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A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,900

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After having broken my nose numerous times through sporting accidents - I became quite self conscious of my sideways nose. Whilst being confident in Ziggy, going into the procedure I was skeptical that the changes would be drastic. 2 weeks after the surgery when the cast was removed, despite... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I always found everyone's reviews on this site really helpful before and after my op so thought I'd write up my experience! I'd always wanted my nose done since I can remember, so finally last year I decided to pluck up the courage go for it! I had it done a month ago and what a... READ MORE

Hello to everyone. As most of people in this page i hate my nose. I have a bulbous wide long nose...i have the biggest problem with my front view ,cause that's what bothers me the most...Sometimes Im so embarrased to talk to people ,and I always put my hand in front cause I dont want them to... READ MORE

Dr Salzhauer and his staff have been great. Consultation and preop appointment went smooth, all questions answered. Feel very confident in my choice of PS. Surgery is one week I'm am so excited. I have wanted to have a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation done for a long time. Dr Salzhauer was... READ MORE

I am one week away from surgery and I am starting to freak out! I know this is what I really want but at the same time I am also terrified I wont like how it turns out and then there is no going back. Like everyone else on here I have been unhappy with my nose since pre-teen age. I am just ready... READ MORE

Like many on this site I have hated my nose for what feels like forever! Its witch like.. long and bumpy! So I've been back and forth to consultations over the past few months and have finally set a date for surgery!! Now all I have to do is wait.... which is going to be agony!! I hope it goes... READ MORE

I got a rhinoplasty by Dr. Vega but unfortunately I did not get what I expected. One of my nose's nostrils is uneven. Also, my nose is crooked among other discrepancies. Not long ago I visited his office and I showed my unconformities, he patiently listened to them and gave me hope to have what... READ MORE

I hope readers would realize from my review that Cosmetic surgery has direct positive effect on one's profession too ! I am a businessman and everyday meet new people who I intend to convert into potential clients. I am always 'spot-on' in terms in dressing style, hygiene, etc in order to make... READ MORE

I became acquainted with plastic surgery through a much needed breast reduction in 2007 (insurance paid). At the time, the doctor was also seeing a girl for a rhinoplasty-it got me thinking. I can change this nose I hate! Fast forward 7 years and now that I have a job and income, I... READ MORE

Dr. Athré is in my opinion the best facial plastic surgeon you will find anywhere. He is an artist as well as a technical master. He is also an amazing surgeon. His technique gives you minimal bruising and swelling. I looked better after one week than most people look after 6 weeks. I am 57,... READ MORE

I had a family trait of a humped nose and when I was younger it was fine since I had fullness in my face it didn't appear to be that bad ( at least not to me ) but as I aged the nose started to droop and the hump became more apparent in photos especially on side profile. I finally made an... READ MORE

He is the best. I tell everyone this was the best decision of my life (besides college). I only went for a consultation with him and booked my surgery that same day because I KNEW he was the one! I hated my nose with a passion, it was too long, too pointy... and dr.kassir gave me the nose I was... READ MORE

It was probably one day in my preteen years that I used a mirror to check out how my hair looked in the back, and that’s when I saw it. My profile. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was what my nose looked like from the side?! How could people bear to look at me? And now, over 20 years later,... READ MORE

Hello my name is Amanda I'm 29 mother of one, I'v always hated my nose and after doing my research I finally made the decision to get it done, I saw Dr. Salzhauer had lots of very good reviews so I schedule an appointment , the staff is nice and he is very charming and nice, I actually went in... READ MORE

After years of debating and researching and lurking, I finally decided to go through with a rhinoplasty. I made a list of every surgery I have ever wanted and realized that this--by far--tops the list. Admittedly, I have never had a terrible nose and never heard anything but positive comments... READ MORE

After 10+ years of contemplating a nose job, I finally started looking into it this year. t's been an exhausting (and educational) process so far, but I am finally ready for my surgery! I tend to write a lot... so if you feel like reading super long amateur blogs, feel free to join me on my... READ MORE

So i had my first consultation with mr matti at harley street clinic on 12th november 2013 and have to say he is a lovely man and i could tell he was good as he identified the three things which bothered me about my nose. I have quite a small face and my nose i believe is prominent due to the... READ MORE

Hi everyone! i was born with a unilateral complete cleft lip nose and palate on the left side. i have had over twenty surgeries to date, including bone grafts, jaw distractions, lip revisions and rhinoplasties- the whole five yards! although i have all of the surgeries necessary to make life... READ MORE

I've always wanted to get rhinoplasty since I was a teenager. My nose was a little big for my face and it had a hump on it. I never liked my profile because my nose would just stick out. I chose Dr. Sajjadian because I liked his work and he had all positive reviews. Going into the surgery I... READ MORE

After contemplating the procedure for many years I finally decided to go ahead and look into getting it done. I had a friend who had a few cosmetic procedures in Beirut and she couldn't tell me enough how good it was over there. I was recommended Dr Charbel Medawar at Advanced Derma Plastics so... READ MORE

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