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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›
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From about the age of 18 I have wanted to get a nose job but have always worried what it will look like and If I will like the results. I don’t want it to completely change the way I look just want a subtle change. As time has gone on I have become more obsessed about my nose, I think about it... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old and have always felt self consious about my nose. It was huge and made me face look extremely terrible. I suffered for too long and was always ridiculed. I quit going to school and stopped having a social life. It felt so good being alone. That made me seriously think of killing... READ MORE

*price reflects a few procedures and includes a combo discount so the exact rhinoplasty price is not displayed/known* My main concern was that I very much disliked my profile. I had thought the issue was only my recessed chin, but Dr. Mustoe informed me that it really was the combination of the... READ MORE

So far I sent Dr. G pictures. He responded, "I would suggest removing the bump, narrowing the bones, refining the tip. I may need to shorten your nostrils as well. I will open your airways at the same time if necessary. " That all sounds good ... I asked him why no morphs and he said,... READ MORE

Hey everybody! I had my Rhinoplasty over a year and a half ago. Initially(2 months following the removal of the cast), my nose had a straight bridge along with a defined tip. It had met my expectations for the Rhinoplasty(this had been what was shown to me in the computer imaging). However, with... READ MORE

I had my nose done on november 30th 2011. Every since child I suffer because a different chape it have. Now I was able to get it done. I choose local doctor and told him to just do what goes better with my face. 1• week was really hard. He was not going to breack my nose but he have to. By... READ MORE

I have always wanted get rid of big hump on my nose. I feel like I have two faces. I growing up with judgmental people I was teased about it when I was younger. I don't mind look from the front but my profile is terrible. I want more feminine nose. Dr Julian De Silva told me that I also have... READ MORE

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to have this rhinoplasty procedure. The slight hump and top of my nose constantly made me self-conscious in photos, driving cars and everyday actions in my life. I can't remember the last time I wasn't worried about what my nose looked like in public. A... READ MORE

Thanks to all of those who shared their rhinoplasty experience through this site. You are all very courageous and empathetic people. Thank-you www.realself.com for existing and making my post surgery ‘ recovery easier. In Europe I could not find such a resourceful web-site. So, a million... READ MORE

I have always disliked the "bump" in my nose but I still wanted to look like me. I didn't want to look like I had plastic surgery either. Doctor recommended a chin implant as well to "balance out the face." The procedure itself was easy, and recovery was not painful but I did have quite a bit of... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and live in Belgium. I've disliked my nose since I can remember, but never went through with surgery as I thought I would grow over it. I wasn't obsessed over my nose as I just avoided it as much as I could. That way I wasn't confronted with it and it didn't trouble me. The... READ MORE

Hello. I would like to share with you my road to revision story, I need revision because of an unnecessary failed primary, I say unnecessary because the surgeon I went to is a very skilled surgeon , I feel like I m the unluckiest patient dr Cochran had. he has so many happy patients . my bad... READ MORE

I have always hated my nose. I remember hating it from a young enough age that I thought pressing my face into my pillow at night would make it smaller. I thought it ruined my face, and I was determined to get it fixed. After having a couple consultations I decided to go with the Transform... READ MORE

I inherited my nose from my mother (she even had rhinoplasty when she was in her early 20's). For a long time, it was something that weighed heavily on my mind. I hated my nose and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I was 22 and about to graduate college. I found Dr. Miller and he gave me my... READ MORE

I had several appointments with Dr Chait prior to my procedure. He did my sisters nose and that turned out well thankfully! Never in any of those appointments did Dr Chait look inside my nose at any possibility of a deviated septum which I have now learned that I have nor did he ever attempt to... READ MORE

Since my Consultation in October of 2014, it has been a smooth sailing waiting game. The first time I met Dr. Grigoryants, he was a very pleasant individual, explained everything in detail and was frank about everything, from my nose shape to the payment options( which is always helpful). Three... READ MORE

Before meeting Dr Bapna I had met a few other doctors and never felt comfortable with them. I had done a lot of research and read that Dr Bapna also Specialized with Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Although I was very unhappy with my nose (broken,crooked,and hump) I still wanted to look like my Lebanese... READ MORE

My cousin encouraged me to do it...found out that it was needed to get done. I had a pronounce Middle Eastern/black nose. With the help of makeup and practicing my angles for pics I could camouflage my nose. So I went to the PS to see if I was able to achieve most of my looks in pics that I like... READ MORE

From the start, Dr. Zwiebel and his staff were patient, knowledgeable, and on point. I have extremely high standards because I work in the medical field, and I checked out Zwiebel's office because of references and his reputation. I wanted a rhinoplasty since I was 12 years old. I was scared... READ MORE

Hello all. I am wanting a labiaplasty and rhinoplasty done at the same time in Belgium. I have heard very good reviews from the Beaucare clinic and the BE Clinic in Belgium. I have a consultation in 2 weeks for Mediclinic in Belgium but I can not find any reviews for it. I might be better... READ MORE

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