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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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As most of you thinking about getting rhinoplasty, you've been thinking about it for a long time. You've been researching it for a long time. And I'm sure you ask yourself the same questions I am which are; Am I going to like my new nose? Will I like how I look? Will I be happy? How do I... READ MORE

I had always not liked the little hump that was on the bridge of my nose that showed on my profile. As I got older the tip of my nose also began to develop a cleft. Therefore I went to have the bridge reduced and my cleft tip of my nose corrected. I also had a small mole on the side of my nose... READ MORE

After years of wanting this done I finally managed to go ahead and have my nose done by Dr Ivo Gwanmesia on February 7th. I am so happy with this decision and wouldn't of wanted any other dr to have done it. I had a very big wide nose with a big slope from the size. Apparently the 'normal' size... READ MORE

So am going to Poland to have my nose done, first of all cuz it's cheaper, second thing is that I don't believe the doctors here have a lot of experience when it comes to big noses since most of the population here have perfect ones.. Anyway am very exited, been wishing for this for 6 years... READ MORE

Going into surgery in 3 days... the time has absolutely flown and I can't believe it is going to be so soon! I haven't really started to feel nervous yet - I think just because I've wanted to do it for such a long time and I've been extremely busy with work. I've hated my nose since I was about... READ MORE

Its been years since I had my nose surgery with Dr. Jaime Haidenberg, just found his profile and would like to write a review about him. There are going to be just a few board certified plastic surgeons in Mexico that have the high quality as this doctor have. The doc is super qualified. I... READ MORE

Hi all! So I've been reading all of your reviews and finally decided to pull the trigger and schedule my rhinoplasty. I'm going with Dr.Grigoryants in June and I'm very excited/nervous. I've hated my nose since childhood, especially my profile. I got married in October and was embarrassed of... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for moral support here. I had a closed rhinoplasty to fix a hump on the top of my nose and a slightly bulbous tip. I explained I didn't want a full nasaly looking nose and I also wasn't looking for a teeny tiny nose, overall something that fits me and my features. I... READ MORE

All very typical by the sounds so won't bore you with the whole "I've hated my nose for..." but it' s true! So I had my open rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum, and a small bump on my bridge. My procedure was with Mr Dalvi Humzah in Halesowen, Birmingham, UK I' m 4 days out and have a couple... READ MORE

So today at 1030 this morning , I got a rhinoplasty. My best friend also got one an hour before me so we're texting each other to share our experiences (which are similar) . I had a big hump and my tip went inward. After getting it done & waking up I just felt super tired. I'm still very tired... READ MORE

Ok so I am in a huggggeeeeeee mess right now. I am in between two amazing doctors for rhinoplasty . Dr Bustillo in coral gables and dr. Tzikas from west palm beach. Both do amazing work and natural outcomes and I have no clue which one would be best. Any one who has had either doctor please help... READ MORE

Realizing I am early in my recovery, I do have a couple of concerns related to my nostrils and upturned nose. My nostrils don't move and are quite stiff and I am hopeful they will "drop" as the swelling goes down. Prior to my surgery, I spoke with and shared several photos of what I did not want... READ MORE

I originally saw my ENT for sinus issues. After an X-ray of my sinuses we noticed I had a complete blockage on one side and a very deviated septum to boot. While in his office he suggested that I should have the bump on my nose done too. Personally I don't think I'd get my nose done just to have... READ MORE

3 weeks today till my rhinoplasty with Dr. Adam kalecinski, I have seen so many amazing reviews! Was so nervous about going but flights and accommodation are all booked now and I am more excited than anything now! Ever since a teen I was always insecure about my nose, I actually don't mind it... READ MORE

Reading the reviews has helped me alot for going through the first step of getting a rhinoplasty. I am currently searching for a facial plastic surgeon in Montreal who specialise in rhinoplasty. I'm thinking Dr. Samaha. If anybody has some recommendations i will be glad to know :) READ MORE

I hated my nose for as long as I can remember, I've had other cosmetic procedures but never facial procedures, I was always scared that it would end up worst than it already was so after months of googling for a good surgeon I came across Dr. Imola I went to my consultation and it was great he... READ MORE

My journey started a few weeks ago, finally deciding to get work done on my nose. After my consultation with Dr. Obeng, we decided to proceed with Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty. My disclaimer: I really need to improve my sleep pattern, by getting a blockage removed. I don't have an issue with... READ MORE

A rhinoplasty is something I've always wanted and when I saved up enough money I decided why not get one! Upon making my decision I did quite a bit of research on the many doctors in the DC area and was able to narrow it down to 2. My research was based on three things: 1. The doctor's reviews... READ MORE

So i had a consultation september the 3rd with Dr.Hacker in Toronto, and he was my first consultation and he was AMAZING! he told me what to expect, listened to my concerns about the way my nose looked, did not try to sell the surgery or try to glamorize it. hes really upfront and showed me what... READ MORE

It has been 1.5 years since I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant from Dr. Deneberg. I was very nervous about having these procedures done for fear that my face would look worse or I would notice very little improvement. I am so so happy with the outcome! It honestly was the best decision I... READ MORE

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