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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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I always wanted a more feminine look on my face, with that being said each time I seen the small bump on my nose I knew until then I'll be fully comfortable proceeding with my modeling journey . Quick week and a half recovery, never been more confident . I strongly recommend him to anyone who... READ MORE

Hey everyone, I found this website about 6 months ago when I started actively looking into the procedure, and all of your experiences have helped me greatly. I've always hated my nose and my mom and sister used to make fun of me growing up saying I needed to get my nose done. When I bring it up... READ MORE

Hi everyone, So I've been researching for about a year now on where to get my rhinoplasty. I've been to a consultation with Mr. Murphy (Manchester) and I did feel comfortable when meeting. He quoted me about £5000. I have also seen the work of Dr. Ion in London - but when enquiring I was told... READ MORE

I am very satisfied with my experience, because Dr. Chatpong and his staff are fantastic and made me very comfortable with my decision to proceed with a rhinoplasty. I would also like to Thank you  cheap medcare is a best medical tourism company ,which helped me to arrange everything for my... READ MORE

Hello all! I have been on real self reading reviews for months just waiting for the right time to start my journey on here. I am 21 years old. My ethnicity is African American and Japanese. I am a recent graduate of Ohio State university, and I am getting myself a graduation gift! Since I am... READ MORE

I'm 18 and finally decided to get a nose job. I have a really fat nose with a bulbous tip that I hate! I decided to pay for the procedure from my own pocket. I just finished high school and decided I wanted the surgery before college, so it was very sudden. I was never nervous about it, only... READ MORE

I have always hated my nose since I was about 12 years old and have always dreamed of having Rhinoplasty. Now is finally my time! I have had extremely bad allergies since I was little and have been on allergy shots for about 7 years now and nothing has helped. I've tried every allergy pill, nose... READ MORE

Hello to all! I'm new to the site and have read many patient reviews. I reside in South Texas and I'm willing to drive any where with a good doctor. I know we have good doctors in Tx. I'm just not sure which could fix my problem. Face front my nose is crooked and I cannot breath well through my... READ MORE

This surgeon..if he even does perform surgery ruined my life for two years. He did a primary rhinoplasty and left my nose distorted. He assured me it could be fixed. I regretfully allowed him to...after my follow up of getting everything removed and stitches out I went home and the next day... READ MORE

On June 26, 2013 Dr. Michael Schenden performed Rhinoplasty surgery, liposuction of the arms, and fat graphing on my lips and cheeks. This surgery was performed at the Columbia Center, which is on the same level as his office. The complications began as soon as I was conscious from surgery. I... READ MORE

I have been wanting to have a different nose since before I can remember. Something about it, I just don't resonate with. I have this view of myself in my head but when I look in the mirror, my nose jumps out at me and I don't recognize it as well as I do all my other features. If anyone in the... READ MORE

Hi there, my name is Alyssa and I have been using this site for while. I actually found my doctor, Dr. Marotta on this site. I live on Long Island. Dr. Marotta is located in Smithtown which is very convenient for me! Dr. Marotta & his staff were VERY nice to me and Kelly is awesome! She really... READ MORE

Surgery is 40 days out. I know it seems far away some days but with payment, labs, pre-op all coming up, it might fly by. I'm getting really nervous about my recovery because of the several procedures at once. But want to be done with it and can only get one lump of days off. So I will be out... READ MORE

I've always wanted to get my nose done, but never had the courage. Recently, I had a breast augmentation done, which sparked my initial insecurity of my nose.I have decided to go with Dr. G. I had a consultation with Dr. G June 19th everything went great! I brought my Ipad with pictures of noses... READ MORE

After years of hating my nose and being incredibly self conscious about my profile, I've finally decided to go through with rhinoplasty. I did extensive research and booked a consultation with Dr. Oakley Smith in December. I know it's recommended that you book 3 or more consults but as soon as I... READ MORE

Hello all, Like everyone else here, I've appreciated reading others' experiences, thoughts and feelings on operations they have had, or even just toyed with the idea. As I've an active reader of this community, I owe it to share my journey too. I actually have never had a huge problem with my... READ MORE

Got my rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago on april 21st and eventhough i know im still swollen especially on my left side i loooove the results! wow! his staff is very friendly and were always available and were always patient with me and my endless questions and dr morin is just perfect, super sweet calm... READ MORE

Hi ! What motivate me to write this review, is the fact that only a month ago I was doing the same as many others do while reading this review : searching, looking for a good doctor to be able to change my nose without messing with my features, but just improving what I have . I read so many... READ MORE

I'm finally too tired to think about getting my nose fixed any more. It's been decades now. I'm willing to go through the fear and the pain and the recovery. I have a date booked but I'm wavering now on my surgeon. I have a final appointment to do the digital imaging and I'll have a chance, I... READ MORE

I am obsessed with fixing my nose. No one has ever told me there's anything wrong with it and people close to me are pretty disgusted/horrified with my desire - telling me I'll "ruin myself" and all that. I'm obviously extremely concerned about what complications could happen and if I'll end... READ MORE

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