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A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,900

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I have scheduled the surgery with Dr. Robert Guida on may 24th. Today I had the last consultation prior to the surgery. The doctor was very reassuring that the surgery will go well and he will do his best to make my nose look better than now. I've read so many reviews about him that I am truly... READ MORE

Hi guys! I wanted to write about my experience because I found other reviews to be helpful, but couldn't find anyone else who had the combo of procedures I had done. I am getting a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and umbilical hernia repair. When I was younger I really liked my small boobs--... READ MORE

I had wanted a nose job for over a decade. I researched it at length, contacted doctors, even sent photos of myself to several doctors to get feedback. But I never went through with it. I was too afraid. After all, it wasn't a tummy tuck or a tattoo. It wouldn't just be a permanent... READ MORE

I have this awful nose and I decided to have a rhinoplasty, the surgery is scheduled for june 6th! It's too soon! I'm just so sad I haven't said anything to my brothers and closest friends, just my parents know about that. The day is coming but I'm not afraid, I read a lot of comments about my... READ MORE

My journey started in the 4th grade when I first started being teased about my appearance. I had inherited my fathers' nose and on a young girl it wasn't attractive. Kids' found it entertaining to point out my flaws on a daily basis which began my life of low self confidence. I have always... READ MORE

I've been having breathing issues lately, & I have been feeling pressure in my left eye socket, so I went to an ENT that stuck the camera up my nose and told me that I have a deviated septum that tilts to the left, but the non-breathing thing is because the insides of my nose are really... READ MORE

I'm almost a month post op from my Rhinoplasty. I'm very concerned at how uneven my nostrils are and how crooked my nose looks. I was certain that this would go away by the one month mark. The crookedness is more apparent at the morning and at certain angles. Now, my nose was uneven before... READ MORE

I've been putting off writing this for quite some time. Like most of the reviewers on here, I always hated my nose. I remember the first time I learned what a nose job was. In 2nd grade, one of my best friends, Stephanie (who also disliked her nose) told me about her older sister getting a nose... READ MORE

I am 27 years old from London uk and have hated my nose forever, I have been to several consultations and have cancelled the operation last minute every time. This is finally it though as in 5 days I will have a new nose. I'm so nervous and scared and just all over the place but no one around... READ MORE

Hi Real Self! I am 20 years old and I am more then ready to have a rhinoplasty. I've always hated the way my nose looks and I never really considered doing anything about it because before I could never imagine getting plastic surgery on my face. I just didn't want a michael jackson... READ MORE

I have posted some photos. If you have had rhinoplasty and see ANY similarities between my nose and your pre-surgery nose, I would love to hear your thoughts. Or anyone else! Some of my initial thoughts... A) I'm not scared about "not looking like myself." I really dislike my nose and... READ MORE

After a nose injury and puberty, I hated my nose growing up. My nose had a slight bump (it also had a mark from when I hit it when I was younger), the tip was very long and bulbous, and one nostril was flatter than the other. Asymmetrical to say the least. My boobs probably stopped growing at... READ MORE

I am going to write a very brief review. If you guys have any questions or details I forgot to mention please ask I will be happy to answer them :) So, I wanted a nose job ever since I was thirteen. I hateeeeeddddd my profile. As I grow older I kinda did not like the tip of my nose as well... READ MORE

Hello, well i decided to do my rhinoplasty cuz i didn't like my nose at all, my nose wasn't that bad but i did not like the little bump on it, my surgeon told me that i shoul fix nose base and tip. I've been thinking about it since almost 1 year ago and i finally did it. Pre-op. Well i wasn't... READ MORE

A little over 1 month post op and I feel great! I love the new nose. I did it to remove a hump and bulbous looking tip. I wish I would have done it sooner!Ask any questions you wish about my experience. Also they did not have to break my nose. I think that's why I healed so fast. I will post pic.. READ MORE

Ok soo I've always felt that I had a big nose and have always been extremely self-conscious because of it. In 2011 I decided I would save all my money and get a nose job. Just over a year of saving, I was able to get my nose job. Long story short, it's been over a year since my surgery and I'm... READ MORE

Dr Buonassisi is extremely expert in his profession and professional in his manner. Moreover he is a real nice doctor. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to have Dr Buonassisi as my doctor. I am a physician and have worked with many doctors. I strongly can state that Dr Buonassisi is one in a... READ MORE

Had open rhinoplasty 8 days ago but i can already tell the surgery hadn't gone to plan as the result are far less than ideal. I just wanted the tip a bit more refined ( not a piggish one :/ )...and also got my nostrils reduced ( probably not the wisest decision i've ever made, as it made my nose... READ MORE

I am from the midwest area and I am traveling to Chevy Chase, MD to have a primary rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Monte Harris. I am excited about this procedure and want to receive advice from previous rhinoplasty patients. I also want to share my experience. I am 25 years old and I have my... READ MORE

Wow! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm having my rhinoplasty surgery in 5 days! I've wanted to improve the appearance of my nose for a very long time, but never did I think it would happen under such odd circumstances. To make a long story short, I booked a date with the surgeon I... READ MORE

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