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Rhinoplasty (more commonly referred to as a nose job) is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. It’s performed for a variety of reasons, including a visible bump on the nasal bridge, a nasal tip that’s droopy or enlarged, a nose that is off-center or crooked, or a previous injury that’s made the nose asymmetrical. LEARN MORE ›

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I had always wanted to get my nose fixed. It was wide from front, crooked and it was almost like a pollybeak. Choosing my doctor was the hardest decision. I had visited so many doctors in USA but, I coul not feel connection with any of them. After I met Dr. Göksel I just knew it. He is an... READ MORE

I've ways been very self-conscious about my nose. Now finally, at 32 years old, I was able to schedule my rhinoplasty. I had my consult on June 9th and had my surgery on August 25th. I'm happy with my results so far, but at 12 days post op I know I still have a lot of changes ahead. At this... READ MORE

Hi All, after a very very long time, I am finally getting something done! I am 21 years old, and for as long as I can remember, have had an insecurity with my nose. I do not think it is the worst nose in the world, but it definitely makes me very self-conscious, especially when having my... READ MORE

I don't think describing motivation is as relevant as it is recommended by the site. I don't think anyone of you guys care what my actual motivation was to get the nose surgery either. That was the last thing I cared about when reading the posts... The healing process and experience of the... READ MORE

Hello everyone I wanted to share my experience for getting a rihnoplasty very soon. As long as I remember i never liked the way my nose looked and felt uncomfortable taking pictures in a certain angels and i'm so happy to finally get it done, I originally wanted to have a breast augmentation and... READ MORE

I've been wanting this pretty much my whole life and I'm so excited that my parents are getting it for my 21st birthday present. My nose is my biggest insecurity and I have an idea of what I want. My tip is pretty defined but I would like for it to be a tad bit smaller. Nasal bridge needs to be... READ MORE

I currently live in Europe and traveled to Beirut only to get rhinoplasty. I was in touch with Dr Medawar for a few weeks before my procedure,i told him i wanted a small nose with a ski-slope,i told him i wanted my nose as small as possible. The good thing about Dr Medawar is that i can easily... READ MORE

Like many others I realised that my nose maybe wasn't as nice as I thought, when I hit puberty. Also every time when I had short hair I was mistaken for a boy/guy... (Because high fashion was and is not really my piece of cake and wearing wide clothes hide my other female features.) Over the... READ MORE

So I had rhinoplasty 2 days ago. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I came to the US with the intention of having a couple of procedures. Right now I am 2 days post op and concerned that my nose looks short and upturned.... Will it really correct itself so much that it looks like... READ MORE

I've always had a large nose. Growing up I kept hearing that I would 'grow into my nose'. I don't know what that meant, but what I ended up with is a nose with a really high radix, a hump, and a large tip. I went in for a consultation some 15 years ago with a plastic surgeon here in Gothenburg,... READ MORE

Hi! I recently had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir in his Wayne NJ location and I wanted to share my experience. The surgery went smoothly and the recovery was quick to my surprise. I am absolutely in-love with my results. My nose has always been my biggest insecurity and now feel I... READ MORE

First of all my nose was huge & I've hated it for 20+ years. All I've ever wanted is A nose that "fit" my face. Definitely not looking for perfection. Needless to say, Dr. Watumull went above & beyond in the final outcome for my new "non-huge" nose. I did look into getting a nose job 6+ years... READ MORE

Motivation = hump in the nose; outcome = perfection. He trained with the best and it shows. What's more, Dr. K lives up to his motto of 'treat others the way you want to be treated.' Rare to find the best surgeon who also cares so much for each patient. He wants to be accurate to the... READ MORE

I can't believe I actually did it! I've hated my nose ever since I was a little girl all because my sister my a really rude comment about it. She doesn't even remember doing now, as a matter of fact she can't believe I actually went through with a nose job. I'm 5 days post op, and get my cast... READ MORE

So Im from San diego and I've seen a lot of doctors, I came across Dr. g and fell in LOVE with his after results. I'm saving up money right now. I can't stand my bulbous tip and bump on the bridge of my nose. Typically how far in advance can you book a surgery date ? Anyone that has had a rhino... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I'm 21 years old and well, sort of starting my rhinoplasty journey. It's still early. I don't plan on having the actually surgery until next year (when I get time off from college) but I thought I'd go ahead and start a review to get some feedback. :) Like many of you, I've dreamed... READ MORE

So I found this website to be really helpful and has definitely helped me make a decision on what to do. I had my first consultation on 25th July 2014, and have my second with the surgeon-to-be on 11th October 2014 - with hopes of actually having the surgery in January 2015. I've been over and... READ MORE

My name is Julie, I wanted to share my surgery experience as I found a lot of help online, lots of advice, I think it’s great that people share this process even though everyone is different. It has been reassuring (and scary!) being able to see what people go through. On the 8th of June I had... READ MORE

Well my surgery is tomorrow! I am super nervous but also so excited. I have been reading through everyone's reviews and so I thought I would go ahead and start a diary too! I will try to keep updates of my recovery. I went in for my initial appointment with my ENT because of my sinus infections... READ MORE

Hello everybody :), This review is a little different to the usual posts on RS. Unfortunately, I won't be able to document my journey from the very beginning because it's been two weeks now since I had my surgery and I won't be able to remember every single step/detail of the early stages.... READ MORE

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