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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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I have met with Dr Shah and Moynihan. Found that my consultation with Shah was much more informative and he seemed to have a vision which made me really consider this surgery in the near future. I feel like I still need several more opinions but then again I already have gotten four. Besides my... READ MORE

Over the past few years I had noticed that my nose looked bonier and more bulbous at the tip than in the past. After looking at some photos taken over this past summer it looked a mess to me. The neck lipo was an after thought; I had been trying to dodge the double chin look in photos for a... READ MORE

I had a hump on my nose and i hated my profile. so i decided to go through with rhinoplasty. i am happy that i got it. just the tip being swollen is driving me kind of insane. I did it because i hated my profile. and i had my dads manly nose on my face i never liked it. I am... READ MORE

Hello to everybody, my name is Joseph and i live Italy, i will try to tell you my bad experience with Dr. Richard Davis. On 28.02.2013 i made a revision surgery with the doctor mention, but the end result was a total failure. Because, not only the intervention did not bring any aesthetic... READ MORE

Ever since I was younger I was always bullied for my nose. My nose was a lot bigger than other girls', and I was constantly made fun of and called names for it. Over time, as you can imagine, this took a HUGE toll on my self esteem. I never found myself even somewhat attractive; I avoided... READ MORE

I had open rhinoplasty and tip with luke Durham in Sheffield My nose tip before was way to stuck up and looked abit bent , Luke was great saying he would be able to rotate the nose down and sort out the bit the bends , the day of surgery I was so scared luke came to see me before surgery and... READ MORE

Hello, I'm 26 & am considering a rhinoplasty. Actially that's silly to say, because it's something i have been considering for about 10 years now In March 2015 i'm a bridesmaid & in October 2015 i'm getting married. I hate photos & anyone looking at me from the side profile. So i figured now... READ MORE

Hi guys. I'm Eva - a 21 year old from Toronto, Canada and I'm having an open rhinoplasty on Friday, May 16 2014…. SO CLOSE … SO NERVOUS. I wanted to make my account on here a lot earlier but had no idea how to do it.. lol fail. Anyways, I guess i'll start off by talking about the issues I... READ MORE

I decided to get rhinoplasty after breaking my nose two months ago. I always knew my nose was not my best feature on my face. Breaking my nose just sped up the process because I no longer just wanted it for cosmetic reasons, but also for functional reasons. My nose was not crooked before I broke... READ MORE

SCHEDULING & PREPARTION REVIEW After years of considering getting a "nose job," I finally started dive in and do some research on the cost, risks and, most importantly, surgeons to choose from. Though it goes unsaid, voluntarily changing a feature of your face (especially such a prominent... READ MORE

Like many on this site I have hated my nose for what feels like forever! Its witch like.. long and bumpy! So I've been back and forth to consultations over the past few months and have finally set a date for surgery!! Now all I have to do is wait.... which is going to be agony!! I hope it goes... READ MORE

So i don't know how to start but i always wanted to have a nose job as young as 6 because all the kids always laughed at me and called me names because of my big nose so now i am 20 and i have a huge insecurity about my face and i think about it all the times. I am even afraid to walk in crowd... READ MORE

Dr. Zaworski has a long background in surgery. Unsure how much has been plastic surgery. I had a rhinoplasty long term result which consists of a saddled and offset nose with some open roof deformity. Most not obvious prior to 6 months post op. I did bring forth concerns about the outcome... READ MORE

First of all, thank you all for sharing your experiences with before and after pics! I am looking for some feedback from past rhinoplasty patients of Dr. Rival - those who had the procedure done in last 1-2 years - cost, recovery time, expectations met, changes from surgery to 12 months post... READ MORE

Hi, Ladies!!!! Im interested in getting Rhino/Septoplasty in a few months. Ive been doing my research and im looking for someone who is experienced with African American noses in SC, NC, or GA. So far I have found 2 docs that I like- Lisa Bootstaylor and Fara Movagharnia, both in Atlanta, GA.... READ MORE

I have a Rhinoplasty scheduled with Grigoryants in less than two weeks. I decided to do this a couple of years ago and have met four surgeons and have researched them all fairly extensively before deciding to go with him. It's hard to find a negative review for Grigoryants. The only things I... READ MORE

I have been looking through real self for months now and everyone's reviews have been so helpful! So I thought I would start my own review to document my journey :) It all starts when on the day I was born all those years ago ... My cord wrapped around my face and my nose basically needed to be... READ MORE

It's day 5 after my rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures, so I will give a quick account of the last few days after the surgery in the following posts. I chose Dr. Natan Yaker in Plano, tx for this procedure after years of thought and consideration. I broke my nose as a teen and have been... READ MORE

I have hated my nose since about age 9 when I started getting teased about it. I never really considered a rhinoplasty because I always thought it would be out of reach financially. Luckily, my insurance is covering it! It was a difficult decision, especially because I've come to embrace my... READ MORE

I had my surgery yesterday, and it's not my second morning post-op. When I first decided to go through with the rhinoplasty, I did a LOT of research online (especially via RealSelf!), and decided pretty quickly that Dr. Grigoryants would be the best choice for me. I didn't consult with any other... READ MORE

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