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A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to reshape or resize your nose. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,900

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I did my primary revision with Dr. Solomon in 2010. During these past 4 years, I've experienced nothing but physical and emotional pain, agony, and excruciating sense of guilt over choosing this doctor while I had a very negative gut feeling about him. From his reviews on this site and another... READ MORE

I wanted to get a rhinoplasty done for a long time. I have a skinny face and the nose I had definitely didn't fit it. I did like my face, but I always knew one day I would do a nose job. I started doing some research when I lived back in Seattle, WA, but since the prices there are quite hight, I... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I recently decided to have a rhino, I've wanted it for a very long time because I don't really like the way my nose looks like. I have a bulbous tip, my nostrils are very wide I basically stuff 2 fingers at once (ah!) Anyway... My nose doesn't bother me from the side look. I take... READ MORE

I had a deviated septum and a small bump on the side of my nose that I wanted to get rid of. It was as if the cartilage was somewhat detached and I had more of a round nose at the tip but it was very long and pointy. I told the surgeon that I wanted to simply fix the deviated septum and then... READ MORE

I haven't been happy with my nose since I was 17yo, I'm 23 now and decided I'd had enough... Last Friday (as in 5 days ago) I got a septo-rhinoplasty and the post-op has been really intense and just need somewhere to vent my problems and see if there are is some relief. So far I don't regret my... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am so glad to be finally writing my own post after reading so many throughout the last year. I first want to say that I truly think everyone who has received rhinoplastic surgery and has posted on here look beautiful! all of you have inspired me to go for it and share my... READ MORE

I broke my nose when I was six and have been waiting to fully grown before operating. Problems: it was crooked, bone spur poking out of the septum, dorsal hump, over projected nasal spine, and too long. It basically looks really wavy and crooked and weird. Its not too bad head on, but awful from... READ MORE

For many years now I've wanted to refine my nose and make it smaller on all fronts. Trouble is I'm a model and rely on what I look like for a living so you can imagine the thought I gave to this process and which surgeon I picked. Well after interviewing and reviewing the work of many surgeons... READ MORE

I felt like Real Self was a great resource for information going into my first ever cosmetic surgery so I wanted to share my experience. Initially I wanted to see a surgeon for consultation because my neck was starting to sag and my upper eyelids had become so droopy the skin was covering my... READ MORE

My op is scheduled in 3 weeks. I wanted to start this blog because in the beginning of my journey, someone on this website helped me so much and I am so thankful I found her blog/review. So my hopes are that I can be of the same help to someone else. I will be updating shortly on my pre-op... READ MORE

I grew up being teased on a daily basis. My nose was one of the things they pointed out, it is not only crooked, bumpy, but it has a very bulbous tip. Kids can be merciless. As a result I have a lower self-esteem than I should, and I miss how small and straight my nose was when I was a little... READ MORE

Oct. 7, 2012 - It's been almost two months since I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Richard J. Warren in Vancouver, BC for a rhinoplasty. His waitlists are apparently 1 year+ just to get a consultation because he's the best in Vancouver - possibly even Canada. Or so I've heard from online... READ MORE

Hi, in 24 years old.Ive always hated my nose. Always. Was made fun of since I can remember. My newfoundland dog broke it when I was younger, and that just made matters worse. I can not wait to finally look the way I want to, regardless of who thinks I shouldnt have this proceedure. Im super... READ MORE

Hi all!This is my first post, but I have been reading RealSelf for while, and everyone has been so incredibly helpful that I figured I’d pay it forward and share my rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Guy Watts. This is mostly retrospective, since the surgery already happened, but here is the... READ MORE

I have a 10 am appointment at the Swedish Covenant Hospital with Dr. Gikas on Monday for my rhinoplastry surgery. I cant believe how the time has went so fast. I just went in for my consultation last month. Now that the day is almost here I am getting nervous!! So I decided to write a review and... READ MORE

I just scheduled and put a down payment on my rhino surgery for June 10th with Dr. Athre! I'm super excited but also REALLY nervous - I've never spent this much money on something that wasn't really "needed" before. I'm kind of starting to doubt if I should go through with it. My husband and I... READ MORE

After having broken my nose numerous times through sporting accidents - I became quite self conscious of my sideways nose. Whilst being confident in Ziggy, going into the procedure I was skeptical that the changes would be drastic. 2 weeks after the surgery when the cast was removed, despite... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I always found everyone's reviews on this site really helpful before and after my op so thought I'd write up my experience! I'd always wanted my nose done since I can remember, so finally last year I decided to pluck up the courage go for it! I had it done a month ago and what a... READ MORE

Hello to everyone. As most of people in this page i hate my nose. I have a bulbous wide long nose...i have the biggest problem with my front view ,cause that's what bothers me the most...Sometimes Im so embarrased to talk to people ,and I always put my hand in front cause I dont want them to... READ MORE

Dr Salzhauer and his staff have been great. Consultation and preop appointment went smooth, all questions answered. Feel very confident in my choice of PS. Surgery is one week I'm am so excited. I have wanted to have a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation done for a long time. Dr Salzhauer was... READ MORE

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