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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Anand Shah convinced me to go with him after multiple MD consultations. He told about how another local plastic surgeon caused botulism in one of his patients, , but wouldn't give me the name of the surgeon, he also said I had a complex nose and no one else could do the job but him....very... READ MORE

Dr Fakih can only be described as the most professional. His honest approach to his patients, his team is an A-Star, all explained everything to us and made me feel totally at ease. I am really happy with my new look, I have more confidence with myself and my profile now rocks! I appreciate Dr.... READ MORE

Ive always hated my nose and chin, both project too much. I have also had my nose broken a few times, so its really crooked. After reading reviews on here, I had a consultation with Dr. Hobgood. The consultation went great, and im confident he'll do a great job. He agreed that my tip needs to be... READ MORE

I decided to do a rhinoplasty because i hated my nose so much. There was a big dorsal hump on my bridge, my tip was drooping down and the facial plain was too wide from the front and i felt so insecure about it. After doing extensive research for the perfect surgeon, i finally went with Dr.... READ MORE

I have been unhappy with the size of my nose since young adolescence. It was very round and bulbous with wide nostrils and a small bump. I suffered from breathing issues as well due to a deviated septum. After consulting with at least six ENT/facial plastic surgeons, I found Dr. Khosh. I... READ MORE

Dr. Mehta is an amazing surgeon who has changed my life! I had rhinoplasty June of this year, and just wanted to share my experience. Initially I had found Dr. Mehta by doing online research on surgeons in Northern California. I'm temporarily in the Sacramento area for a doctorate degree, but... READ MORE

Im so happy that i finally had rhinoplasty surgery, i love my new nose and cant belive how straight it is. I would highley recommend Mr Tahery he is an expert and a life changer, i can now take pictures and socialize more without trying to hide my nose. His personal care and his after care team... READ MORE

Hi everyone, so I got my nose done a little over one month or two months ago with Dr. Jon Harrell. I chose to have my procedure done by him because of his price and because of all the work I had seen done by him. If you look at his before and after pictures, you will be shocked. Overall, before... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Levi Lansangan of Shimmian Manila. I had my Rhinoplasty from Shimmian Manila last month, JUNE 2015 and I love the result. My new nose is very natural looking. Shimmian Manila is the pioneer in goretex Rhinoplasty in the Phils. Photos provided are before and after 4 weeks... READ MORE

I will be having a rhinoplasty combined with a septoplasty with Dr. Evan Ransom on Oct 7th, 2015. The rhinoplasty is to remove the bump on the bridge of my nose. The septoplasty is to correct a crooked septum. I also suffer from frequent runny noses which Dr. Ransom explained is due to an excess... READ MORE

Most of my life I liked my nose alright, even though it was a little big. But over the past several years it's been knocked hard at least twice, which had changed the shape of it a bit. And it seems to keep growing, which I do not like. One of my acquaintances had her nose done by Dr.... READ MORE

I've been reading everyones rhinoplasty stories on real self and found them really helpful so I wanted to share my own to help anyone else considering or going thru the procedure and to possibly get some advice! It is the night before my surgery and I'm really excited but also the nerves are... READ MORE

Ever since I was in high-school, I had issues with my appearance. I started working out and swimming/running to improve my appearance. This had a great affect on my body, but my nose always brought my confidence back down. I would also try to avoid my friends taking pictures and hated the... READ MORE

I was 10 years old when Andy Hutch-something-or-other (name *not* changed to protect the innocent, I just can't remember it exactly) said he wouldn't be my boyfriend because I had a big nose. It was the first time anyone had ever said anything like that about my nose; indeed it was the first... READ MORE

I am so grateful to all who have posted their stories with photos here on RS. So posting mine too! :) I wanted rhino since 12 years. Now 29. From Europe. As researching so many different doctors I decided that the money and location doesn't matter, just need to find right doctor with... READ MORE

Like many of you, I've disliked my nose for quite some time. It's been a reoccurring issue for me since the age of seventeen and now, at the age of 23, I've finally decided to start saving and do something pro-active about it. RealSelf has been a big help to me in terms of researching different... READ MORE

Hello! I am doing this out of respect for the other brave people who shared experiences on this website. My nose only really started to bother me when I started to lose my puppy fat from my face. Certain photos stood out in my mind. A side profile at a wedding, smiling bade my hump even more... READ MORE

I'm going for a "barbie" like nose. Smaller, less droopy, and something that fits my face. I'm excited and also was looking for a permanate solution for my lips so they they stay big. Before and after photos will be posted after surgery. He is very easy to work with in terms of a consultation.... READ MORE

I have just done my nose, 6days ago and I still can not believe it lol. Altho I read about the procedure a lot before and tried to prepare myself, it all happened so fast. It is not painful at all, just super boring. My cast is still on, however the changes already seem dramatic. I am not... READ MORE

I'm going into surgery in 10 days with DR layt, so far he everything has put me at ease and made me feel comfotable. I'm really nervous at this stage as it feels so real now and im starting to doubt doing it at times, but some days my nose bothers me others days I think I could live with my... READ MORE

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