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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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It's my turn! I have read so many stories on Real Self, I hope posting about my experience will help someone else like those stories helped me :) I am finally one week pre-op for my surgery on August 4th! I scheduled my surgery back in April after meeting with a few doctors and deciding to... READ MORE

Hi all. I’m GHS from India working in UAE. I had my girl child in 2000 with cleft lip and palate problem. I remember, I had no knowledge about the same and we don’t know how to proceed further. And the doctors in the same hospital said this is repairable and nothing to worry. So many... READ MORE

Difficulty breathing on only one side of the nose and chronic sinus infections due to deviated septum. 5/21 - Had my surgery today!!! I was so excited and nervous, but it really went smoothly. I had it at North Shore LIJ hospital in Long Island and the surgery was done by Dr. Turk. A... READ MORE

So far so good. Hoping for a cancellation so I can have the surgery done in December or January! Will be traveling from out of town, more nervous about the logistics than the actual surgery! Would love to hear about others experiences/ and or travel advice. May have to do this alone, but I hope... READ MORE

After years of wanting this, I know I am finally ready. I have a complex ethnic background. Both my parents are very attractive, but some how I think that when I was born my genetics had a brain fart that translated into my asymmetrical nose lol. My nose is currently too long for my face. It is... READ MORE

My procedure with Dr. Joseph ... honestly there aren't enough positive things to say about Dr. Joseph and his skills. I previously had a long, bulbous nose with a drooping tip and tension lip. The surgery made me look more feminine, and positively changed my entire facial appearance. I feel... READ MORE

Since I was at least 7 years old I've been aware of my "big nose". I don't really remember being self-conscious but I do remember my brother calling me names! It wasn't until I came to live to the U.S at the age of 10 that I became VERY self-conscious. For example; If I had to speak to someone... READ MORE

Hi there Real Self. I have been wanting a rhino for more than a decade now (really since puberty), like most people on here. I have just always hated my nose and felt like it doesn't fit my face. I am finally In a place financially and with my family to have the procedure. After doing a lot of... READ MORE

I went in to him when I was 18 for a rhinoplasty to narrow & feminize my nose. He made my nose wider, bulgier bigger, hump-like, bubous, and awkward. I am so embarrassed about my nose... and it was the biggest mistake of my LIFE.... I never heard from him since the follow-up. (Pictures Below)... READ MORE

Hello All, Ahhh I can't believe that I'm making a real self profile of my own! I'm on here religiously reading reviews looking at before and after pictures and wondering what i'll experience and go through once I get my rhinoplasty. I'm 24 years old and have wanted to get a nose job for the... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I'm Alex and I'm 25. I've hated my nose since I was 13 and have been dodging photos ever since. I have the fastest reflexes ever when I see a camera!! Have always dreamed of how it will feel when I can finally proudly sit for a photo and also feel happy about my nose. I've never... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I live in Mumbai, India. I got my Rhioplasty done thrice from the same doctor in 2011. I wanted to get rid of the bump on my septum and lift it slightly too because over years the septum had started deviating and bending. After researching a few doctors online I decided to consult... READ MORE

Dr. Anand Shah convinced me to go with him after multiple MD consultations. He told about how another local plastic surgeon caused botulism in one of his patients, , but wouldn't give me the name of the surgeon, he also said I had a complex nose and no one else could do the job but him....very... READ MORE

I had a big bump on my nose which look really bad in side profile, i found him online and i decide to habe him as my surgen, im happy with results so far still lot of swelling but my bump is gone which is the most important of all, just did my second p/o where he removed the tape will see him... READ MORE

Hello everyone I wanted to share my experience for getting a rihnoplasty very soon. As long as I remember i never liked the way my nose looked and felt uncomfortable taking pictures in a certain angels and i'm so happy to finally get it done, I originally wanted to have a breast augmentation and... READ MORE

Dr Fakih can only be described as the most professional. His honest approach to his patients, his team is an A-Star, all explained everything to us and made me feel totally at ease. I am really happy with my new look, I have more confidence with myself and my profile now rocks! I appreciate Dr.... READ MORE

Ive always hated my nose and chin, both project too much. I have also had my nose broken a few times, so its really crooked. After reading reviews on here, I had a consultation with Dr. Hobgood. The consultation went great, and im confident he'll do a great job. He agreed that my tip needs to be... READ MORE

I decided to do a rhinoplasty because i hated my nose so much. There was a big dorsal hump on my bridge, my tip was drooping down and the facial plain was too wide from the front and i felt so insecure about it. After doing extensive research for the perfect surgeon, i finally went with Dr.... READ MORE

I have been unhappy with the size of my nose since young adolescence. It was very round and bulbous with wide nostrils and a small bump. I suffered from breathing issues as well due to a deviated septum. After consulting with at least six ENT/facial plastic surgeons, I found Dr. Khosh. I... READ MORE

Dr. Mehta is an amazing surgeon who has changed my life! I had rhinoplasty June of this year, and just wanted to share my experience. Initially I had found Dr. Mehta by doing online research on surgeons in Northern California. I'm temporarily in the Sacramento area for a doctorate degree, but... READ MORE

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