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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I have wanted a Rhinoplasty since I was 14 years old and I finally made that happen a couple months ago. I paired it with a chin implant to balance my overall profile and give myself a more feminine appearance. I didn't know anyone else who had the same procedures so I did all my research online... READ MORE

Hi all, I'm 23 year old and like others here I always hated my nose and thought it was finally time to make a change. I have finally saved up enough to have the surgery now hard part for now is looking for the right surgeon. The only two that have caught my eye are Portuese and Lamperti in the... READ MORE

I had a short upturned nose, that was rather cute. It was a LITTLE short and I wanted it lengthened SLIGHTLY but to still keep slight upturn. Nostrils reduced a bit and overall size reduced so it was less fleshy. I also wanted my bridge thinned. I allegedly have thick skin. Email from doctors... READ MORE

Hello, I'm 29, wife and mom to an amazing little boy (1 1/2 year old). I have been thinking about this for many years and have finally decided to go through with a rhinoplasty. It's not something I have obsessed over, but it's something I have thought of frequently and know that it would really... READ MORE

After living with a too-long, droopy nose for 61 years, I finally had the funds and the courage to get a rhinoplasty done at age 61. I am so glad I did this! The pain was very little, really not much more than a sinus headache, which I had suffered all my adult life anyway. Just some bruising... READ MORE

I always hated my nose and it also made me feel insecure about my looks. I went to see a Ent doctor because I couldn't breath through my left side. He told me the best procedure for me is a septorhinoplasty due to my deviated septum,dorsal hump,crooked nose and bulbous tip. The procedure was ok... READ MORE

My parents are both pure blood northern Europeans, and I move to the U.S from Russia at the age of 10. I have adapted to life in America well and enjoy my life here, but I do carry my huge Russian nose as a constant reminder of my heritage : ) After some careful searching around the country... READ MORE

Hi guys, i'm 20 years old and have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I was going to travel to America for surgery as i was recommended a surgeon over there, but after months of thinking hard, i felt although if something were to go wrong it would be hard to go out there just to get checked etc (I'm... READ MORE

I've been fussing about my face since I first became aware of how much looks seem to matter in society. My nose particularly was something that I obsessed over, prodding constantly and envisioning as some delicate elfin feature. While my nose hasn't got any dramatic deformity, the reason why I... READ MORE

Hi! :) my story is similar to a lot of yours, growing up hating my nose and always feeling like it just doesn't fit my face! I feel like it's more of a mans nose (it is identical to my dads whatya know!) I've broken it a time or two as well. I've always wanted to get my nose fixed to be more... READ MORE

I've wanted a rhinoplasty ever since I can remember and I feel it's about time I get it done. I have done tons of research over the years and have relied heavily on pictures & past reviews in order to find the right doctor. I met with Dr Ciardullo back in June & my initial surgery was July 9th,... READ MORE

When I was 14 years old I had a swimming accident it was in a public pool and there were two guys racing in the pool one guy could only swim with his fist, I was swimming underwater and came up for air it was at this time that the guy swimming with his fist hit me square on in the face breaking... READ MORE

I couldn't be more pleased with my Rhinoplasty. It looks better than I could have ever imagined. Dr. Rohrich is an artist. After being picked on for years about my nose I feel completely confident thanks to him. I would reccoment him to anyone. Him and his staff would do anything to make you... READ MORE

I recently had a revision rhinoplasty, just to get a more upturned tip. My doctor seemed hesitant but agreed. I liked the tip when the cast first came off but now it has dropped. I feel like my nose is still too big/not upturned enough. My doctor says that if it was any smaller/more upturned it... READ MORE

Hi all! So I've been reading all of your reviews and finally decided to pull the trigger and schedule my rhinoplasty. I'm going with Dr.Grigoryants in June and I'm very excited/nervous. I've hated my nose since childhood, especially my profile. I got married in October and was embarrassed of... READ MORE

Hi everyone! =) I'm so glad that I found this website because it truly is sooo informative and helpful when you're considering to go under the knife. Therefore I also want to share my story so more people can get the information they need! Here we go. I am a 18-year old living in Sweden I have a... READ MORE

Hi, I have wanted rhinoplasty since the age of 10 when my nose suddenly became way too big for the rest of my face. I was told by everyone, even my friends and family that I could have been so pretty if it weren't for my giant nose. As I aged I did grow into it more, but it's still the first... READ MORE

Introduction: For those potential patients who still hold on to the antiquated belief that the best doctors are In the states....And for Doctors in the states who discourage traveling overseas for body modification, outwardly touting safety as their concern and inwardly concerned with the safety... READ MORE

I am one week away from open rhinoplasty and am getting nervous! I am so thankful for this site as it has prepared me so much more as far as what to expect and what I will need during recovery. I am married with 2 boys who are 14 and 10. Im worried about how my 10 year old will feel when he... READ MORE

Hi - so this is my first entry with a little over 2 months to go for my surgery. I am 28, my nose has always bothered me but not an extreme - I've always known I would eventually get it fixed. My issues are both functional & asthetic - I have primary breathed through my nose since I can remember... READ MORE

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