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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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My story is a lot like everyone else on here. Hated my nose my whole life. My father had a rhinoplasty when I was about 5 years old, so it always seemed like something I would do one day when I could pay for it on my own. I am now 8 days post op and I feel great. Although I am still very... READ MORE

I have thought about Rhinoplasty since I was a teenager. I have always had a dorsal hump and a larger tip and have been self conscious about it for years. I attached photos where you can see the front on is slightly crooked and the tip is very large for my face. The side on shows the dorsal hump... READ MORE

I had a significant hump on my nose. And after my botched 'lip lift', I consulted with this Doctor to get a nose job and hopefully fix my lip in the process. Had it done today. No pain as yet. Slight swelling. Slight bruising. Kind if difficult to breathe through my mouth. Has been slowly... READ MORE

Let me start out by saying I've made myself crazy on this website. It's incredibly helpful but brutal. So much vulnerability!! I've hated my nose since I could remember. I have been discussing it with my husband for years. Being married made the decision harder because I could not justify... READ MORE

After reading almost every rhinoplasty review on this website, I am now ready to write my own. Like many others, my nose took a growth spurt when I was around 11, resulting in a fairly large bump on the bridge of my nose. This wasn't helped by the fact that I played a lot of football and netball... READ MORE

I've contacted Dr Charbel via whatsapp to get a nose job and he explained what I will benifit from. I feel my nose does not fit my face at all, and I never had the bridge I started to notice it in year 9. I did some before and afters using an app and what type of nose I'm looking for I also love... READ MORE

Hi i want to know is this in my nose is normal..i have a turbinoplasty done and the doctor shaved a small bump in my bridge, but one year later it looks to shaved donw and it was very visible kind of purple in the morning i woke up with my nose perfect but during the day the nose bridge opens... READ MORE

I'm after some much needed assistance with selecting a surgeon please. I'm finally ready to go under the knife - images require no further explanation. Are there any plastic surgeons that may be able to help me acheive this look or close to it, specifically in Melbourne, Australia? I've not... READ MORE

Having seen many reviews on here for Rhinoplasty with Adam Kalecinski, I haven't actually seen any reviews from Males. ( I may have missed them ) so I'm going to be counting down until my surgery dare which is the 2nd of October 2015. If anybody wants to ask me any questions. Please don't... READ MORE

I am hoping I can have a nice smooth and proportional nose. I don't like how bulbous my nose is and the hump. I am scared as hell since I am worried I am messing with what God gave me. But hoping it will all be worth it and will end up with a nice result. I am also getting a small chin implant.... READ MORE

I have wanted this procedure done for the last 15 years and I finally did it yesterday! I am now 24 hours post op and 100% pain free. I didn't sleep too well last night, but made up for it today. I am super swollen and bruised a lot but that was expected. I researched the heck out of my doc... READ MORE

First of all, I love real self, it gave me the tools to decide who would be my surgeon and if it was worth to do the procedure. I am really excited!!! This is a great community and all I see is support and encouragement from everyone. Thank you for taking time to look at my post!!! Wish me luck... READ MORE

This website has helped me out so much, and is how I learned about my doctor, so I am going to pay it forward and document my journey here! I am 20 years old, 5 ft. 5in, and around 130 lbs. I eat healthily and keep active, yet it does not show on my face since I have an awful congenital fatty,... READ MORE

I'm not exactly sure what was done septoplasty mixed with a it of rhinoplasty. stupidest thing I've ever done as my nose before my long, thin with a micro hump that looked ok. Now I've developed open roof derformity which my surgeon said is my own fault for not wanting to get osteomy, my nose is... READ MORE

Hi there, I am a 30 year old female living in Australia. It has never been a matter of if but more so when regarding rhinoplasty for myself. I'm hoping my review will be able to help others as I have found so many reviews on this website so helpful. I have my fathers nose, growing up I was a... READ MORE

I have wanted a nose job for a very long time, but for a reason or another I kept putting it off making excuses that I couldn't afford it when in reality it was fear that made me put it off for so long . Through my younger years I can remember specific instances where I was embarrassed about my... READ MORE

I am a 26 year old female, mostly of German descent. Large noses run in my moms family. My grandmother, mother, and I all have the exact same nose. I have wanted a nose job since I was young. My nose has always been a bit large for my face and I can remember when kids started to make fun of me... READ MORE

I have always disliked the "bump" in my nose but I still wanted to look like me. I didn't want to look like I had plastic surgery either. Doctor recommended a chin implant as well to "balance out the face." The procedure itself was easy, and recovery was not painful but I did have quite a bit of... READ MORE

Years ago I had a tip refinement done and hated it! The tip of my nose was a little broader then I liked but after the surgery I've noticed some collapsing especially to the right of the septum & now my tip is very hard. Since I waited so many years to go back in to see him (bc I was scared) he... READ MORE


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