! SO, i am FINALLY going for it, after years and years of hating my nose and not being able to take pictures without it looking disgusting. My nose is relatively straight but my main issue is that it hooks on the bottom, i dont have a major hump, only an extremely small one. I am going... READ MORE

I took along time debating which surgeon to use for my rhinoplastry op. James murphy was very friendly and described very confidently that he could not only get rid of my bump but also straighten my nose cartlidge- something 2 other surgeons had said they couldn't do. After my rhinoplastry... READ MORE

Dr. Dulius preformed my surgery and did a great Job..he listened to all my questions and concerns...and answered them completely..i would recommend him to anyone ...thank you again..i am happy with my new nose...it was a 40th birthday gift to myself..and he was the best doctor for the job........... READ MORE

After years of hating my nose I am finally having rhinoplasty! I put it off for a long time because I am scared of going through the actual surgery part (I really don't want to die on the operating table), but also, I have been afraid of getting a bad result and hating my nose even more-- I... READ MORE

Hello, so after many years deciding and consulting surgeons I'm now two days post op. Yay!! I had my nose done by Dr Lahoud at Transform thanks to the reviews on realself forum. ?I'm a very confident person and love myself dearly but always thought my nose could do with just a little tweek. ?so... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I broke my nose when I was younger in a horseback riding accident. I was unable to see a doctor to have my nose reset, so here I am with a crooked, sharp bump. I obsess about my nose, my side profile, and feel like my self-esteem has suffered from this. I'm terrified to have... READ MORE

I always hated by profile. I had a dorsal hump and receding chin which made my face looked unbalanced. I felt like my nose stuck out of my face like a sore thumb. It affected my every day life and how I carried myself. I always joked with family and friends that I needed a rhinoplasty but... READ MORE

Before I begin, I need to say that I began researching into rhinoplasty in 2010. With that said, I visited over 7 surgeons and the moment I shook Dr.Ghersi's hand I knew I had found the perfect surgeon for me. First, he was very warm and listened/took notes while I spoke about what I wanted to... READ MORE

So I finally bit the bullet and booked a nose job with Adam Kaleciski in Poland. I have wanted rhinoplasty for about 12 years now. I was quoted £3700 by The Harley Medical Group, but I could not really find much stuff about the surgeon, any stuff I did find about the practice was bad. So I... READ MORE

Hello ladies I been thinking and I think I'm ready to start my journey about my rhinoplasty. I been wanting to have this procedure since I was in high school and I really think this is the right time to do it. I been reading all the stories and experiences of most of all of yous and I'm so... READ MORE

I have a hump and a droopy tip. It seems to have gotten bigger since my early 20s. Ive always hated my nose, since elementary school. I clearly remember standing in the cafeteria line and having another kid ask me what was on my nose, referring to the hump. A couple of years ago, I was a... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I hope someone can share their similar experience. I had been saving for cosmetic surgery for 5 years and finally decided it was time to take the plunge and do it. I am 27 years old and had been wanting to remove a hump on the bridge of my nose since the age of 14. No one was... READ MORE

Going into surgery in almost 1 month. Starting to get a bit nervous! I have loved reading everyone's stories and experiences so I decided to now document my own journey as a way to help other people as others have helped me :) Let me know if you have any questions!! As background I have never... READ MORE

Hello, my name is Doro, and I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with you. It took me a while to decide whether I want to tell people that I underwent nose surgery or better keep it secret. I am not sure if it's the hydrocodone pain meds that are giving me the courage (today is day... READ MORE

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