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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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Still in the recovery stages but would like to know what are the options i have after this, My Bridge was narrowed and too much was taken off the ride side and it's pretty obvious it arches more than the other side and because of that, the top of the bridge doesn't look centered with brow line... READ MORE

Seeing myself in photographs previously before i decided to have the operation brought me spirits down and picturing myself in the future on how i would look on my wedding day and the photographs that will be taken was my motivation to have the surgery. Before Surgery I felt like my nose was... READ MORE

I'm about one week away from my rhinoplasty/septoplasty and could not be more excited/nervous! While I've wanted to do this for my entire life, I've never had surgery before and have always been nervous about going under the knife. I filled all of my prescriptions today and it really began to... READ MORE

22/Female *About my nose; I have hated it forever and worked excessively hard to compensate for it. I model as a hobby and generally think I'm an attractive girl, but there was always a catch. I despised how my nose looked in profile. It was huge, beaky, and had a bump. From the front it... READ MORE

Well what can I say. I thought as he was ENT that he was a safe bet and that he would put my hanging columella right. Yes he did, but made my nose look ugly. I was left with what he said was a subtle indented scar, it was horrendous! I had a white lump inside my nostril which hurt all the time... READ MORE

The reason I didn't want to have rhinoplasty in the past was due to the dreaded nasal packing. The thought of not being able to breathe, especially during eating was not appealing as well as the dry tongue from mouth breathing all day long, for several days, no thank you. I was lucky enough to... READ MORE

I wanted to share my experience because I looked through so many of yours and found them so helpful. I have disliked my profile and the tip of my nose for many years. I do not have a large hump but will be breaking the bone to add a slight slope while also defining the tip. Granted we all have... READ MORE

My nose is large and has a small hump from the profile. Overall I want to decrease the size of it and define it more. I know my nose isn't horrible but it has ALWAYS bothered me a lot. I think it is the one facial feature that is off on my face. I have had to reschedule my surgery and will... READ MORE

Going into surgery in almost 1 month. Starting to get a bit nervous! I have loved reading everyone's stories and experiences so I decided to now document my own journey as a way to help other people as others have helped me :) Let me know if you have any questions!! As background I have never... READ MORE

Dr Vladimir Grigoryants seems skilled & all his before & after are appealing to me which is hard to find usually a surgeon who is good has at least 1 person who is extremely unhappy with the way their result turned out but with him I see nothing but perfection in my opinion. I really hope mine... READ MORE

I have been seeing an ENT for chronic sinus issues for 10 years. It's always here's another antibiotic and steroid pack, enjoy! They did a CT/ MRI, can't remember which, to confirm there was an issue with the anatomy causing the problems. Side note: I also had a car accident in which I hit my... READ MORE

I've really been wanting to do this I made my appointment for this November 10 :) once I go to my consultation I'll definetly get it if I feel he's right for me :) I've heard and seen nothing but great work from David Kim. I want natural looking results and he seems to be the perfect fit. I'm... READ MORE

I looked a lot at different doctors in arizona and one of my consultations was dr. Kotoske. After reviewing his work on rhinoplasty I felt he was the doctor with the most dramatic changes, but I still had to go to a consultation to confirm he was going to be the one. My waiting time was longer... READ MORE

Finally going to get rhinoplasty, my nose didn't bug me till someone teased me for it at my old work, and now have become partially obsessive over it. I have a great personality people generally like me but I feel I get judged because of my nose and am never considered attractive. Want to be... READ MORE

SO I've hated my Armenian schnoz my entire life and finally got a rhinoplasty about a week ago. Just want to keep progress on how my nose is changing so I'm going to update this with photos and stuff. Right after the surgery I wasn't feeling too bad, I didnt bruise as much as I thought I would... READ MORE

I have finally picked my doctor and set a date for my rhinoplasty. I know how hard it is to find good intel on surgeons, so I am starting this review. I had read a lot about picking a doctor over the pat few years, and a lot of articles I read said to bring pictures of the nose you want. That... READ MORE

Dr. Shah and his staff went above and beyond to satisfy my needs and answer all questions and concerns I had. I am very happy with my results and Dr. Shah took into account everything I was wanting fixed with my nose in order to look and feel more confident. Very professional and friendly... READ MORE

I never had a problem with how my nose looked when I was younger. During my thirties, the tip of my nose started to bulge out on the sides. It really started to bother me. I decided to have surgery to refine the tip and return it to a more feminine face. I did a lot of research on local plastic... READ MORE

The first septorhino and turbinate operation left me with fractures in my bone and a hump and collapsing nose, I did it to improve my breathing passages nothing cosmetic as I was happy with my nose. Iv now had the second operation and I regret it my nose looks HUGE and I don't like it anymore I... READ MORE

I had a big, Ashlee-simpson nose and when I was 19 I decided it would make me really happy to get a Nosejob. I researched plastic surgeons in Calgary and she had the most stars, best reviews, and I liked it that she was a woman, it made me feel more comfortable. It' was so exciting going to my... READ MORE

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