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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi all, I'm 23 year old and like others here I always hated my nose and thought it was finally time to make a change. I have finally saved up enough to have the surgery now hard part for now is looking for the right surgeon. The only two that have caught my eye are Portuese and Lamperti in the... READ MORE

So I have always hated my nose growing up and it always has been something that bothered me. So after months of me telling my mom we decided to do something about it. I researched many plastic surgeons and I finally found the one for me. His name is Dr. John Bitner and he is amazing. I am so... READ MORE

I will be flying into california tomorrow evening and be there the morning of nov 3rd. Surgery will be November 5th! quite nervous! Ive been planning this out for basically all my life. I have been self concious and dont feel very photogenic. Although I am told all the time Im very beautiful &... READ MORE

Hi everyone, After many years of being unhappy with my nose I have finally taken the first step in doing something about it. I have booked a consultation with Dr Shahidi on the 1st of sept. I didn't get the support from my family as I would have liked but the support from my bf was what made me... READ MORE

Hey Lovely Community, Decided to make my profile to post my review and hopefully help others. Will add photos soon. Having the rhinoplasty surgery with Dr.G on June 3 hopefully! I booked this back in October. I have a dorsal hump, deviated septum, and I might have a collapsed right side... READ MORE

I have been to see several doctors over the years...mostly to gage cost and other information regarding the procedure. When asked what I didn't like about my nose, I got kind of awkward. I think it's difficult to discuss this with a stranger without feeling like you're being silly or petty. I... READ MORE

Hi guys, i'm 20 years old and have always wanted Rhinoplasty. I was going to travel to America for surgery as i was recommended a surgeon over there, but after months of thinking hard, i felt although if something were to go wrong it would be hard to go out there just to get checked etc (I'm... READ MORE

I've been particularly insecure about my nose since I was a teenager. It used to be cute and small when I was younger, but along the way somewhere it blossomed into a bit of a giant that I just don't feel quite fits my face. I don't believe that I'm hideous, I just believe there's room for some... READ MORE

I'm somewhat pleased with my face up front but I've always loathed my profile since I was in high school. Taking pictures makes me uncomfortable and candid profile pictures always depress me because my profile is so ugly. I do have a great jawline and high cheekbones but they are flat anteriorly... READ MORE

I had been having trouble breathing for years. I suffered from constant sinus infections, severe snoring, and shortness of breath, and I had tried everything to help with these problems. I finally decided to see a plastic surgeon and find out his thoughts on my problem. Well, sure enough after a... READ MORE

A month ago a freak accident happened to me. I was sleeping when a picture frame on the wall above my head fell and hit me in the nose. It depressed the bridge of my nose and from the side angle it created a bump that I didn't have before. After being in pain for two days I went to the ER to... READ MORE

I was motivated by self consciousness for my profile and several angles from the front. I'm very happy with the results. Looks very natural, most people don't even realize I had one. I am pretty neurotic and I notice every little flaw but overall I'm happy with how big of an improvement it was.... READ MORE

I have always been really unhappy with my nose. Ever since middle school people have made comments about how it is super round. Even my kids like to squeeze it and say how weird it is and ask if I have ever broken it..."then how did it get that shape?". Anyway, now that I am 30, I feel like... READ MORE

Like many others I realised that my nose maybe wasn't as nice as I thought, when I hit puberty. Also every time when I had short hair I was mistaken for a boy/guy... (Because high fashion was and is not really my piece of cake and wearing wide clothes hide my other female features.) Over the... READ MORE

For many years I had hated the way my nose looked. I would hide away from photos if I knew the photo was going to be at a bad angle and highlight how big my nose was. I would try everything to try and minimise people noticing how big it was. I had a dorsal hump nose, to me it looked the shape of... READ MORE

Does anyone have a positive experience for Dr Faizal Anwar? Am getting nervous. My nose is so awful and he has promo atm for only $8,000 as he is new to Melb and guaranteed a good result for me. I could never afford Dr Moss or Dr Callan :( and feel this is my only chance. His before and afters... READ MORE

I played netball in high school actively. During 1 of the competition matches, i had a bad head-on collision & broke my nasal bone. I remember that it was only fitted into place & a splint was put on for me at the emergency. Everything went back to normal 3 weeks after except my nose. There was... READ MORE

It wasn't so easy for me to even get a consultation since guys are not so familiar with going to the plastic surgery.... when I terminated myself to make the call and making a trip to the doctor's office, all the new beginnings has begun. I think I made a right call. I've always heard that I... READ MORE

So I had rhinoplasty 2 days ago. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I came to the US with the intention of having a couple of procedures. Right now I am 2 days post op and concerned that my nose looks short and upturned.... Will it really correct itself so much that it looks like... READ MORE

I decided to seek rhinoplasty treatment in 2013 as I suffered from a very crooked nose since childhood. I developed the problem through a bad habit of holding a stuffed toy to my nose as a comforter, unfortunately this habit caused my nose to grow in a crooked manner. At the age of 25 I... READ MORE

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