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A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,875

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I don't think there is one day that goes by that I look in the mirror and not dislike my nose. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. Maybe late elementary school to early middle school. People always told me "You will grow into your nose!" or "Your nose gives you character!". I... READ MORE

So i put my deposit down today for my surgery!!!! super excited its finally happening. i will be getting Ultrasonic and traditional liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back with excision of skin to the abdomen. The doctor will also be doing a fat transfer to the buttocks!!! i will also be... READ MORE

I'm 21 and I have a wide nose. If I mention plastic surgery to my friends/boyfriend they always say the same thing, "but your nose fits your face." I have a round face and my nose is like a giant triangle smack dab in the middle. I too was teased in my younger years about my nose. Also my mom... READ MORE

I would very much like to share my experience of having a rhinoplasty. I am in my early 30’s and I have been dreaming of having a nose job ever since I was 16. Boys always teased me because of my nose and as a result my self esteem was very low. Finally, it happened! I started researching... READ MORE

I am having my surgery on September 12th and I am completely scared. Let me preface this statement by the fact that I have disliked my italian/lebanese nose since I was 15. I always hoped I would grow into it but alas, that never really happened. The tip is a bit wide and droops. I have bumps... READ MORE

I've hated my nose for a few years now, I feel it's too big for my face and wish it was cuter and less bulbous. I have my first consultation on Tuesday in London with Dr Bassim Matti. I'm really concerned about having work done to my face in case it goes wrong, so searching for a skilled surgeon... READ MORE

Primary Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Ghavami on August 14, 2013 w/ minimal bruising and pain afterwards. He brought in my nose slightly as it was wide and brought in the nostrils a tad, as well. . .which I was concerned about before, but after I saw his work, I can't believe I ever doubted how... READ MORE

I HATE MY NOSE!!!!! I want to get a rhinoplasty done sometime this summer. I've had a deviated septum for many years and it's getting worse as I get older. It constantly runs and stuffy all the time. Is it possible to remove the dorsal hump and narrow the bridge on my nose? My expectations and... READ MORE

If you want a natural looking result, Dr. Philip Miller is the surgeon for you! After going on countless consultations with NYC’s top rhinoplasty surgeons I finally found Dr. Miller. Right away I felt as though he understood what I wanted my result to be. Unlike other surgeons who told me what... READ MORE

Too early! Answer this is my nose crooked? I am concerned that I won't get the results discussed. I had my procedure Oct 2013 I had a deviated septum rhinoplasty etc. the surgeon said see you in a year on my 90 day which was a few days ago Feb27,2014 my surgery was Oct2013. So I have to wait a... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I am just starting this whole thing to get some feedback from others out there that have already had a nose job or are thinking about getting one. I'm trying to decide if I really should do it? Like a lot of people on here, I have hated my nose for a long time. And I am finally... READ MORE

I had a very dominant nose with a large bump, a tip that pointed down, and when I would smile, it would hook down further and to the left. Now I have a beautiful nose that fits my face and doesn't hook when I change expressions. I look so natural and not "manufactured". Dr. Mameniskis is an... READ MORE

I never really had a big problem with my nose until recently. I feel that my nose has a very round tip and I hate my bump that I have. I also dislike the width of my bridge. I started contemplating having my nose fixed after I had my breast augmentation January of 2013. I realized that surgery... READ MORE

I have a huge dorsal hump, and kind of a droopy tip, and it drives me crazy! I'm constantly worrying about people noticing my nose and not me, it makes me only want to talk to them from certain angles. my nose hasn't always been this way, only since grade 11 and Im not to sure why it changed,... READ MORE

I had a big bump on my nose which look really bad in side profile, i found him online and i decide to habe him as my surgen, im happy with results so far still lot of swelling but my bump is gone which is the most important of all, just did my second p/o where he removed the tape will see him... READ MORE

I've been self conscious about a bump on the bridge of my nose ever since my high school years. It's not really something I've been teased badly for, I've gotten a few comments on it here and there that were uncalled for but it never particularly hurt my feelings. It merely proved that I wasn't... READ MORE

I am currently 19 years old going on 20 this August, and I've been wanting to reshape my nose since my pre-teen years. It's a bit hooked down and I have a large bump on the bridge. My self-consciousness about my nose started when I was in middle school and it started growing larger out of... READ MORE

I decided to post my story as reading through so many other stories on here has truly helped me during this experience. I had open rhinoplasty on May 29th. My bridge was shaved down & tip was refined and lifted. The procedure went extermely well. Recovery was not too diffcult either.. only had... READ MORE

After years of wanting this ( and no-one taking me seriously...>.>) I've finally booked my Rhinoplasty, a month and a half from now! * Clenches fist and cries* Initially I was meant to have it done in October with Eyzea however I was not aware Dr. Oelbrandt was no longer with them but is now... READ MORE

I decided to get a rhinoplasty after i broke my nose when i fell down the stairs as a child, ever since my nose got a HUGE bump i also wore glasses and made the bump more visible and painful, after i turned 18 i finally got my nose job. the procedure was fast and not painful at all the recovery... READ MORE

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