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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,000

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I’ve been following this site for the past 2 years reading all I could in regards to Rhinoplasty. All these great reviews allowed me to make an informed decision whether to go through with it. I’d like to contribute as well since it has helped me so much and I hope that this will help... READ MORE

I always had a problem with my chin. I used to have a small receding chin that I hated. I found a surgeon through my aunt in Mexico and I got in contact with him by email. He then suggested that I could refine and lift the tip of my nose to fix the overall profile. Well after 2-3 weeks of... READ MORE

I have gotten many questions as to how much my nose changed after I posted a questions. http://www.realself.com/question/months-post-rhinoplasty-tip-swellingIt took a while to get used to the new nose, and for all of the swelling to go down, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I... READ MORE

Hi realself members. I am 32 wanting a nose job for many years. I finally had a consultation with dr. Oakley Smith he has excellent reviews, I was impressed overall. He seems very caring, and gives realistic expectations. I am waiting for te morphed pictures. The only thing is that he doesn't... READ MORE

I have always been dissatisified with the appearance of my nose. The tip was very bulbous with a wide space between the nostrils. When I elected to have surgery on my eyes, I decided to also have rhinoplasty (tip only). I experienced zero pain following the procedure. I am currently 8 days... READ MORE

I've always wanted to get my nose done, but never had the courage. Recently, I had a breast augmentation done, which sparked my initial insecurity of my nose.I have decided to go with Dr. G. I had a consultation with Dr. G June 19th everything went great! I brought my Ipad with pictures of noses... READ MORE

Dr Crawford was the third surgeon I had seen. I could tell immediately he knew exactly what he was talking about and was very experienced. He tells you exactly what you can achieve and what you can't . Realistic and honest. Extremely happy with my results. I never felt once worried that I would... READ MORE

As many of you on here, I have been contemplating a nose job for years. It's always bothered me since grade school, but I kept thinking "I'll get over it, it's not that bad." I learned to put the thought of having an ugly nose in the back of my mind, and for a while, I did get over it. But life... READ MORE

My motivation was deviated septum and not symmetric. Insurance agreed to help with some of the cost. I also wanted it smaller while doing it. I have research Dr Mark Vucak (Queensland Plastic Surgery). I had numerous of opinions from Medical staff in the area. If you want to know who to go... READ MORE

I'm a nurse who works with plastics surgery as well as general and orthopedic. I get to see a LOT and have made some major observations over the years. I feel that being proactive about facial plastic surgery is best. A little nip here, a little tuck there..keeps you looking amazing without... READ MORE

"I had an rhinoplasty with Dr Ay?e öztürk at the start of Agust and everything from the first consultation till post operative care exceeded my expectations. Dr Ay?e öztürk took time to explain everything to me, he patiently listened to my wishes and made sure all my questions were answered... READ MORE

Much thought and research went in to this procedure. I visited with a total of three different rhinoplasty surgeons, however I was immediately convinced after meeting with Dr. Cochran and viewing my 3d images and his portfolio. The other Doctors work did not leave me with a settling feeling,... READ MORE

Hey everyone! Just underwent rhino and a chin implant on Tuesday December 30, so it's been 3 days. I'm doing really well, very little swelling, no bruising at all. Anxiously awaiting the results. Dr. Chernoff is an absolutely amazing surgeon so I am very confident the results will be what I... READ MORE

I never had a problem with how my nose looked when I was younger. During my thirties, the tip of my nose started to bulge out on the sides. It really started to bother me. I decided to have surgery to refine the tip and return it to a more feminine face. I did a lot of research on local plastic... READ MORE

So am going to Poland to have my nose done, first of all cuz it's cheaper, second thing is that I don't believe the doctors here have a lot of experience when it comes to big noses since most of the population here have perfect ones.. Anyway am very exited, been wishing for this for 6 years... READ MORE

Still get random swelling in the mornings. My before pics suck but it's all i have! READ MORE

Tomorrow I will undergo an open, full rhinoplasty. This to make the nose smaller, remove a dorsal hump, correcting the septum and refining the tip. Of course a little anxious, but I have full confidence in my surgeon! I will update my experience as soon as the surgery is finished and I feel good... READ MORE

I turn 35 this year and for my birthday I am giving myself a new nose! I have quite a big dorsal hump on the right side of my nose - more so than on my left side. I find my nostrils are particularly long as well, especially when smiling. What I'm hoping for is my hump shaved and my tip slightly... READ MORE

I have had my first consultation with Dr Shahidi today. I carefully selected him after reading excellent reviews here and on his FB page, as well as based on his location (I work in the same suburb). The practice looked very clean, staff were friendly and professional. The Dr was on time. The... READ MORE

The bridge of my nose had a hump. I had previous surgery to correct it but the Dr. did a bad job. I also had a dip in my bridge do to mole removal that went bad.... I had very loose skin under my chin as it runs in the family and I am 44 so only getting worse. Dr Carron was great! The doc knew... READ MORE

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