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A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,900

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From the start, Dr. Zwiebel and his staff were patient, knowledgeable, and on point. I have extremely high standards because I work in the medical field, and I checked out Zwiebel's office because of references and his reputation. I wanted a rhinoplasty since I was 12 years old. I was scared... READ MORE

Dr Drielsma performed a Rhinoplasty on me in December 2013. I had done my research prior to my appointment with him and was not disappointed when we met. He is so lovely, professional and caring. He listened to what I wanted and didn't attempt to give me false hope or promises. Dr Drielsma... READ MORE

Hey RealSelf! To start off, I'd love to talk to other RealSelfers who have undergone rhinoplasty, or are planning to (and everyone else, too)! I don't know ANYONE has had any type of cosmetic surgery, so I'm really looking forward to becoming part of this community. So, as I know is very... READ MORE

I am still very swollen, but happy with the results of my rhinoplasty so far. It's so much better than what my nose looked like before. It wasn't a painful procedure, however, the only issue I have is that feeling of something stuck in my nose. My doctor narrowed my nose and removed some fat... READ MORE

I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been scouring the internet for most of my Sunday going from success stories to horrors.. I've hated my nose for about 10 years and recently with a shiny new job and stable income I can afford to look at surgery for my nose, I've arranged an appointment with... READ MORE

Hey girls / guys! I am a 23 year old female living in Adelaide. Currently around 29 hours post rhinoplasty and feeling phenominal! I've decided to post a review because I had a great experience with my surgeon Dr Peter Sylaidis and am completely blown away by what i can see of the results! My... READ MORE

I have absolutely hated my nose from age twelve. I really wanted to learn to like it but I'm 25 now and don't feel any differently. My mother recently had a breast lift and afterwards said her only regret was not having done the operation sooner and wasting so much time being anxious about... READ MORE

I am eighteen years old and have a strong hatred for my nose since I can remember and have decided to begin saving my money to make having a rhinoplasty finally a reality, I have a slight hump and very bulbous tip which the main source of my hatred I would very much appreciate any suggestions... READ MORE

Had my rhinoplasty on November 24th with a plastic surgeon whom I've had previous work with- breast augmentation and bodylift. I never asked for any before and after pictures, I completely trusted him. I've never been happy with my broad, wide nose. Post op wasn't too bad.... READ MORE

I had wanted rhinoplasty since I was 20. I am now 30 and decided as I had the money I would go for it. I got a rebate from my health insurer as I was able to get a referral from my GP to see the surgeon. There were two weeks in between the consult and the operation as unwanted to move quickly. I... READ MORE

I've been unhappy with my nose for as loooong as I can remember. Just recently I decided I'm finally gonna do it. I just didn't realize choosing the right surgeon would be such a daunting task. I'm starting to think maybe Boston isn't the best place for rhinoplasty. Hmmm. I want to have the bump... READ MORE

It has only been 1 month since my surgery, but I can already tell I am going to be happy with my new nose! I still have swelling, but this was explained to me beforehand. I have not had any surprises. I have a bump, probably infection...I will have exploratory surgery Wednesday. Doc thinks I... READ MORE

I had my surgery on the 5th of April but have held off writing a review as I felt I may jinx it, silly I know. I am getting married next year and I love seeing the natural photos of people laughing and enjoying their day I couldn't imagine doing that as I would have to be constantly aware of... READ MORE

Hi guys!I'm a 24 year old female, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (so I can't recommend you my doctor -although he is AWESOME- so if there's anyone here from BA his name is Federico Urquiola and I had my surgery in Hospital Italiano) I had this surgery in the first place because I have a... READ MORE

So far I have just had my consultation with Dr G. which very comforting. Since I had been to another doctor I realized I wanted him to for sure be the one to work on my nose. This coming Saturday I have my pre op appointment. I am super nervous but so excited that I am that much more closer to... READ MORE

My surgery is in 4 days and I'm on the fence as to whether I'm excited about this or scared. I've met with the doctor twice and he's not easy to talk to at all. I'm trusting him and using him based on the pics on this site and in his book of work that I saw when I met him. Also because he... READ MORE

I'm 17 with such an ugly big nose the day I turn 18 I'm ready to under go a nose job. My tip hangs so low can't even smile because it looks like a arrow .. I'm looking for the perfect doctor, any suggests? Who's your doctor ? Cost ? I live in canada will travel for perfect doctor to fix my nose.... READ MORE

Hello! I'm brand new to this so this first review will be pretty short! I have been wanting my nose fixed since middle school. I have always been picked on in school, and I never had a guy that liked me in middle or high school simply because of my nose. I even had one classmate leave the room... READ MORE

Like almost all of you I have hated my nose ever since middle school. I was always made fun of and called names throughout middle school/high school. I feel like a fairly confident person but my nose is always in my mind, wondering if people are staring, etc. So I have finally scheduled my... READ MORE

I have always had complaints because of my voluptuous tip. After many years of persuasion to my parents, I at last received an 'okay' last year. So last year, I researched many plastic surgeon, even abroad like Korea for their plastic surgeons being the best and well known in this cosmetic... READ MORE

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